16 Best Colleges In Ohio For Aerospace Engineering [2022]

 16 Best Colleges In Ohio For Aerospace Engineering

16 Best Colleges In Ohio For Aerospace Engineering
16 BEST Colleges in Ohio for aerospace engineering

In terms of popularity, Aerospace & Aeronautical Engineering is far above average. It offers the most popular degree programs in the country.

We have analysed the best colleges in Ohio for aerospace engineering to identify the top ones.

Combined, these schools handed out more than 200 degrees in aerospace and aeronautical engineering to qualified students.

The aerospace engineering program you select can have a vast influence on your future.

That's the reason why we developed our group of Best Schools for Aerospace & Aeronautical studies. They include,

16 Best Colleges In Ohio For Aerospace Engineering

1.      Ohio State University

2.      Cincinnati University College

3.      Kent State University

4.      Lakeland Community College

5.      University of Toledo

6.      Wright State University

7.      Edison State Community college

8.      University of Akron

9.      Case Western Reserve University

10.  Youngstown State University

11.  Terra State Community College

12.  Clark state university

13.  Cleveland State University

14.  Miami University

15.  The Ohio Northern University

16.  Bowling Green State University

 1. Ohio State University

This is considered one of the best colleges in the United States that offers a degree in aerospace engineering. It is based in the city of Columbus.

It was established in 1870. There was 92 aerospace and aeronautical engineering students who got their degree at the Ohio State University in the most recent year.

They offer the following programs;

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Aerospace Engineering
  • Master’s Degree in Aerospace Engineering
  • Doctorate Degree in Aerospace Engineering

2. Cincinnati University College

Cincinnati University College for aerospace programs
Cincinnati University College for aerospace

In terms of education, Cincinnati university is one of the best colleges in Ohio for aerospace engineering.

They have hundreds of academic programs in their catalogue. It also has a total undergraduate registration of 28,657.

Many nationally ranked are registered with occasions for real-world learning. It was founded in 1819. Their degree program include;

  • Associate degree
  • Bachelor's degree
  • Minors and Certificates
  • Master's
  • Doctoral
  • Graduate Certificate

The in-state tuition fees are $12,138 and that of out-of-state tuition fees is $27,472.

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3. Kent State University

This is a fairly large public college in Ohio for aerospace engineering located in the suburb of Kent Ohio.

This university position as 38th out of 108 colleges for overall quality in the state of Ohio. Hence, they are one of the best in their studies.

There were around 12 aerospace and aeronautical engineering students who graduated with this degree at Kent State in the most recent year.

4. Lakeland Community College

Founded in 1967, it was the first college in Ohio formed by a vote of the people and one of the best in Ohio for Aerospace engineering.

They provide quality learning occasions to meet the social and economic needs of the community.

Adding to the credit project, the college also offers non-credit staff and professional development courses all over the year. The course index includes;

  • academic organization  
  • admissions
  • registration
  • financial aid
  • academic standards and policies
  • degree & certificate programs
  • Associate of Arts degree
  • Associate of Science degree

The tuition fee here goes to 7954 USD for local students and 13756 USD for international students.


5.  University of Toledo

This is also one of the best colleges in Ohio for aerospace engineering that offers studies.

 It was founded in 1872. Therefore they are forward-looking for students like you.

Students with open minds who are willing to succeed will have a chance for admission.

Students who hold all the academic options that U Toledo propose and who get happy about new methods to study.

Achievers, who are not troubled to push their limits Applications are accepted through the year. We highly reassure you to apply for admission as soon as possible.

The tuition fee here is 10650USD.

6. Wright State University

This college was founded in 1967 and is one of the best colleges in Ohio for aerospace engineering.

They are right here to help you figure out your studies. If you want to be a renounced scientist, an engineer, a doctor, an artist, or a business leader, this college is meant for you.

We are here to assist you to know how to reach there.

 This is an essential university with selections for you to explore.

They offer graduate undergraduate and studies for international students.

 They offer more than 300-degree programs, the university is comprised of five colleges, two schools, and branch campus.


7. Edison State Community College

Edison State Community College aerospace programs
Edison State Community College aerospace programs

If you register in this best college your first step will be a New Student Orientation in aerospace engineering.

It is a better set-up for a successful transition to Edison State College.

As a fresh student, you will learn about our locations, resources and your student accounts.

New Student Orientation is a self-paced knowledge comprised of two parts orientation subjects and option completion modules.

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8. University of Akron

For the past 150 years (1870), the University of Akron has set up its pacifies. By then, they became the best in terms of studies rising from one peak to another in fields like:

  • Engineering,
  • Business, 
  • Technology,
  • Health care
  • Arts and sciences.

