5 Best Cosmetology School in Sarasota Florida [2022/2023]

 5 Best Cosmetology School in Sarasota Florida

Cosmetology School in Sarasota Florida
Cosmetology School in Sarasota Florida

Are you interested in a college professional training program in cosmetology?

Do you like giving makeovers, haircuts and helping your friends improve their style?

Start by attending a school that offers one of the best cosmetology training programs in Sarasota, FL.

Professional cosmetology training courses may be perfect for you! Cosmetologists are responsible for helping others improve their style and feel better about the way they look daily.

Before looking at the schools that offer cosmetology studies in Sarasota, we are going to explain the reasons for you to study this program. Below are some of the reasons.


Why do you have to study cosmetology in Sarasota

a) You get to work with hair and makeup

As a licensed stylist, clients will come to you for your beauty expertise. They may not have an exact idea of the look they want but will rely on your knowledge and suggestions.

Whether you work with hair, skin, makeup or another area, you will help your client’s look and feel better.

Limited things are more meaningful than assisting someone to feel better-looking.

Many branches of cosmetology also allow you to get creative. Stay on top of the latest fashion trends and show your clients the hottest new styles!

 b) Entrepreneurial freedom

Working as a cosmetologist means you are an entrepreneur who has certainly graduated from a cosmetology school.

You are going to have the liberty and skill to work as much or as tiny as you want.

If you're someone who desires your weekends, no problem. If Thursday is family night and you need the day off, you can do that.

Many cosmetologists end up starting their businesses which allows them to combine and strengthen both your beauty and managerial skills.

Select your site, hire competent employees and market your trade everywhere.

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c) You create your schedule 

Stylists generally have a lot of flexibility when it comes to working hours.

If you are someone who prefers a fairly standard work schedule, this can be arranged.

If you prefer to have time off in the morning and prefer to work late at night, that can be done as well.

If you have a child who needs your attention during the day, that can also be worked around.

As a cosmetologist, you have the choice to make a schedule that works best for you and your way of life.

 d) Work hard, earn hard

Do you have highly skilled and educated friends who are still working in jobs they feel are beneath them?

According to Gallup, this is a common phenomenon, with only 34% of people feeling committed to their jobs (and that's more than in previous years!).

As a cosmetologist, you won't have to worry about this. In a salon, the amount of work you do usually has a direct and immediate effect on your income.

The more customers you labour with, the extra money you will make. If you venture out and start your own beauty business, this will become even more apparent.

You will see direct results based on the amount of work you put in.

e) Work anywhere

As populations continue to grow, the demand for skilled cosmetologists continues to grow as well. People will always want to look and feel better!

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the demand for cosmetologists is expected to grow by an additional 8% between 2018 and 2028.

That's faster than the average demand for other professions. If you love city life and want to work in a fancy downtown salon, you're sure to find an opening somewhere.

You can also work directly from home for ultimate convenience.

 f) Meet people from different backgrounds

One of the downsides of office life is that it often feels isolated, with little chance to interact with different people.

On the other hand, if you enjoy talking and working with people, a career in cosmetology could be a perfect fit for you.

Why do you have to study in cosmetology in Sarasota Florida
Why do you have to study in cosmetology in Sarasota Florida

You'll have the chance to meet and connect with a wide variety of customers. In addition to getting to know them, you'll work with them to make important beauty decisions.

You can then show them how they can maintain their appearance at home. In addition to clients, depending on where you work, you may also form close relationships with co-workers and your supervisor.

 g) More relaxed workspace

Many work environments such as offices and emergency rooms can be very stressful. Cosmetology offers a much more relaxed feel. When you are working with clients, you can chat with them.

You can play your favourite music in the background and, depending on where you work, you can even dress the way you want.

Cosmetology careers generally don't have the fast-paced intensity of other jobs.

h) A variety of career options

Once you complete your cosmetology training, you will have the opportunity to enter a variety of different fields. Do you enjoy working with hair?

If so, you can become a hairstylist and help people style, colour and treat it. Research the latest fashion trends and give your clients the hairstyle they'll never forget.

Are you someone who loves skincare? Become an aesthetician and help people make the right skincare decisions. A career in cosmetology allows you to do just that.

