7 Bests Online Master’s Degree In Nursing [2022]

 7 Bests Online Master’s Degree In Nursing

There are many reasons to take an online Master's degree in Nursing that you ignored.

A master’s degree program is an excellent way for nurses to have a progressive career. Besides the fact that nurses earn a lot more money after this degree, the field is growing at an increasing rate which requires much higher skills.

You will surely all agree that nursing practised a few years ago is less developed than it is today.

In the following article you will learn how to apply, why you should apply and of course, the different universities that offer online Master’s degrees in nursing programs.


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Online master nursing degree 

Why register for an Online Degree in Nursing?

An online master’s degree in nursing is a program that is open to any nurse who wants to continue with a Masters.

With a master's degree in nursing, you'll become more professional, more accountable, and more importantly, you'll earn more money than before.

 An online master's degree in nursing trains nurses on how to motivate, create and drive improvement in healthcare.

By enrolling on a program online, you benefit from a program with flexible scheduling.

A flexible program means that it is designed for nurses who are already working, so the schedule must be synchronized to allow them to continue their work.

After completing a master's degree in nursing online, you will be able to take on upgraded positions.

You will earn more with a Master's degree in nursing than without.

Note that most of the highest paying and most in-demand nursing positions still require an MSN (Masters of Science in Nursing).

So, whether you enrol in an on-campus or online Master's in a nursing program you should have a degree in nursing.

It is important to note that employers will consider online programs that are accredited.

Those that are not accredited are generally not considered.

You're probably curious about how to apply, right? Well, scroll down.

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How do you apply for a master's degree in nursing online?

Naturally, this is a master's degree in nursing, so it can only be applied to those with an undergraduate degree in nursing. Admissions are limited only to applicants with an undergraduate degree in nursing. To be admitted, you must have

  • ·         Undergraduate degree in nursing
  • ·         A transcript from the undergraduate institution
  • ·         A current, unencumbered nursing license
  • ·         A resume for proof of current employment
  • ·         Criminal history document
  • ·         Letters of recommendation

·         A document with information including why you would like to apply, how you will balance work and study, and your future career goals.

Please be sure to read the application requirements before you apply and make sure to respect them as well as the application deadline.

It would be bad if you were late or if you were missing a document.


7 Best online master’s degree in nursing

1. The Texas A & M University for MSN online

This Masters of Science in Nursing (MSN) Education Texas A & M University is the ideal setting to complete your degree in nursing online.

It offers a 36-credit program that explores the theory of teaching and learning in nursing.

Here you will have programs that allow you to continue working while you study.

A one-day introductory conference is required to allow distance learners to present themselves.

Students spend 45 hours practising their clinical skills on campus.

During this program, you will be required to complete a clinical rotation and a teaching rotation. 

To be admitted to Texas A & M University, you must have a BSN in nursing, RN license, minimum 3.0 GPA in the last 60 undergraduate credits.

You also need an undergraduate statistic with at least a ''C''.

2. The University of Missouri- Kansas City for MSN online

The University of Missouri- Kansas City campus
The University of Missouri 

When it comes to online nursing, the University of Missouri is a better option because it offers a variety of specializations.

If you want to become a nurse practitioner, you've come to the right place.

You'll find a nurse educator program here. As for the online specializations, there are many to choose from 

  • ·         Nurse Practitioner
  • ·         Paediatrics
  • ·         Adult-Gerontology
  • ·         Neonatology
  • ·         Women's health

You should plan the start of your courses for each field in advance and accordingly because there is no starting date for each.

You should always keep in mind that all online nursing students must be present on campus at times as all tracks include on-campus residencies.

To enroll in to this online nursing degree: Click here

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3. The University of Central Arkansas for MSN online

The University of Central Arkansas's online master degree in nursing program is a priority for applicants with an undergraduate degree in nursing.

For national certification, post-master's and second-degree options are available.

These options are also available to nurses preparing for the master's degree as there are academic requirements for this certification.

