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9 Best Universities In Illinois For Psychology [2022/2023]

 9 Best Universities In Illinois For Psychology

Does helping others improve their lives motivate you? Or are you more interested in researching how people think and behave? Are you comfortable in a group environment? Or do you prefer to interact one-on-one?

Psychology is not only one of the most interesting fields of study but also one of the most diverse: few fields offer a greater number and variety of career opportunities.

Professional speciality areas include everything from clinical, educational and industrial psychology to neuropsychology and forensic psychology.

We are going to look now the various universities that offer psychology.


9 Best Universities In Illinois For Psychology
9 best Universities in Illinois for Psychology

Why Study Psychology In Illinois Universities

Most employers value the skills gained from studying psychology.

These skills include the ability to offer analytical insights, skilful reasoning, and effective communication.

Even if you choose not to pursue a career as a practising psychologist, employers will still be interested in employees with these skills.

For example, many people with psychology degrees find successful careers in health care, human resources, management or marketing.

A degree in psychology opens the door to a multitude of opportunities. Even if you choose not to pursue a master's degree or more specialized training, you'll find that there are several careers available to you:

  • Behavioural Disorders Counsellors
  • Community Service Operations
  • Correctional treatment specialists
  • Family or marital therapists
  • Mental health counsellors

After looking at the various reasons why you should enroll in Illinois for psychology we will now look at the top 5 jobs career in psychology.


Top 5 Jobs Career In Psychology

Top 5 Jobs Career In Psychology
Top 5 jobs career in psychology

a) Ambulatory Care Centre Psychologist

Psychologists who work in ambulatory care centres earn an average salary of $150,150, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS).

Psychologists who practice in an outpatient setting perform tasks such as screening patients for depression, conducting psychiatric evaluations and diagnostic testing, creating medication management strategies, and counselling family members.

Due to the laws and regulations of the Affordable Care Act, there will be an increased demand for psychologists in ambulatory care centres. Ambulatory care centre psychologists must have the same academic licenses and degrees as clinical psychologists.

A doctorate in psychology is the most common degree for clinical psychologists.

b) Industrial-Organizational Psychologist

Industrial-Organizational psychologists use their academic and professional understanding of psychological and human behavioural concepts to understand workplace effectiveness and productivity.

Companies and businesses hire Industrial-Organizational Psychologists to conduct assessments and make best practice recommendations on productivity.

They also do the same for employee morale and work styles.

Industrial and organizational psychologists earn an average salary of $77,350 per year, which is higher than the average salary for all psychologists ($72,580). Typically, industrial and organizational psychologists require a master's degree, not a doctorate.


c) Forensic Psychologist

Forensic psychologists work with judges, lawyers, crime victims, witnesses and other legal specialists within the criminal justice and legal systems to explain and analyze the psychological aspects of individual cases.

They may testify in court as expert witnesses and assist in family, civil and criminal cases.

They must have a doctorate in psychology. Some forensic psychologists also choose to pursue legal training.

The average salary for forensic psychologists is about $61,500, according to Pascale. However, some of the highest salaries exceed $120,000.

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d) Military Psychologist

A military psychologist works with other health care personnel to provide psychological and psychiatric treatment to military personnel and their families.

Military psychologists may work with patient service teams in military medical settings on bases, in combat, or any other military environment.

Typically, military psychologists are also service members. They are classified as officers because of their academic achievements.

The American Psychological Association notes that the military offers incentives via its Health Professions Scholarship Program, which covers tuition, books, and fees for the last two years of a doctoral program.

The average salary for military psychologists depends on the rank, branch of the military, and service record. In some cases, the salary is over $70,000.

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e) Education

Skills gained in an online B.A. The psychology program will give you a foundation in psychology to help you start your career in human services.

The ability to understand others helps people become better communicators, leaders, and problem-solvers - skills that transfer to virtually any industry.

Graduates are prepared to pursue careers in many human service settings and/or obtain more education in a graduate program.


9 Best Universities In Illinois For Psychology

1. The University of Chicago for psychology

The University of Chicago for psychology
The University of Chicago for Psychology

The University of Chicago  is one of the best universities in Illinois for psychology since its founding in 1893.

The Department of Psychology has had a reputation for scientific research and scholarship that transcends traditional disciplinary boundaries.

Today, this broad and integrative vision of psychological science is reflected in the diversity of laboratories and collaborations within the Department, as well as in research initiatives that link psychology to other areas of the University and beyond.

This vision is also reflected in the Department's teaching.

The doctoral program encourages students to take advantage of the many research opportunities at the University.

Its emphasis is on intellectual extent as well as training in specific areas.

Similarly, the undergraduate program emphasizes faculty-taught courses and research opportunities, making psychology one of the most popular majors at the University.


2. The University of Illinois for psychology

Also, this is one of the best universities in Illinois that offers psychology studies.

The psychology major is a general curriculum within a research-oriented department.

