Top 10 Careers with PhD in Psychology in 2022

 Top 10 Careers-with-PhD-in-Psychology

There have been a growing number of careers with PhD in Psychology in the world. 

Individuals who pursuit a PhD career in Psychology have more advantages in the job market than fellows with masters and bachelor degrees.

In choosing a career with a PhD in psychology, one will either find themselves either in the field of applied psychology careers or research-oriented careers. 

Applied psychology is focused on individuals providing services directly to their clients be it an individual or a business entity.

Research-oriented careers with a PhD in psychology is geared towards those individuals who like researching universities, research centres etc. These groups often spend a lot of time, attending conferences, giving research findings to policymakers and often being involved in publications.

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts that between 2014 and 2024, employment of psychologists both applied and research-oriented would expand by 19%, far faster than the total 7% anticipated for all occupations.

Now that you have a general overview of the different areas of careers specialization with a PhD in psychology, let's move directly to the top-earning careers with a PhD in Psychology.


Top 10 Careers With PhD In Psychology

  1. Researcher
  2. Academic Professor
  3.  Organizational Psychologist
  4. Clinical Psychologist
  5. School Psychologist
  6.  Sports Psychologist
  7.  Engineering Psychologist
  8.  Military Psychologist
  9. Marriage and Family Therapist
  10. Rehabilitation Psychologist

Top 10 Careers With PhD In Psychology

1. Researcher

Clinical Psychology Researcher

One of the most common careers with PhD in psychology is to become a survey researcher. As a researcher, your job is to conduct studies using the background principal knowledge of psychology. Graduates with a PhD in psychology are often equipped with the necessary research methods and statistical analytics skills needed to collect survey data on a variety of topics and analyze the results. The results of these surveys are often by policymakers, institutions to address problems in many different fields and provide more information to management for decision-making processes.

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2. Industrial-Organizational Psychologist: $98,800

Master's and doctorate programs with specific Industrial-Organizational psychology curriculum provide training in the professional practice of Industrial-Organizational psychology.

A typical Industrial-Organizational psychology program curriculum includes broad psychological information as well as specialized applications of that knowledge to workplace problems.

Industrial-organizational psychologists as one of the careers with a PhD degree in psychology, apply their psychology understanding to workplace difficulties.

An industrial-organizational psychologist may be responsible for increasing worker productivity, selecting the best personnel for specific occupations, and creating market research surveys, to name a few tasks.

Professional talents obtained as an industrial organisational psychologist include communication, business development, and project management abilities, as well as negotiation and dispute resolution abilities, and research proposal and development abilities.


3. Clinical Psychologist: $81,330 per year

Clinical Psychologist is one of the major careers with a PhD in psychology. Besides having a PhD, some institutions or states in the US will require you to have a license and some number of years of experience.

Clinical psychologists are trained in the assessment, diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of mental disorders. This is also the most common field of work in psychology. Clinical psychologists operate in several settings, including hospitals, mental health clinics, and private practice.

Clinical psychologists frequently work in private practice, evaluating and treating people who are suffering from mental illnesses. However, a large number of these experts can be found working in hospitals, clinics, residential facilities, and other organizations that provide mental health care. In these contexts, a clinical psychologist may be a practitioner or an administrator.

As of 2019, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics revealed that the average means salary paycheck of a clinical psychologist to be of $87,450.


4. School Psychologist: $65,000- per year

As a School Psychologist, you can be employed both in private and public academic institutions.

School Psychologist as one of the decent Careers with PhD in Psychology involved studying and managing challenging behaviour of students in schools.

As a school psychologist, your major responsibilities will be to evaluate the educational processes of students, help students overcome major challenges related to disabilities, emotional issues, social adjustment, or other behavioural problems that impede learning.

School Psychologist often works in collaboration with other professionals, including teachers and doctors as well as parents to help kids overcome social, emotional, behavioural, and academic problems.

School psychologists also work hand-in-hand with teachers, parents and school administrators to help provide a conducive learning environment to students.


5. Sports Psychologist: $60,000- per year

Sports Psychologist
Sport Psychologist

Sports Psychologist is Another amazing career with a PhD in Psychology.

Sports psychologists are trained individuals that assist athletes in overcoming obstacles, improving performance, and achieving their objectives.