Certain and determined to face a challenge, they keep up climbing.

To copy new paths and reach new heights of studies. UA is a vibrant urban research university that is inspired by its people, its talent and its place.

They are firmly attached to a great American city. This institution is driven by collaboration, partnership and a steadfast determination to provide opportunity and success to all learners.


9. Case Western Reserve University

The is a vital reason this university is ranked as one of the nation’s best in research and engineering universities. This makes it the best college in Ohio for aerospace engineering and was created in the year 1826.  With programs covering fields like: 

  • arts and sciences,
  • engineering,
  • health sciences
  •  law
  • Management, and social work

 The university has a ground breach research and enriching education permit our students, faculty, staff and alumni to think further than possible.

Case Western Reserve University graduates have done the following: 

  • launched companies;
  • won Nobel Prizes;
  • reformed politics and social justice;
  •  transformed the ways we watch movies
  • Pound pavement, and protect computers; and myriad other accomplishments.


 10Youngstown State University

This particular institution is considered one of the best in aerospace engineering.

It offers 4 Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering degree programs.

It was founded in 1908. It is a large, public university in a small city.

 In the year 2020, 204 mechanical and aerospace engineering students graduated with earnings of 77 Bachelor's degrees, 21 Associate's degrees, and 6 Master's degrees.


11. Terra State Community College

Terra State Community College is a public institution in, Ohio and the best for aerospace engineering studies.

Its campus is located in a rural area with a total enrolment of 2 228. The school uses a semester-based academic year.

The student-faculty ratio is 13-to-1.

The maximum degree obtainable at TSCC is an associate degree.

The college has an open charges strategy and proposes credit for lifetime understandings.

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12.  Clark State University

Clark state University aerospace program
Clark State University aerospace program

One of the best institutions for aerospace engineering is the Clark state university known as CSU.

 Majors in this path are principal to careers in the areas of engineering/manufacturing and mechanical services. It was founded in 1962.

 The hands-on claim of concept gives students’ real-world ability, thus serving to their accomplishment in the employment force.

Their ground of study is based on the following;

  •  Agriculture and Food Science
  • Business
  • Computer and Information Technology
  • Education
  • Engineering, Manufacturing and Mechanical Trades
  • Social Sciences, Human Services and Public Safety


13.  Cleveland State University

Cleveland State University is by far an open research university in downtown Cleveland, Ohio, States and best for aerospace engineering.

It was thereby established in 1964. The total undergraduate admission of students goes to 12,248.

Also, the university uses a semester-based academic calendar. Its in-state tuition fees are $10,880 and that of out-of-state tuition fees are $15,054.

The C SU thereby offers 4 Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering Degree courses.


14. Miami University

Miami University offers both Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering Degree programs.

It is therefore a large public university. In the year 2015, they had a graduation of over 66 students in this field of study.

 Student earns over 61 Bachelor’s degrees, 5 Master’s degrees in their respective field.

15. The Ohio Northern University

The Ohio Northern University aerospace programs
The Ohio Northern University aerospace programs

In terms of professionalism in studies, the ONU is one of the best. It was later founded in 1871.

They planned your engineering programs with your requirements, welfares and futures in thoughts. It is a motivating space for knowledge, building and growing.

At ONU, you'll get a broad and deep education that will allow you to pursue your passions. You'll gain a strong understanding of engineering fundamentals as well as problem-solving, teamwork, communication, and leadership abilities.

Engineers and computer scientists with these credentials are sought by employers in every field. You can also pursue a particular field at ONU through courses, research projects, internships, and other opportunities.

You won't find a more encouraging environment for discovering – and pursuing – your hobbies.

ONU has strong ties to the aerospace industry, and you will have the option to collaborate on aerospace research with an ONU engineering professor.

The Ohio Space Grant Consortium, NASA, or the AIAA can help you get a scholarship or work on a research project.

Programs provide a solid foundation in engineering principles:

  •  Civil engineering
  • Computer engineering
  • Computer science
  • Electrical engineering 
  • Engineering education
  • Mechanical engineering
  •  Engineering exploratory

Tuition fee here 33440USD.

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16. Bowling Green State University

This is also one of the best universities that offer aerospace engineering. It was established in 1910.

At Bowling Green State University, we preserve the cost of advanced education within reach. They are advantageous in;

  • Low fees  
  •  financial aid
  •  student employment opportunities
  • payment plans

 They are all combined to make the ultimate educational experience an affordable one. It is open to international students who are willing to graduate in this field.

The tuition fee is above 12575USD.



In conclusion, enrolling in one of the best aerospace engineering schools in Ohio is a great way to launch a better carrier in life. Visit their various website for admission and discover the marvellous aerospace engineering they offer.

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