The program is designed both for students interested in a liberal arts education with psychology as an area of interest.

It is also for students who plan to attend graduate or professional school in psychology or a different field such as medicine, law, social work, business administration, counselling, labour relations, and many others.

The psychology major provides both depth and breadth of knowledge in psychology.

The major consists of an introductory course, a statistics course, a body of knowledge or foundation in the various areas of psychology from a set of core courses, a research methods course, and elective courses that provide students with in-depth knowledge.

3. The Loyola University of Chicago for psychology

The University of Loyola in Illinois for psychology offers a Bachelor of Science in Psychology degree.

It provides students with a general introduction to the science of psychology as well as opportunities to learn how psychology is applied to the solution of individual and social problems.

Within the major, students may concentrate in areas linking the major to biology and other natural sciences, to complementary social science disciplines, or apply psychology in communities, organizations, and institutions.

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4. Illinois Wesleyan University for psychology

Illinois Wesleyan University for psychology
Illinois Wesleyan University for psychology

Also, among the universities in Illinois for psychology, we have the Illinois Wesleyan University.

Illinois Wesleyan psychology students study psychological theory, using observational methods, and conduct scientific research to better understand cognition and behaviour in a variety of settings.

Many students collaborate with faculty members to conduct research published in scientific journals and presented at professional conferences.

In addition, psychology majors gain "hands-on" experience in the field with an internship or practicum.

5. Monmouth College for psychology

We cannot mention universities in Illinois for psychology without talking of Monmouth College University.

Psychology students learn to understand the biological, developmental and social determinants of behaviour.

These graduates are prepared to succeed in a variety of professions - counselling, marketing and sales, management, human resources, community outreach and social work.

The major gives students the tools to succeed by providing intellectual and practical engagement through internships, conference attendance, travel, and research.

Courses cover a wide range of topics in counselling, social and political psychology, developmental psychology, biopsychology and neuroscience.

Students who wish to become high school psychology teachers can major in social studies education with a concentration in psychology.


6. Lewis University for psychology

Lewis University is also one of the best universities in Illinois for psychology. Psychologists work in a wide variety of different settings, including clinical, legal, organizational, educational, and research settings in both the private and public sectors. Whether you want to pursue a career in psychology, counselling, human resource management, or want a useful and fascinating academic stepping stone to any profession, an understanding of human interaction is useful in many career fields.

Lewis psychology students have won awards for outstanding academic achievement and have presented their original research at various professional conferences, enhancing the reputation of our program. The reasons for you to study psychology in this university include:

 Teachers are highly experienced professionals who will share their expertise with you.

Programs emphasize the application of psychological principles to real-life situations.

You can customize your program to fit your chosen career path.

You can expand your classroom learning with first-hand experience through field placements, internships or practicums.

You can participate in active chapters of Psi Chi (International Honor Society in Psychology), SHRM (Society for Human Resource Management) and the Psychology Club.


7. Trinity International University for psychology

We can also note Trinity International University as one of the best universities in Illinois for psychology.

Trinity's distinctive educational approach gives you the freedom to choose the courses most interesting and relevant to you.

Working closely with your academic advisor, you can choose from elective courses to enhance your major, apply for a minor, create a double major, or simply experiment with something new.

The choices are yours! Throughout the course, you will be cared for and supported, ensuring you get the most out of your college experience.

Most students complete their psychology major in 3-4 years. The requirements total 48 hours. This includes 27 of the required psychology courses and 21 hours of psychology electives.

Up to 7 of the required hours may be used to fulfil general education requirements. The Organizational Leadership Emphasis (OLE) requires 18 of the 21 elective hours to be taken in the emphasis.

8. The University of St. Francis for psychology

The University of St. Francis for psychology
The University of St. Francis for psychology

The University of St. Francis is one of the best universities in Illinois for psychology.

At the USF You will conduct field research and evaluation and develop your skills in literature search, problem-solving, oral and written communication, teamwork, critical thinking and independent learning.

You will also enrich your commitment to values and ethics while conducting research and business, guided by the values of respect, integrity, compassion and service.

Graduates will be able to apply their understanding of key psychological theories and principles in their organizations and professional lives.

They will be prepared for entry-level positions and graduate training. According to a survey, jobs in the field of I-O psychology are expected to increase by 19% before 2024.

9. Rockford University for psychology

If we want to talk of the best universities in Illinois for psychology, Rockford University is amongst them.

You will earn what drives human behaviour by developing your critical thinking and problem-solving skills through a multifaceted learning approach.

With this psychology degree, you'll amplify your ability to conduct rigorous research, help others and manage people.

As such, the principles of psychology have applications in a variety of fields.


Conclusion on Best Universities In Illinois For Psychology

It can be said that psychology is one of the best course programs that students mostly apply to in these various universities.

A psychologist job is highly paid as you graduate from one of these universities.

if you are still considering what you can do with a degree in psychology, check our next blog post below.

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