They draw on a variety of disciplines, including physiology, biomechanics, psychology, and kinesiology.

They look into the relationship between psychological and physical aspects that influence performance and try to figure out what obstacles are keeping athletes from reaching their maximum potential.

Sports psychologists operate in a variety of settings, including schools, hospitals, and professional sports teams, and their pay reflects this variation.

They apply their psychological understanding to assist athletes in improving their performance or helping people recover from sporting injuries.

Working as a trainer may entail assisting with injury rehabilitation.

Sports psychologists are frequently consulted or hired by athletic teams to assist with a variety of concerns, including group dynamics and leadership issues.

Some sports psychologists go on to become researchers, looking at topics including success factors, the psychological impacts of athletic activity, and the psychological effects of a physical injury.


6. Engineering Psychologist: $80,000

Engineering psychologists seek to improve the design of systems, processes, and equipment to promote efficiency, productivity, and injury prevention.

The area of employment, like other speciality areas of psychology, plays a significant impact in determining income.

Engineering psychologists who work in the commercial sector make significantly more money than those who work at universities.

Engineering psychologists use their knowledge of the human mind to the development and improvement of products and technology.

Because this is a relatively young industry with a rate of growth that outpaces the number of engineering psychologists, it is an excellent choice for individuals wishing to combine psychology and technology.


7. Military Psychologist: $80,000

Military Psychologist on the training field
Military Psychologist

Men and women serving at the military front line are often met with certain challenges.

These often range from psychological trauma, fear, and disabilities and bad experiences they encountered at the warfront. Seeking a career with a PhD in Psychology will be one fascinating way to help these men and women in uniform.

Most Military Psychologists are government employed and often highly paid.

For a variety of reasons, military psychology is critical. First and foremost, military psychologists assist in determining who is suitable for military service and who poses a threat.

Because persons with a poor or doubtful psychological profile are not allowed into duty, this assures the protection of military personnel and the broader population.


8. Marriage and Family Therapist: $45,720

Individuals, couples, families, and other groups are helped by marriage and family therapists to learn how to develop, manage, and promote healthy relationships and interactions with others. Stigmas that once surrounded this type of therapy are disappearing, and the business is expected to increase at a rate of 41% through 2020.

Marriage and family therapists frequently specialize in working with a certain group of people, such as adolescents, families, or couples in romantic relationships.

They may also specialize in marital and family therapy for people suffering from certain mental diseases or issues, such as substance misuse.


9. Rehabilitation Psychologist

Rehabilitation psychologists help those who have lost a loved one or who are having trouble adjusting to life with a disability. The psychological implications of loss, disability, and rehabilitation are the focus of these specialists.

Someone who has recently become paraplegic is battling cancer, or is suffering from a persistent medical ailment are examples of typical clients.

Practitioners provide the assistance that their clients require while they adjust to their new life with the disease.

Rehabilitation psychologists study how a variety of elements, such as biological, social, and environmental factors, affect people with disabilities and other chronic conditions.

Rehabilitation psychologists operate in a wide range of contexts and fields.

Acute care hospitals and health care centres, inpatient and outpatient physical rehabilitation centres assisted living and long-term care institutions and Veterans Administration hospitals are examples of these types of facilities.

Some rehabilitation psychologists work with a wide spectrum of people with various disabilities and illnesses, while others focus on a specific patient group.


10. Academic Professor: $76,000

Academic Professor teaching a group of PhD students
Academic Professor in Psychology

Teaching psychology is a noble and satisfying profession, and as such, it has been included on the list of Careers with a PhD in Psychology. An academic psychology professor gives tutoring and academic counselling to students, keeps class records, and grades students' work. A postgraduate student's academic research is always overseen by an academic psychology professor.


Concluding Remarks

The are many more careers with a PhD in Psychology. However, the above 10 careers ranging from been an academic researcher or a professor working in an academic institution to been Clinical Psychologist and Military Psychologist to helping individuals with health issues.

Other drilling careers with PhD in Psychology includes: Border Force officer, Chaplain, Dance movement psychotherapist, Human resources officer, Market researcher, Neuroscientist, Policy officer and Psychotherapist.

What other careers with PhD in Psychology do you think will drive the future global market? let us know in the comment section below.

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