Done with the reasons you have to study cosmetology we are going to look now at the different schools of cosmetology in Sarasota Florida.


Top 5 highly rated Cosmetology Schools in Sarasota Florida

1. The Fashion Focus Academy For Cosmetology Studies

This is one of the most highly rated cosmetology schools in Sarasota Florida.

At the Fashion Focus Academy, you will learn hairstyling techniques and you will use your creativity to become a self-assured beauty professional.

Your cosmetology training will include basic and advanced hairdressing techniques, nail care, skincare, makeup application, customer and retail skills, as well as creating a curriculum vitae. You will integrate theory with extensive practical experience to gain a comprehensive understanding of the beauty and wellness industry.

The admission requirement for the school are;

  • You must be at least 16 years
  • You must hold a high school diploma from an accredited high school
  • You must complete an interview with an admission representative
  • You must provide a valid form of identification like a state ID card or driving license
  • The tuition fee is paid in full before students can graduate


2. Meridian College For Cosmetology Studies

Meridian College for Cosmetology Studies
Meridian College for Cosmetology Studies

Meridian College is one of the most highly rated Cosmetology schools in Sarasota Florida. They offer a Florida Cosmetology training program that prepares you to provide high-quality beauty and hairstyling services to both men and women.

Its hands-on cosmetology training program gives you the skills you need to start an exciting career in cosmetology and become a leader in the beauty industry.

They offer the following cosmetology courses:

  • The perfect haircut for men and women.
  • Styling, perming, colouring and bleaching
  • Performing facials
  • Chemical ripple
  • Application of appropriate scalp treatments and shampooing techniques
  • Manicure and pedicure techniques

Upon graduation and state licensing, you will be qualified for an entry-level cosmetologist position and be ready to begin a career in a full-service salon.

3. Sarasota County Technical Institute For Cosmetology Studies

The Sarasota County Technical Institute for cosmetology is one of the best and highly rated cosmetology schools in Sarasota Florida.

Take a course in cosmetology in this institute and come out with the best degree from the best institutions.

This institute provides students with all the skills necessary and prepares them to perform some cosmetics services such as haircuts, makeup, manicures and pedicure techniques and so on.

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4. Glam Lash Extensions & Academy for cosmetology studies

The Glam Lash Extension and Academy for cosmetology studies is one of the highly-rated cosmetology academies in Sarasota Florida.

Here, you have special training in all that is cosmetology related such as creating beautiful, customized lash looks.

The fact that this academy specialises itself is mostly in practical sessions makes it easier for the training process for programs like:

  • Eyelash Service
  • Permanent Makeup


5. Sunstate Academy For Cosmetology Studies

Sunstate Academy For Cosmetology Studies
Sunstate Academy for Cosmetology Studies

The Sunstate Academy is also one of the highly-rated cosmetology schools in Sarasota Florida. Here you have a different way of thinking about education since you are provided with the best in terms of education.

They equally believe in quality over quantity when it comes to cosmetology training.

Their hands-on teaching program is aimed to excite their students and to have maximum impact, without the commitment of 5 days a week.

In this school, the cosmetology programs have all that is required for you to be capable of having a bright career after your degree.

You will benefit from a wide range of training in everything from creating trendy hairstyles and skincare techniques to the latest trends in makeup and styling and nail art.

You will learn all this from a talented and attentive team of instructors for just 3 days a week! Sunstate cosmetology students are trained to provide the following services to male and female clients:

  • Haircut
  • Hair design
  • Facials
  • Colouring and lightening
  • Scalp treatment
  • Skincare
  • Nail Extension
  • Chemical waving

Admission procedures at the Sunstate Academy include a personal interview with an admissions representative, a meeting with a financial aid officer to determine financial responsibilities, submission of all required forms including the enrolment agreement, payment of the application fee, and a meeting with the school administration.

The school will determine an applicant's eligibility based on academic history, a personal interview and commitment to becoming an active graduate.


Conclusion on Cosmetology School in Sarasota Florida

With cosmetology schools in Sarasota Florida, it is an adequate study for all lovers of anything that touches beauty, makeup and all the above reasons listed above.

You will notice after examining the above aspects, that it can be concluded that Cosmetology is a wide program which attracts a lot of students.

The reasons behind you choosing these schools will be of good advantage to you.

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