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16 Best Colleges In Ohio For Healthcare Administration

16 Best Colleges In Ohio For Healthcare Administration

16 Best Colleges in Ohio for Healthcare Administration
16 Best Colleges in Ohio for Healthcare Administration

If you are studying or already working in the fields of health care administration this is the right place.

You can earn an Associate's Certificate in health care administration to take your career to a new level.

Focused on the specific needs of clients facing mental health and substance use challenges, you will be prepared for a variety of workplace contexts and challenges.

We have chosen for you the best colleges in Ohio for healthcare administration which are;

1. Mount St. Joseph University

Mount St. Joseph University is one of the best colleges in Ohio that offers studies in healthcare administration. It was established in 1920.

 The MSN (Master of Science Degree in Nursing) program offers two specialized streams: administration and education.

Their expert faculty will help you improve your professional communication and collaboration skills to develop healthcare outcomes.

Also, their curriculum includes foundational courses in evidence-based practice, leadership, technological innovation in healthcare, and healthcare policy.

The tuition fee here is 31200USD

2. Xavier University College

Xavier University College for Healthcare administration
Xavier University College for Healthcare administration 

The Xavier University College is one of the best colleges in Ohio for healthcare administration. They perform scientific study and application of science to health problems. It was founded in 1831.

From organizational consulting firms to multinationals, your expertise will be used for organizational development.

Their undergraduate and postgraduate program is dedicated to training students to become successful professionals in the field of health care administration.

Xavier is ranked No. 1 for his excellent academic reputation among the best competitors in the region.

Students make the most of their education, from rigorous classroom study to real-world experiential learning

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3. Case Western College

In this case, western college is counted among the best colleges in healthcare administration studies.

Case Western Reserve University, located in Cleveland Ohio, offers 26 medical programs.

The school is a large private university located in a large city.

It was established in 1826.

In 2015, 198 students graduated in medicine and 198 doctorates.

They have a premier medical school and the largest biomedical research institution in Ohio.

4. Cleveland Clinic Lerner College

The Cleveland Clinic Lerner College deserves its place on the list of the best college for health care administration programs in Ohio.

The school was founded in 1964 and currently offers bachelors, masters, certificates and doctoral degrees in 9 medical programs.

The tuition fee here is 68788USD

5. North-eastern Ohio Medical College

The North-eastern Ohio Medical College is another one of the best colleges for healthcare administration in Ohio.

This medical school is a community public university that collaborates with other colleges and universities; healthcare providers, pharmacies and research companies.

Additionally, they work in partnership with businesses, city officials, and government officials to help provide wellness and access to health care to medically underserved people in Ohio and across the country.

6. Ohio University of Athens

Established in 1975, the Ohio University of Athens is one of the best colleges for healthcare administration in Ohio.

 The college now has additional campuses in Cleveland and Dublin, Ohio to receive more students.

 Their studies range from pre-medical education to undergraduate medical education.

 This explains in as much detail are needed the most affordable medical schools in Ohio and why they are beneficial.

7. Ultimate Medical Academy

Ultimate Medical Academy for Healthcare Administration
Ultimate Medical Academy for Healthcare Administration

The Ultimate Medical Academy is amongst the best college that offers healthcare administration in Ohio states.

As a UMA student, you benefit from personalized attention from the start, throughout your professional training and after graduation.

Here are some of the ultimate student services that are included in the tuition fee:

  • Individual academic support
  •  Preparation for certification
  • 24/7 technical assistance
  • Job search assistance
  • Laptops for those who qualify

8. Walden University

Walden University can be considered as one of the best colleges for healthcare administration studies in Ohio.

Walden's online nursing programs meet rigorous standards of academic quality and integrity, and the faculty at the School of Nursing holds a PhD.

With three graduation options, you can choose a Bachelor of Science in nursing that suits your busy and unpredictable schedule.

They offer bachelor masters and doctorates in;

  •  Health care science
  •  Health care science management
  • Promotion and education of health  
  • Health care administration

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9. Franklin University

The Franklin University is the best college in Ohio for healthcare administration.

It offers 8 health administration degree programs. It is a private, mid-sized, non-profit, four-year university in a large city.

 In 2019, 145 health administration students graduated, including 74 master's degrees and 71 bachelor's degrees.

