4 top rated Cosmetology Schools in Amarillo Texas

 4 top rated Cosmetology Schools in Amarillo Texas

4 top rated Cosmetology Schools in Amarillo Texas
Cosmetology Schools in Amarillo Texas

Are you looking for a professional college that offers cosmetology program in Amarillo Texas? Do you like giving make-ups haircuts and helping others improving their styles.

All you have to do is to start attending schools that offers best cosmetology training program in Amarillo Texas.

Professional cosmetology studies may of good help to you. They are therefore responsible for helping others improve upon their style and feeling better about the way they look every day.

Before dwelling on the various schools that offers cosmetology studies in Amarillo, we are going to give you the various reasons for you to study the program.


11 Reasons why you have to study Cosmetology in Amarillo

1. Career choices

Being a cosmetologist opens the door to many career choices when done with cosmetology schools in Amarillo Texas.

You can get training to work behind the chair, own your own salon, teach, or work in many different industries such as film, makeup, freelance, hair removal, copywriting, TV, bloggers / vloggers beauty and much more!


2. Help people feel good about themselves

You can help others gain confidence in themselves, and in turn, you will feel good about being part of this process.


3. The job market for cosmetologists is growing

The job market for cosmetologists is still growing. With new job opportunities constantly appearing, the need for cosmetologists is not going to go away.


4. Be part of a constantly evolving sector

The world of cosmetology is constantly changing. On no occasion you should stop learning in order to keep up with the modern fashions and styles.


 5. Express yourself artistically

Very scarce professions today permit you to express yourself creatively. In a beauty school, you will have the opportunity to practice your love of art and beauty in your own way.

You will also be able to work with real clients who will be looking for your creative input and suggestions.


6. Learn a variety of cosmetology skills.

Cosmetology school options covers a selection of thrilling subjects. You will study how to cut and style hair as well as perform various colouring methods.

In other courses, you will learn the latest styles and methods in skin care, makeup, nail care, and design.


7. Work in an exciting environment

In this industry, there is no question of sitting at a desk for 8 hours a day!

Cosmetologists can work in a variety of environments, from the salon floor to a movie set or a tranquil spa in nature.

Whatever specialty you choose, rest assured that there is an atmosphere to suit you. In the salon world, it's common to work in a team, which allows you to surround yourself with collaborators and learn from your colleagues and mentors.

It's an industry where you can definitely learn something new every day and being part of a team is incredibly useful.

Are you more of a solo artist? No problem! You can rent your own station or your own chair to suit your personal clientele.

There are numerous opportunities when it comes to selecting the perfect work atmosphere in which you can prosper.


8. Work as an entrepreneur

As a licensed cosmetologist, you have the freedom to be your own boss.

Once you are established in the industry, there are many opportunities to start your own business, such as opening your own salon or hiring a position to provide services to suit your busy schedule.

This gives you the flexibility to decide when and how you want to enter the industry.

It is strongly recommended that you gain as much experience as possible by learning from other salon owners or other mentors before going on your own.

Most of the time, entrepreneurs work twice as hard and twice as long as most professions, but they are reaping the rewards of starting a business of their own!


9. Ability to earn commissions

Not only do you control your income by the amount and type of work you do for your clients; you can increase your income by receiving commissions for the hair and beauty care products you encourage your clients to purchase.

Your clients need these products anyway. Why not buy them while they're at the salon?

If they come out with a new product that would be perfect for one of your clients, just offer it to them and you can earn a commission on the sale. It's a win-win situation.


10. Practical training

Cosmetology schools offer hands-on training in a real salon. Students will perform actual tasks, under supervision, to gain real-world experience before the first job interview.

Industry-experienced instructors provide hands-on training in basic and advanced hair, skin and nail techniques in an attractive, warm and professional salon and spa setting.

Cosmetology students will practice their craft on real clients who visit the campus salon. Students will be able to hone their craft before even starting their first job as a cosmetologist.


