Top 12 Trendy Careers In Social Networking

 Top 12 Trendy Careers In Social Networking

Today, nearly one in nine people on earth use Facebook and other social networking as a career.

And other social media, such as LinkedIn, Viadeo or Pinterest continue their development.

Good news for those who want to make a career in social networking... But what are the most attractive jobs in social networking?

Top 12 Trendy Careers In Social Networking
Trendy careers in social networking

 Before we take a deep dive in to the details of the 12  Trending Careers in Social Networking. Its very vital we show you some of the importance of social networking in the 21st century business world

The importance of social networks in the business world

Indeed, more than 80% of employees are present on social networks. They express themselves more and more and exchange regularly about their work.

Social networks are becoming commonplace in companies. More and more companies have a presence on social media.

πŸ˜…A new form of communication at work...

In companies, 60% of the managers surveyed admit that they do not limit the use of social networks to their employees.

Half of them even admit that they do not master these tools and 62% think that they are not sufficiently informed about their uses.

πŸ˜…πŸ˜…The emergence of new uses

However, the use of social media in business is still underdeveloped: less than 20% of directors and managers use social networks to prospect or sell.

πŸ˜…πŸ˜…πŸ˜…The emergence of new professions

Social networks have also created new jobs in one out of two companies. Among the jobs mentioned are community managers, social media managers and webmasters.

πŸ˜…πŸ˜…πŸ˜…πŸ˜…The emergence of new work habits

Social networks have also had an impact on the way we work. Very visible in small organizations (start-ups, agencies), these changes are also taking shape in large companies. And it seems to us that the best is yet to come!

 12Trending Careers in Social Networking

1. Career as a Social Media Strategist

Career as a Social Media Strategist
Career as a social media strategist

As a social media strategist, you are responsible for the overall social media policy of a company.

You will have to plan strategic actions, decide on platforms on which to grow a community or give your approval for content to be put online.

It is considered a trendy career in social networking because doing your job with ease is part of your mission. Communication and leadership are key skills for the position of Strategist, but your creative mind will make you stand out in particular.

If you write a good article on your blog but no one reads it, can it still be considered a 'good' article? As a social media analyst, you study the numbers, develop metrics to determine if a campaign is a top or a flop, etc.

The difference between the social media manager and the community manager lies mainly in the decision-making power. Indeed, the social media manager decides on the digital strategy.

The community manager manages the social networks according to a global strategy defined beforehand.

2. Career as a Content Curator or Watchdog

Your role as a content curator or a watchdog is to scour the web and bring back viral videos, articles, infographics or images to feed your company's social platforms.

This career in social media networking provides some productions that can be developed internally. But in the end, your main task is to scan the web to bring back contagious content.

3.Career as an Online Reputation Manager / E-reputation manager

Another trendy career in social networking is an E-reputation manager.

Your task is to make sure that any undesirable content about your client is removed or placed as far back as possible in the Google results.

In addition, you make sure to post positive comments about your clients on various social platforms, forums, answer some user questions, etc.

4Career as a Community Manager

Career as a Community Manager
Career as a community manager

Another essential career in social networking is the Community manager.

As a community manager, you have the role to publish good content but having a large community of users, followers or fans is also important.

Interacting with this large community is essential to keep the community in the long term.

As a Community Manager, you are responsible for the management of these various communities and you develop campaigns, strategies to feed and maintain these virtual connections.

The community manager is in charge of managing and producing content on social networks.

Daily, the community manager publishes content on different social networks (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, TikTok...).

He is also the one who interacts with Internet users, by answering messages, opinions or comments posted on social networks.

The community manager is, therefore, the sponsor of the reputation of the company on social networks.

He can work in an agency but also in the communication department of a company or a public structure (community, administration...).

5Career as a Social Media Customer Service Advisor

You can choose to pursue a career as a social Media customer service Advisor among the careers in social networking.

Almost 62% of American consumers have used social media to report a problem with a product or service.

The Internet has become the primary platform for customer service.

Want to tweet a procedure to a customer or help solve a user's problem via Facebook?

This is the job for you.

6. Career as an MLM on Social Networks

Careers in social networking also present MLM as the path you can go through for a living.

Social networks represent considerable advantages for business activities, especially for relationship marketing. Facebook and Twitter are excellent tools for leaders.

LinkedIn and Viadeo are great for getting quality business contacts.

Then, Instagram and TikTok are essential for web marketing and SEO.

These "places to be" can help with effective network marketing recruiting.

They help to broaden the foundation of MLM.

To do this, you need to launch campaigns on social networks. Showing your results and success seems to be very effective.

This will undoubtedly create a magical power to seduce future collaborators or sellers.

This career does not require a degree. After training, recruits can start earning money.

7. Career as a Content Manager/Web editor

Maybe your favourite thing to do is to create content? Then choose to become a content manager or web editor on the top trending careers in social networking.

Do you have a touch of creativity and a desire to create an image for the company?

The role of content manager (sometimes called web editor) will suit you perfectly! On the agenda: writing texts, creating images and videos, etc.  

 8. Careers as a Digital Marketing Manager

Careers as a Digital Marketing Manager
Careers as a digital marketing manager

Once you have you’ve chosen to pursue a career in social networking, you will certainly come across digital marketing.

Do you like communication but prefer marketing?

Then you should consider the role of a digital marketing manager.

Not only will you have to know social networks well, but you will also have to be able to develop a commercial strategy for the brand or company you represent! 

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9. Career as an SEO/SEA Project Manager

Two acronyms that don't mean anything to you? SEO stands for "Search Engine Optimization" it is the optimization for search engines.

SEA stands for Search Engine Advertising (as opposed to natural search engine optimization - SEO).

Your role as an SEO/SEA project manager, it’s to optimize this referencing so that the company you work for appears first in the searches of Internet users.   

10. Career as a Web designer/Webmaster

What do you like best about careers in social networking?

Would you like to create and/or manage them in the company where you work?

Become a web designer! You will have to be constantly well-informed about trends, about your company, about its clientele, but most of all about the product offered!

You will be in charge of the layout and design of the website.

11. Career as a Data Scientist

Career as a Data Scientist
Career as a data scientist

Since companies must be prepared to deal with data flows that seem to be getting bigger and bigger, the Data Scientist is a must.

This profession is a real piece of the job market.

Indeed, this expert in statistics and mathematics is responsible for analyzing, interpreting and modelling the company's various data.

As such, it is a must to have an excellent command of data mining techniques and social CRMs.

In addition, it is a must to understand data management systems and have a good knowledge of computer tools.

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12. Career as a Mobile Project Manager

As its name indicates, the Mobile Project Manager pilots all the stages of web and mobile application development.

According to the specifications and the resources allocated, you must propose efficient solutions that meet concrete objectives in terms of usage and user experience (UX).

Comfortable with teamwork, you may be required to distribute tasks and ensure coordination between each project participant.

The Mobile Project Manager has both technical (programming languages, development, operating systems) and interpersonal skills.


While specialists warn users about the risks linked to these platforms (particularly addictive and time-consuming, especially at work), job offers in these sectors are exploding and the level of expertise on the tools is becoming increasingly demanding.

At the same time, the use of social networks continues to soar and has now become an essential meeting place for consumers.