 Their personalized student services make it easy for international students to earn an American college degree.

 Starting something new is never easy, and deciding to get your undergraduate degree is no exception.

10. Sinclair College

Sinclair College also is one of the best colleges for healthcare administration found in Ohio.

Graduates with the right skills are successful in today's jobs.

Sinclair offers over 300 diploma and certificate programs, including specialist medical and technical fields of study in high demand in the Dayton area.

Over the past four years, over 26,000 degrees have been earned by Sinclair students.

Sinclair offers schedules and course options, including online, to suit your lifestyle.

 Credits transfer easily to four-year colleges and universities in Ohio.

11. Ursuline College

Ursuline College for Healthcare Administration

Ursuline Collegee is one of the best colleges found in Ohio for health care administration.

They educate students in service, leadership and professional excellence in a supportive health environment that promotes lifelong learning.

Students succeed in a community dedicated to teaching, nursing, research and action that further raises awareness of the contributions of women.

This college recognizes your unique learning experiences by offering you the opportunity to receive credits for what you already know. With Ursuline's alternative credit options, you can:

  • Accelerate your journey to graduation.
  • Be recognized for your past accomplishments.
  • Earn a maximum of 43 hours per semester.

12. Owens Community College

The Owens Community college is by far one of the best colleges for healthcare administration found in Ohio.

They are proud to be a community college, working to educate and staff the workforce with skilled, prepared and knowledgeable employees.

The impact of their graduates is fuelling the economic development of Northwest Ohio.

Owens community college has a well-established reputation for training healthcare professionals working in Northwest Ohio and beyond.

Their approach to interprofessional education results in well-trained graduates.

They also practice collaboratively and provide patient-centred care to members of their community.

Upon completion of our programs and certificates, you will have a solid educational foundation and hours of hands-on experience in the field of your choice.

Our knowledgeable teachers are ready to help you start a successful career as a healthcare professional.

13. Mercy College of Ohio

The Mercy College of Ohio is a college amongst the best colleges in Ohio for health care administration.

Their academic programs start at the intersection of career and meaning.

 From certificates to graduate programs, each program is designed to provide you with the skills, experience, and perspective to help you thrive in healthcare.

 As part of the Mercy College Student Success Centre promote the personal growth and well-being of all students.

They do it through personal and group counselling, on-campus programs and interventions in the event of a crisis.

14. Rose College Sylvania

Rose College Sylvania for Healthcare Administration
Rose College Sylvania for Healthcare Administration 

The Rose College Sylvania is one of the best colleges in Ohio for healthcare administration. Associate degrees in healthcare administration can be obtained online with this college.

 Get a quality education from knowledgeable instructors in a convenient online setting. Programs available include:  

  • Healthcare administration Specialist
  • Practice Management
  •  Medical Assistant

 Start the virtual path to your paramedical career today

15. The University of Toledo

Also, the University of Toledo is one of the best colleges that offers healthcare administration in Ohio.

The University of Toledo's Health Care Administration program gives students the knowledge and skills to manage health care organizations.

They also take courses in excellent development, control and organisation, problem solving and financial management. They offer degree programs in the following; 

  • Certificate in chemical dependency consulting
  •  Cosmetic science and formulation design
  • Disability Studied
  • Emergency Medical Services Certificate (EMT and Paramedic)
  •  Health Information Administration
  •  Health Administration
  • Medical Technology
  • Medicinal and Biological Chemistry
  • Nurse Paralegal Certificate

16. The Ohio State University

The Ohio State University (OSU) can be termed the best college that offers healthcare administration in Ohio.

The OSU prepares students to improve access and quality of health care in their communities and around the world.

The college's mission is supported by its research-based education taught by accomplished and highly accessible faculty members.

OSU's CPH offers students comprehensive undergraduate, graduate and doctoral programs.

Tuition for in-state students is 7912USD and the out-state fee is 28889USD.

Conclusion on Best Colleges In Ohio For Healthcare Administration

We can conclude by saying that, the above the fore mention best colleges in healthcare administration studies meet all the requirement.

This permits their students to get higher degrees in the field of healthcare administration.

Their success in studies attracts more students to admit themselves to these colleges.