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10 Best Online Master's Degree In Nursing UK (2023)

 10 Best Online Master's Degree In Nursing UK

Students who wish to join the medical profession as a nurse may study nursing.

This field of study focuses on disease prevention, alleviation of suffering, patient advocacy, injury treatment, and promotion of health counselling.

In many online degree programs, students should not take electives unless required by their major.

This allows students to study specifically what they need to know for their business.

10 Best Online Master's Degree In Nursing UK
10 Best Online Master's Degree in Nursing UK

For many students who have a passion for learning information relevant to their major online programs of study this approach will save time and help students graduate faster. 

We will explain de benefits of studying online master’s degree in nurses in the UK and the different online master’s programs.

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Benefits Of Studying Online Master’s Degree In Nursing UK

What is the value of a master's degree in nursing? Although this type of diploma is not compulsory for nurses, having an advanced diploma can open many doors and offer important benefits.

If you are planning to get an online master's degree in nursing in the UK (MSN), you should consider the benefits of this advanced degree. Here are some of the benefits of an online master's degree in nursing

a) High payment

When you hold an online Master’s Degree in Nursing in the UK, you can expect to earn a higher salary in the nursing field.

This can range from $53,410 at the low end to over $116,230 at the high end. Your salary may also be higher with an MSN in certain settings, such as hospitals and ambulatory health services.

b) Advancement in career

Earning an online master degree in nursing UK allows you to advance your nursing career, which translates into a more rewarding work experience.

With an advanced position, you'll also have a greater chance of increasing your employment income.

For example, you could earn an online master’s degree in nursing in the UK to become an advanced nurse practitioner.

This comes with increased responsibilities, as well as higher pay as cited above.

Advancing your career can also provide you with an opportunity to build on your leadership skills, depending on the type of position you want to pursue.

c) Increasing your nursing skill

Undergraduate programs provide you with several skills needed for nursing, but you can gain even more with a graduate degree.

Earning your Master’s degree in nursing online in the UK means you will gain new skills you'll need to advance in your career.

For instance, you may develop leadership skills that will allow you to work in nursing management.

If you choose a specialization, you'll learn even more

10 Best Online Master’s Degree Programs In Nursing UK

Before mentioning the best master’s degree programs, we have to know that this program is widely open to everyone willing to embark on this venture.

Online masters programs in nursing are made up of different types which will be explained as thus; 

1. Nurse Practitioner Online Master Degree In Nursing UK

Nurse Practitioners is one of the best online master’s degrees in nursing UK.

Nurse practitioners are authorized to diagnose illnesses and prescribe medications.

In some cities, NPs must work under the supervision of a physician, while in others they may practice independently.

An online master's program for future NPS includes courses in advanced pharmacology, diagnosis, treatment, and nursing practice.

The average annual salary for an NP is $114,510. Although most NPs specialize in family medicine, some are certified in gerontology, paediatrics, neonatology, psychiatry or women's health.

2. Clinical Nurse Specialists’ Online Master’s Degree In Nursing UK

Clinical Nurse Specialists’ Online Master’s Degree In Nursing UK
Clinical Nurse Specialist

The clinical nurse specialist (CNS) is one of the best online master’s degree programs in nursing.

A CNS is specialized in the diagnosis, treatment and ongoing management of patient health. CNS programs focus on the identification and diagnosis of health problems, pharmacology and other treatment options.

Like NPs, nurse specialists may focus more on adult practice, gerontology, or paediatrics. Depending on state guidelines, a CNS may work independently or under the supervision of a physician.

While PayScale in May 2021 identifies the average annual salary for a CNS at $91,680, salaries vary based on responsibilities, experience and location.

3. Public Health Online Master’s Degree Nursing In The UK

Public health is one of the best online master’s degrees in nursing in the United Kingdom.

Public health nurses specialize in disease prevention, particularly transmissible diseases. They often educate the public or stakeholders about health and disease, including good hygiene and sanitation practices. Stakeholders may include legislators, workplaces, public transportation managers, or public event administrators.

These nurses may work in non-clinical settings, such as government agencies, community centres, or non-profit organizations, in addition to typical health care settings such as hospitals, clinics, and physician offices.

The COVID-19 pandemic has put public health nurses in the spotlight and perhaps made their role more important in the long run.

