Top 6 Chemical Engineering Schools In Cameroon (2024)

 Top 6 Chemical Engineering Schools In Cameroon

Do you want to know more about chemical engineering schools in Cameroon? You are in the right place.

Chemical engineering is the design, development, production, processing, transportation, operation and management of industrial processes that transform raw materials into valuable products.

Top 6 Chemical Engineering Schools In Cameroon
Top 6 Chemical Engineering Schools In Cameroon

It is a multidisciplinary branch of engineering that combines the natural and experimental sciences (such as chemistry and physics), as well as the life sciences (such as biology, microbiology, and biochemistry) and mathematics and economics.

Below are the Top 6 Chemical engineering schools in Cameroon:

Top 6 Chemical engineering schools in Cameroon

1. Catholic University of Cameroon

Most chemical engineering schools in Cameroon like this school offers the best study.

The Chemical Engineering degree program is designed to produce graduates who can apply their knowledge of mathematics, science, and engineering, design, perform, and interpret experiments, and design a system, component, or chemical engineering process.

Graduates should also be able to work in multidisciplinary teams, identify, formulate and solve chemical engineering problems and use the modern techniques, skills and tools necessary for engineering practice.

The curriculum should also ensure that graduates can communicate effectively, the general education necessary to understand the impact of chemical engineering solutions in a global and societal context, recognition of the need and the ability to engage in lifelong learning, as well as knowledge of contemporary issues and an understanding of professional and ethical responsibility.

 The study program ensures that graduates have a thorough grounding in chemistry, as well as a working knowledge of advanced chemistry such as organic, inorganic, physical, and analytical, materials or biochemistry.

In addition, a working knowledge, including safety and environmental aspects, material and energy balances applied to chemical processes, thermodynamics of physical and chemical equilibria, heat transfer, mass and momentum, chemical reaction engineering, continuous and stepwise separation operations, process dynamics and control, process design, and appropriate modern experimental and computational techniques is provided.

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2. National Higher Polytechnic Institute

National Higher Polytechnic Institute
National Higher Polytechnic Institute

This is also part of the chemical engineering schools in Cameroon.

The Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering seeks to build capacity in biotechnology, biomedical engineering, chemical and food process engineering and to provide innovative training in these STEM fields.

It aims to produce individuals with excellent technical and leadership skills who are field-ready after graduation.

With a strong academic background, practical experience, and industry attachments, graduates of the department will readily engage relevant service industries to design and manufacture products that meet the needs of local and international markets.

The Department currently offers the following programs of study: Regular programs, first-year entry: Reg. fee of XAF 50,000/year only.

3. Cameroon Christian University (CCU)

The CCU is also part of the chemical engineering schools in Cameroon.

This is a young institution founded in 2010 by the Presbyterian Church of Cameroon.

They offer learners the opportunity to prepare, not only for careers in a wide range of fields but also for citizenship in the 21st century.

Located in the historic cities of Bali and Kumba in Cameroon, CCU's higher institutes offer clean and peaceful environments for concentration, creativity and innovation, away from the hustle and bustle of big cities.

Chemical engineers have technical knowledge in chemistry, biochemistry, engineering, materials science and information technology.

However, they are also knowledgeable in economics, management, safety and the environment.

Tools used include sophisticated scientific experiments, the latest developments in computer science and large-scale pilot plants.

Unlike some subjects, chemical engineering is not limited to certain careers.

Even if you decide not to pursue a career in the industry, you can do many things with a chemical engineering degree.

Chemical engineering graduates are highly desirable in other fields because they are good problem solvers with strong management and analytical skills.

Chemical engineers also develop several soft skills, including logical, innovative and creative thinking.

Graduates of this subject can move into positive careers in consulting, science journalism, and finance, among others.

 If you have always wanted to work in different countries, chemical engineering offers the opportunity to travel abroad.

The high number of international companies working in the chemical engineering sector allows many professionals to take advantage of this advantage.

Working in different countries will allow you to discover new professional and personal cultures and to further broaden your skills.

