Top 5 Nursing Schools in Douala (2023-2024)

 Top 5 Nursing Schools in Douala

Top 5 Nursing Schools in Douala
Top 5 Nursing schools in Douala

Nursing has become one of the fastest growing profession in the Cameroon health sector. Gone are the DAYS went nursing was meant ONLY for Science students.

The domain has now become dominated by students or individuals from various background who has great desire in taking care of the sick and needed.

Apart from the fact that nursing is a career often pursue by many with the desire to get jobs or built a career abroad, there are many more opportunities individuals can explore with a nursing degree.

With regards to nursing schools in Douala, these are the top 5 well know nursing schools in this region.

Number 1: St Jude Polytechnic Higher Institute of Health Douala

St Jude Polytechnic Higher Institute of Health Douala is one well know nursing schools in Douala. The nursing school covers the following;

Courses offer:

  • General Nursing Midwifery
  • Laboratory Technology
  • Pharmacy technology
  • Community Healthcare Nurses

Entry Requirement

  • First School Living Certificate
  • GCE O/L or A/L
  • First Degree in any field of study
  • Any other equivalent certificate

Duration of training

1, 2, 3 or 4 years depending on the speciality chosen

 Benefits of study at St Jude Polytechnic Higher Institute of Health Douala

  • Scholarships to the United States of America or Affiliated universities 
  • 60% theory while 40% practical’s
  • Qualified teachers with several years of experiences
  • 2 months internship to any hospital of your choice
  • Cheap tuition fees


+237 670175997 (Whatsapp)

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Number 2: ST. David's Institute of Nursing, midwifery and Biomedical Sciences, Douala Campus

Well, knowing in Cameroon, ST. David's Institute of Nursing, midwifery and Biomedical Sciences is another top nursing school in Douala.


  • Bonaberi-Douala

Apply to Study and build a career in any of the following;

  • Geriatric nursing
  • Pediatric nursing
  • Psychiatric nursing
  • Special care nursing
  • State Enrolled Nursing
  • Asst. Vocational Nursing
  • Medical sales representative
  • Medical secretary
  • Midwifery
  • Pharmacy
  • Medical laboratory Technology etc.

Entry Requirement

  • First School Living Certificate
  • GCE O/L or A/L
  • First Degree in any field of study
  • Any other equivalent certificate

Contact Details: For Admission

  • 652 252687 on WhatsApp
  • 671618800 for direct calls.


Nursing schools in Douala, Camerooon
Nursing schools in Douala, Cameroon

Number 3: ALPHA Higher Institute of Medical and Technological Sciences Douala

Still on the list of top nursing schools in Douala is the ALPHA Higher Institute ofMedical and Technological Sciences


  • Campus A: Deido
  • Campus B at Bonaberi behind Cimetier Kotto Base

In 2016, the nursing school recorded a 72.65% success rate at HND

Mentor University

Under the Mentorship& international certification of Madison International Institute & Business School (MIIBS); Owned by Madison International Institute & High School; State of Delaware – Department of State (USA)

Programs Offers

Ordinary National Diploma (OND) level

  • Medical science field
  • Assistance Nurse (Aide soignant)
  • Assistance Midwife (sage femme)
  • Assistance Laboratory technician (Ass labo)

Duration of study is 2 years

HND level

  • General nursing science (soins infirmiers)
  • Medical laboratory science (Techniques de Laboratoie)
  • Pharmacy Technology (Phamacologie)

BSC level

  • Medical science
  • General Nursing (soins infirmiers)
  • Medical Laboratory Technology (Techniques de laboratoire)

Admission Requirement

The student must submit the following document for admission;

  • Photocopy of birth certificate or identity card
  • A legalised copy of Certificate or Diploma
  • A legalised registration form issued by the institution
  • 4x4 photograph (4 copies) red background
  • above documents should be present in an A4 envelope
  • Two rames of A4 papers

Contact Details: For Admission

  • +237 674 643 064
  • +237 691 530 730 
  • +237 677 514 538 

Number 4: University And Strategic Institute Of The Estuary Nursing Programs


ü  Ndokoti, YASSA

The University and Strategic Institute of the Estuary (IUEsINSAM) has the equipment and the equipment necessary for the training of students.

There are several course campuses available in Douala, Bafoussam, and Yaoundé to meet the high demand for training, including a multimedia room connected to high-speed internet fibre optic 24 hours a day, comfortable and air-conditioned classrooms, laboratories and rooms for practical work (computing, medical analysis, physiotherapy, midwives, medical imaging), radiology and ultrasound equipment, a library with recent books for all sectors, video projectors, and a library with recent books for all sectors


  • +237 696162016
  • +237 672467070

Brevet de Technicien Supérieur (BTS) diploma issued by the Ministry of Higher Education (MINESUP)

This training aims to place on the job market professionals capable of analyzing a health situation, making decisions within the limits of their competence and carrying out interventions alone or in a multidisciplinary team.


the possibility of working in public and private hospitals and clinics; NGOs (Non-Governmental Organizations); Agribusiness; Occupational Medicine; Research and training; Self-employment.

Required level:

Baccalaureate ABI, A, ACA, ACC, C, D, E, TI, F2, F3, F5, F8, CG, ESF, IH, HO, TO, SES, FIG, GCE A / L or any equivalent diploma

Duration of training

03 years 

Training mode

initial training (day course)

Conditions Of Admission

  • Access mode:  File study
  • Required level: Baccalaureate, GCE A / L or any equivalent diploma
  • Constitution of the file:

Admission on file review

  • A photocopy of the Baccalaureate or GCE A / L or the transcript
  • A simple photocopy of the birth certificate
  • A simple photocopy of the national identity card
  • Two (02) 4 x 4 photos (write name on the back)
  • Two large envelopes (A4 size)
  • A pre-registration form (to be collected from the Management of the UIE / INSAM)
  • A non-stamped handwritten request addressed to the Director of ISSAS

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Number 5: STEM Higher Institute of Health & Business (STEM-HIHB)

STEM Higher Institute of Health & Business (STEM-HIHB)) is a professional higher institute with a focus to redevelop and train young Cameroonians and non-nationals toward job creation.

Rated among the list of top nursing schools in Douala, the institution has been known for transforming learners to innovators and job creators through quality education is the vision of this institution.


Beside Petrolex Ndobo, Bonaberi-Douala, Cameroon.




+237 671 177 552

Website: https://uihbtedu.com/

Tuition fee

HND programs 350, 000 CFA

Certificate Programs: 250,000 CFA

  • First instalment: 150, 000 CFA
  • Second instalment: 100, 000 CFA

Degree programs 560, 000 CFA

  • First instalment: 360, 000 CFA
  • Second instalment: 200, 000 CFA

What makes us STEM Higher Institute of Health & Business (STEM-HIHB) different

  • Presents of qualified and quantified instructors/ experts
  • Regular seminars on trending issues
  • Placement of students for internship
  • Well-equipped library with relevant and up to datebooks
  • Free internet in the library for further research

Concluding Remarks on Nursing Schools in Douala

When it comes towards choosing the best nursing schools in Douala, the above 5 schools should not be left out.

However, before enrolling on to a particular school, its advisable to check on its location, its tuition fees, its academic excellencies and infrastructures put in place.

Never try to apply online or send money online to anyone for application. Always, visits the school of interest and do a direct application process or fees payment.

I hope you these information above be of great help, if you like this article, kindly share to others, check out our other useful posts below.

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