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Best 10 Marketing Online Degree Programs In (2023)

 Best 10 Marketing Online Degree Programs 

Want to master the key skills of marketing online degree programs?

Is distance learning the right format for you to try to become a web marketing expert?

Here's a guide to the top online marketing courses you can take remotely. 

According to McKinley, the demand for qualified digital marketers has increased.

The report also states that the supply of reliable talent is lacking in the industry.

For those who wish to change their career to marketing, an online marketing degree is very useful that.

Here are the main marketing online degree programs on which you can train remotely to evolve and grow in a field that requires you to update your knowledge regularly.


Best 10 Marketing Online Degree Programs

1. Digital Marketing Online Degree Programs

Digital Marketing Online Degree Programs

Are you starting from scratch?

Then an introduction to an online marketing program is the right course to understand the basics of web marketing and its challenges. 

Digital marketing online course will help you to identify the main acquisition levers to master to make a place for yourself in this promising sector.

How to attract the attention of prospects to turn them into customers, or even ambassadors of your brand?

How do you build customer loyalty when your customers are over-solicited as soon as they surf the web? 

With marketing degrees, you can promote and sell products or services to targeted customers. 

You can easily identify new trends and ideas for selling new products.

A good place to start a digital marketing online degree is at University of Lincoln and at Future learn 


2. Social Media Marketing Online Degree Programs

There are a large number of internet users who engage themselves in social media marketing online. 

Given a place to active accounts on the main social networks (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn).  

With this, it would be unthinkable not to take into account the importance of a social media marketing online degree program.

An online program dedicated to social networks will allow you to learn how to build a digital communication adapted to your main target.  

This will help you to merge and animate a community on each social network fluidly.

Social media marketing networks can also help in; becoming a community manager, creating ads on Facebook and analyzing the results of your actions. 

Added to that, you will have a large register of online courses to know how to develop your reputation and popularity on various social networks.

One of the best online platform to earn a social medial marketing degree online is at Future Learn and at Coursera


3. E-commerce Marketing Online Degree Programs

e-commerce agent

The success of e-commerce is not denied! Online sales have exploded in recent years thanks to e-commerce marketing online degree programs. 

This trend is not likely to diminish in the near or distant future.

The creation, administration and development of an online store require multiple skills that you can acquire through e-commerce marketing training.

Don't worry, most e-commerce training courses for potential web marketers do not require knowledge of web development.  

You will not have to create an e-commerce site from start!

Solutions such as PrestashopMagento or Woocommerce (WordPress plugin) will allow you to become autonomous in the management of an online store: the creation of product sheets, inventory and order management, optimization of the site for natural referencing, etc.

A good platform to start with an ecommerce marketing online degree will be at Coursera and Future Learn


4. SEO Marketing Online Degree Programs

SEO (Search Engine Optimization), also known as natural referencing, is a discipline that consists in optimizing the positioning of websites and web pages on search engines.

Most internet users are increasingly reluctant to go to page 2 of a search engine like Google to find the information they need. 

For this, it is obliged or required to appear in the first results of Google to be visible on the Internet.

A dedicated SEO marketing online degree program will allow you to understand how search engines work.  

It will equally help to identify the main algorithms to take into account to improve your visibility on the results pages.

In particular, you will address the three pillars of SEO during your marking degree program.

These three pillars are content (and the importance of choosing these keywords and using them wisely), technique (the architecture of the website, the quality of the code used), and popularity (the quantity and quality of external links pointing to a website).

Coursera and Futurelearn are two major online platforms that can helps you to be efficient in SEO marketing degree. 

5. SEA Marketing Online Degree Programs

Search Engine Advertising (SEA) is another way to get visibility and generate targeted traffic on search engines with a marketing online degree program in SEA.

Each search engine offers the possibility to advertisers to create paid advertising campaigns.  With this, they buy one or more keywords on which they wish to be visible by their target.

A SEA online degree program will allow you to learn how to create a Google Ads campaign (e.g., Google AdWords).  

This includes in terms of techniques and skills: elaboration of a budget, competitive intelligence, choice of keywords, writing of an ad that incites clicks, analysis of the actions and optimization of the advertising campaigns to make them even more efficient.