The fields available to all applicants are

  • ·         gerontology/adult
  • ·         family medicine
  • ·         clinical nurse educator with a clinical speciality
  • ·         clinical nurse manager

The courses in all of these fields are primarily online. However, students in the online Master of Nursing program are required to travel to the Conway campus of the university occasionally for the chosen specialization.

To get enroll into this online master degree program: Click here

4. The Ohio State University for MSN online

The Ohio State University nurse
Ohio State University 

The Ohio State University's program for students wishing to enrol in an online master's degree in nursing includes synchronized courses.

These synchronized courses offer a nursing program that easily prepares those advanced practitioners in certain fields.

The programs are synchronized in such a way that students can interact with each other at a distance.

Students can interact with teachers and classmates during fixed class hours. Synchronized elements are included in some courses which need interaction from each part. Here you will have the possibility to have programs like

  • ·         Family Practitioner
  • ·         Neonatal
  • ·         Psychiatric mental health
  • ·         Clinical nurse

As you may have noticed from the above, courses may include face-to-face courses.

A clinical skills assessment is required for FNP students, these students are required to spend two days on campus for an assessment.

This program is open to Ohio students and students from other states may apply if they meet the application requirements.

Get enroll now in to this online master's degree program: Click Here

5. The Johns Hopkins University for MSN online

JHU is a perfect choice for students aiming at pursuing a master's degree in nursing online.

Here you will have several online master's programs in nursing. All you need is a nursing degree from the previous university.

There are programs for students with different academic backgrounds and career goals.

For students with a Bachelor's degree in non-nursing, a full-time MSN nursing program can apply to a special program.

This type of program allows the student to accelerate the pathway to nursing with ease.

RNs who have completed an undergraduate degree in nursing have the opportunity to pursue the MSN in Organizational Health Care Leadership.

The campus is located in Baltimore, Maryland. Most of the supervised courses are located in hospitals around Baltimore.

To get more details on fees and programs: Click Here

6. The Georgetown University for MSN online

The Georgetown University campus
Georgetown University 

Georgetown University is the place to be when you're looking for an online masters in nursing.

As an online student, you can earn a master's in nursing online degree that includes 2 or 3 campuses. 

You will gain intensive experience based on your specialization. The different programs available at George Town University include

  • ·         Acute gerontology care for adults
  • ·         Family Nurse Practitioner
  • ·         Nurse-Midwifery/ Women's Health Concentration 
  • ·         Women's Health Concentration 

As a double specialization, the midwifery/women's health nursing concentration requires a significant commitment of time on the part of the student.

Various students enrol in a part-time program for a period of 23 to 27 months.

The campus is located in Washington DC and offers concentration areas including synchronized streaming lectures.

Some courses may require the student to travel to the campus to complete the full Master of Science degree in Nursing.

Read more on: Georgetown Online Nursing University degree

7. The University of Central Florida for MSN online

The University of Central Florida offers a variety of online master's programs for both undergraduate and graduate degrees. Online master's programs include;

  • ·         Nursing Leadership and Management
  • ·         Nursing Educator
  • ·         Health Care Simulation in Nursing

The curriculum consists of 31-36 credits depending on your chosen specialization.

Students who are studying Nursing Leadership and Management are prepared for leadership concentration.

 This said they are prepared to be able to make a variety of critical decisions in health care administration roles.

The Nurse educator prepares candidates for an appropriate teaching position.

And finally, the nursing health care simulation teaches candidates how to use simulation programs.

Candidates with a non-nursing bachelor's degree can also apply. The campus is located in Orlando, Florida.

To get detail of cost and programs of  The University of Central Florida online master degree: Click Here.


With an online master's degree in nursing, you have an advanced nursing practice and more income at work.

Your role in nursing administration or nursing education increases with more responsibility. In addition, it is also a stepping stone to the doctorate in nursing practice, which is the terminal degree for all nursing practice. 

This online master's degree program offers a wide range of opportunities and openings in the nursing field.

It is also important to note that the online master's in nursing offers flexible, low-cost courses that can be adapted to any learner.

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