4. Community Nurse Educator Online Master’s Degree In Nursing UK

Community health nurses are one of the best online master’s degrees in the UK with the role of educating the public and stakeholders about health and disease prevention.

However, community health nurses are more likely to provide health care to members of the public and focus on communicable and non-communicable diseases.

These nurses often work in clinics and government agencies, where they focus on the most vulnerable populations in the community.

A community health nursing curriculum addresses the social causes of health, health promotion, working with marginalized populations, and providing health education to people with varying levels of health literacy.

Done with the type of the best online master degree program in the UK, now let’s talk of the various master program available online.

5. Master Online Degree In Palliative Care In Nursing UK

The palliative program is one of the online master’s degrees designed for professionals who care for patients with life-threatening or incurable illnesses.

Students will expand, enhance and develop their knowledge by reviewing a wide range of published literature on palliative care. Emphasis is placed on non-malignant disease, frailty and multimorbidity to reflect changing patient demographics.

Students will further develop skills in critical analysis of core concepts as well as symptom control, leadership, communication and holistic care.

Students' expertise will be enhanced through projects that take place in their clinical settings.

This part-time online distance learning (ODL) program will help graduates become clinical and academic leaders in the field of palliative care with a qualification from one of the world's top 100 universities.

6. Online Master’s degree in Nursing UK

Nursing studies is an online master’s degree in the UK with career progression advice.

Nursing degrees and the importance of building your professional network.

The University of Sunderland's for example offers 100% online MSc in Nursing.

Studies are designed to equip ambitious healthcare professionals from the UK and around the world.

With the knowledge, skills and network needed to succeed in nursing, midwifery and senior healthcare positions you will have access to higher pay.

This is a master's degree that builds on your current experience to further develop your knowledge, skills, and abilities in the four pillars of advanced practice.

They include education, research, clinical practice, and leadership.

The course content is aligned with the four pillars of advanced practice outlined by Health Education England (HEE) and the multi-professional framework for advanced clinical practice in England.

7. Clinical Critical Care Online Master Degree In Nursing UK

Clinical critical is an online master’s degree in nursing UK, that takes care of critically ill patients in a difficult and highly specialized area of health care practice.

The polio pandemic in the 1950s led to the birth of the modern intensive care unit (ICU). Another pandemic (Covid-19) saw the term "ICU" gain prominence as the area of the hospital where the most critically ill patients are cared for.

Critical Care is a term that comes up daily in the media. It is the speciality that is practised and is students are passionate about.

8. Infection, Prevention And Control Online Master Degree In Nursing UK

This course is an online masters degree in nursing UK designed to meet the needs of healthcare professionals and nurses working anywhere in the world.

Whether you are relatively new to the field of infection prevention and control or have recently moved into a management position and wish to strengthen your qualification.

This is one of the many topics covered in this course and you will be able to develop and enhance your skills in this area alongside other practice areas such as:

  • applied microbiology
  • decontamination
  • antimicrobial resistance
  • antimicrobial stewardship
  • infection prevention and control practices

We have renowned clinical experts contributing to our modules who will also support your learning alongside academic staff.

As leaders in their field who are still practising clinically, you will benefit from the opportunity to engage and interact with them in specific modules.

9. Specialist In Mental Health Online Masters Degree In Nursing UK

Specialist In Mental Health Online Masters Degree In Nursing UK
Specialist in Mental Health 

Mental health specialist is one of the best online masters degrees in the UK that is mostly chosen by students.

One in four people will experience a mental health problem in their lifetime. Affecting people from all walks of life, its impact is felt not only by individuals but also by their families and the broader community.

The innovative delivery of online master's courses - taught on campus and by distance learning - will increase your knowledge and understanding of mental health care.

10. Dermatology In Clinical Practice Online Masters Degree In Nursing UK

The online Master of Science in Dermatology in Clinical Practice program is a one-year degree designed to help health care professionals specialize in their careers and develop more dermatology professionals.

The online master's course provides progression from the dermatology graduate degree for those interested in a leadership role in the field.

Students will typically be health care professionals such as general practitioners, physicians, nurses, doctors and pharmacists.

Conclusion on Online Master's Degree In Nursing UK

Conclusively it can be said that an online master’s degree in nurse is by far advantageous to the student that sees the need to study it.

The benefits of studying nursing as explained above is important for the future career of student embarking on distant learning of the course.

Also, amongst the different program studies, you will be able to select the best that suits you.