Udemy will be a perfect place to learn more about SEA Marketing

6. Reputation Marketing Online Degree Programs

The more people talk about you, the better? Not necessarily!

The best way to build a good online reputation is to provide quality services and products to consumers. 

This doesn’t prevent brands or companies to be safe from the bad buzz and negative reviews on the Internet.

While these criticisms are not always justified, they do have a real impact on the purchasing behaviour of Internet users.

You know farewell that a dissatisfied user will be much more willing to share his opinion than a satisfied one (and that consumers give more importance to negative reviews than positive ones!).

With all this, it is in your best interest to be skilled in e-reputation.

An online reputation marketing degree program is, therefore, necessary to manage your reputation.  

Whether it is on social networks, online review platforms, forums or other websites.

This e-reputation training will be essential to know how to audit your company's brand image on the Internet and implement concrete actions to improve your online reputation.

At the end of reputation training, you will have all the tools to carry out effective monitoring and to have a better overview of your digital visibility.

Learn how to manage your reputation by subscribing to a Coursera 


7. E-mail Marketing Online Degree Programs

G-mail marketing app
Emailing is one of the main acquisition channels in marketing online degree programs.

Attractive newsletters will allow you to acquire new customers and retain existing ones, all with a reduced budget.

An e-mailing online marketing degree will provide you with all the necessary skills to elaborate contents that will perfectly fit the newsletter format.

You will know how to create effective newsletters with emailing tools such as MailChimp, Sendinblue or Sarbacane but also how to evaluate the performance of your campaigns.

 Udemy and Coursera are the two major platforms to study email marketing online degree

 8. Content Marketing Online Degree Programs

Knowing how to write for the web is one of the key skills you need to acquire in a marketing online degree program.

It is essential to take a course on content marketing to master SEO where content plays a key role to ensure good visibility on search engines.

This skill is now a full-fledged profession in web marketing: that of web editor.

However, there is no need to make it your profession to acquire the basics of web writing.  Training dedicated to the creation of content on the Internet will be rich in lessons to satisfy the two main types of readers.  

Who are those who will browse your web pages: the Internet users on the one hand and, on the other hand, the search engine robots that will also judge the relevance and quality of your writings.

With HubSpot academy, you have comprehensive training that consists of 12 five-hour courses.

This is the right tool for you if you want to offer your employees a great way to introduce content marketing and lead generation.

Take good training on content creation by following this links. 


9. Google Analytics Marketing Online Degree Programs

Google Analytics graph

Google Analytics is one of the most used web analytics tools and most adequate marketing online programs for marketing professionals.

It's simple: it's rare to see it absent from the majority of job offers in this field of activity.

It must be said that this free tool is particularly powerful and full of information that you should use to build your marketing strategy and develop the digital visibility of your website.

Indeed, Google Analytics allows you (as the owner of a website) to study and analyze the audience of your website with precision.

Thanks to this tool, you will be able to discover, among other things, from which geographical area the internet users browsing your website come from.

Also, which acquisition devices made them land on your web pages.

 Finally, which are the most consulted pages as well as those that convert the most.

A Google Analytics marketing online degree program will allow you, depending on your level, to master the basic or advanced features of the web analytics tool.

This is to better understand your audience and adapt your marketing strategies according to their behaviour and browsing habits.

FuturnLearn will provide you with the a free course Google Analytics Marketing Degree Online. 

10. CAD tools marketing Online Degree Programs

Mastering CAD (Computer-Aided Design) software such as Photoshop or Illustrator is not only reserved for graphic designers or web designers.

Digital communication professionals (social media manager, content manager, digital project manager) must also be able to create attractive visuals to capture the attention of Internet users.

Textual content is not everything in a web marketing strategy, the transmission of a message can also be done through images.

Here again, you need a CAD marketing online program to perform well with a chosen graphic design software.

Just like the other online courses mentioned above, you will have a wide choice of learning formats to express your creativity.

Such learning programs include videoconferencing, video tutorials and other teaching aids.

All this will help you improve your mastery of CAD tools step by step.


With the above marketing online courses, you will be an expert in the all-marketing specifications.

You may choose a content creation marketing online degree program but still, need to complete your course with a google analytic marketing degree as well.

You can succeed by taking the best online marketing courses at the London Business School and also by following the indicated links under each point.