11. Social recognition

Your education is one of the first things potential employers look at when deciding to hire you, especially if you have no other work experience.

 Having a well-known and respected university on your resume will open the door to better jobs because employers will feel more confident in trusting you.

Also, while you are still in cosmetology school, you may be able to take advantage of internships, events, and continuing education opportunities that can help you gain public exposure.

Many of these opportunities will not exist for the general public and will only be available to cosmetology students.

This gives you the opportunity to start now, so you have options later.

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4 Top rated Cosmetology schools in Amarillo Texas

1. Milan Institute

The Milan Institute is one of the top-rated Cosmetology schools in Amarillo Texas.

It was founded in 1985. The cosmetology program at the Milan institute school provides students with the knowledge and skills of practicing hair, skin and nail services.

In addition, the program provides students with technical education and hands-on training in the areas of hairdressing, health and safety, aesthetics, manicuring and pedicuring.

Learn basic handling skills, safety judgments, proper work habits, and desirable attitudes necessary to pass the State Board Examination and to become qualified for entry-level positions in cosmetology or related career fields.

Milan Institute
Milan Institute (Cosmetology school in Amarillo Texas)

The Milan institute Cosmetology program is offered at these campuses:

  1. Amarillo, Texas
  2. Bakersfield, California
  3. Clovis, California
  4. El Paso, Texas
  5. Las Vegas, Nevada
  6. Merced, California
  7. Palm Desert, California
  8. Reno, Nevada
  9. San Antonio, Texas – Ingram Road
  10. San Antonio, Texas – South
  11. Vacaville, California
  12. Visalia, California


2. Wade Gordon Academy School

This is one of the best Cosmetology schools in Amarillo Texas. Wade Gordon Hairdressing Academy will help you through the entire process. All you need is your diploma and you can do the rest with us.

Being a cosmetologist is not just a job, it's a life choice. When you become a cosmetologist at Wade Gordon Hairdressing Academy, you join a community of artists with a passion for fashion. Scissors, makeup and polish are our tools.

The face, hair and nails are our canvas. The cosmetology courses they offer includes:

  • Basic handling skills
  • Safety judgements and sanitation
  • Building customers
  • Quality customer service
  • Management and business
  • In-depth product knowledge
  • Retail Sales
  • Hair salons
  • Platform work
  • Cosmetology Entry Level Competency

Each student will receive a world-class education that relates to the completion of useful, creative, and productive career-oriented activities.

Topics are presented in lecture, demonstration, and student participation formats. We use a sequential set of learning steps to comprehensively prepare our students for state board exams, graduation, and the entry-level work environment.


3. Clarendon College

Clarendon College is one of the prolific Cosmetology schools in Amarillo Texas. 

Their cosmetology technology programs at Clarendon College offer theoretical and practical training designed to prepare you for employment as a licensed cosmetologist.

The cosmetology program is offered in Amarillo, Pampa and Childress and each Clarendon College location is accredited by the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation.

Clarendon College offers courses for cosmetology operator and cosmetology instructor. Upon successful completion of the entire program, you are qualified to take the licensing examination issued by the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation.


4. Exposito School of hair design

Also, Exposito School of hair design is one of the best Cosmetology schools in Amarillo Texas. This school offers training in 3 qualifications, with the most examined qualifications being the cosmetology license, cosmetology operator, and licensed cosmetology instructor.

The time to complete this training varies from 8.8 months to 1 year depending on the qualification, with a median time to completion of 9.4 months.

The cost to attend Exposito School ranges from $1,000 to $13,000 depending on qualification, with a median cost of $9,000.


Concluding Remarks on Cosmetology Schools in Amarillo Texas

To bring down the conclusion, it can be affirmed that Cosmetology is one of the best program one could make.

This is due to its numerous advantages its offers. So, the above Cosmetology schools are widely open to students willing to dwell themselves in haircuts, styles, hairdressing, skincare massage just to mention but the few.

Just one of the top-rated cosmetology schools in Amarillo Texas and get the best knowledge in the field ever!






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