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4. The School of Chemical Engineering and Mineral Industries of Ngaoundere

 We cannot talk of chemical engineering schools in Cameroon without mentioning this school.

This is an institution under the aegis of BMD (Bachelor Masters Doctorate) working to train future professional citizens of quality in the fields of Chemical Engineering.

They equipped their students with knowledge and skills to create processing industries for the development of the national economy.

To be in line with the training-employment adequacy, and the employability of young people, EGCIM insists throughout the training on activities around entrepreneurship in collaboration with experts in the sector, and directs the research, through its research centre, to development.

The school offers a user-friendly and digital environment, connected to the Internet, allowing students, support staff and teachers to be efficient in their tasks.

Teachings are delivered face-to-face and online through our distance learning platform and other distance communication technologies permanently deployed to allow collaborating experts from outside to reinforce the students' skills.

Chemical engineers have many career opportunities.

A graduate can conduct ground-breaking scientific research, work as a field engineer, or hold a management position. Graduates employed by multinational companies often travel the world.

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5. University Institute Gulf of Guinea (GUI)

University Institute Gulf of Guinea (GUI)
University Institute Gulf of Guinea (GUI)

GUI is also amongst the chemical engineering schools in Cameroon.

They are working to provide companies with a true centre of excellence in engineering training in Africa.

With the support of partners spread over five continents, our ambition is to build one of the most innovative and dynamic poles on the African continent.

We are currently welcoming people from different parts of the continent (Central and Western), and are continuing our development in other regions of Africa.

The B.A Tech program is set out to train assistant Chemical engineers. They could work in production as well as manufacturing companies and factories producing chemical products.

The Chemical Engineering degree program prepares students for professional practice in chemistry-related careers.

Chemical engineering is one of the most widely used engineering disciplines.

Its field of practice covers the development, design, and control of processes and products that involve molecular changes, both chemical and biological, and the operation of such processes.

Because many products that sustain and enhance life are produced by carefully designed and controlled molecular changes, the chemical engineer works in a wide variety of industries.

These industries range from chemical and energy companies to producers of all types of consumer and speciality products, pharmaceuticals, textiles, polymers, advanced materials and semiconductor and biomedical devices.

6. Higher School of Engineers of Central Africa under the supervision of the University of Douala

Further, this is another part of chemical engineering schools in Cameroon.  

This is a private school, which prepares students for higher education diplomas among others (Engineers, Master and professional bachelor degree and HND).

It is one of the few private schools in Cameroon to deliver an engineering degree recognized by MINESUP under the academic supervision of the University of Douala.

The school also has the particularity of preparing students to integrate the partner schools accredited in France.

It is located in Douala and established on 2 campuses; PK8 and NDOGBATI.

The graduate in Chemical Engineering can work in research and development or the field of production as a project manager, product manager, quality engineer, process engineer, manager of a production unit Energy, petrochemicals: the transformation of natural resources into raw materials.

To promote your success, training courses are provided by a team of trainers mainly from the National Education, for the most of examination boards, as well as professionals responsible for passing on their examinations.

Because the school is committed to your success, our classes are limited to about twenty students.

Chemical engineers are responsible for designing buildings, formulating new processes, developing new instruments and facilities, etc. for an environment where many chemical reactions occur at once.

Chemical engineers help keep up with segments of industrial activities - atomic science, polymers, paper, dyes, drugs, plastics, fertilizers, food, petrochemicals, etc.

Chemical engineers formulate new methods to produce new materials from natural and man-made raw materials that are both cost-effective as well as environmentally friendly.

A chemical engineer can contribute to any scientific or engineering field.

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Conclusion On Chemical Engineering Schools In Cameroon

Chemical engineering schools in Cameroon has a wide number of graduates with good numbers of jobs opportunities.

Most schools offering this program are renounced schools and people mostly apply there. Pursuing a course or degree program in chemical engineering in Cameroon, the above list universities have stands as the right place for you.

Are you considering enrolling into any of the above universities?, share your thoughts and experiences on the comment section below.