Top 10 English Schools in Algeria [2022]

 Top 10 English Schools in Algeria 

Recently, there have been a political move to legalize English Language as the official language of instruction in most Algerian higher institute of learning.

This move comes as a result of the increase career opportunities to Algerian students seeking jobs overseas in Europe and USA. In 2012, only 7% of the Algerian population are English speakers,

There are many English schools in Algeria, But in this article allow us take you through the top 10 English Schools in Algeria.

Top 10 English Schools in Algeria
Top 10 English Schools in Algeria 

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1). SBL English School

The first on the list of the top English Schools in Algeria is SBL English School. This English school is located at 61 Rue Larbi Ben M'hidi, Alger Ctre 16000, Algeria.

SBL, or Solutions in Business and Language, is an authorized language school specializing in teaching "general English" and the leader in Algeria in providing English for professional use such as Business English, medical English, law in English, tourism and hotel industries, energy industries gas and oil, technical English, and exam preparation.

SBL is an English language training institution that focuses on improving the four language skills (speaking, listening, writing, and reading) in order to speak English fluently and naturally. both professionally (specialized English) and in everyday situations (oral English).

2). Britannia English School

The second on the list of English schools in Algeria is the Britannia EnglishSchool. This school is located at 94 Rue Didouche Mourad, Alger Ctre 16000, Algeria. 

Britannia English School has been one of the top English Schools in Algeria that has been delivering first class English lessons to students since 2010. Britannia English School has well trained tutors who have several years of teaching experiences.

3). WM English School

WM English School is another English School in Algeria. WM English School is located at 1 Rue Didouche Mourad, Alger Ctre 16000, Algeria. WM English School is the greatest school for improving your English skills and the staff is quite competent.


WM English School was established in 2006 and has helps play a vital role in the business and communication era. WM English School provides a one-on-one training and group training in courses such as basic English, intermediate English, advance English and VIP TOFL-TEIC ILETS.

4). British Institute for English

British Institute for English is also among the English Schools in Algeria. British Institute for English is located at Q383+QX5, Rue Frère BOULAHDOUR, Sidi M'Hamed 16000, Algeria.  The Cambridge English Examinations have recognized the British Institute for English.

Contact Details: +213 21 71 01 94

5). British School Algiers

British School Algiers
British School Algiers

Another top-notch English School in Algeria is the British School Algiers. The school is located at Cheraga 36 Lot Kaouch Villa N° 17, 39035, Algeria.

The British School Algiers is Algeria's first British international school, which opened last year under a joint Algerian-British agreement. Years 1 to 11 are currently open at the British School Algiers, which offers a British education to children aged 4 to 18.

The school uses British teaching and evaluation techniques and follows the British curriculum.

If you have any queries concerning the British School Algiers, please contact us by email or phone: 00213(0)555251971 in Algeria or +44(0)20 8883 0977 in the United Kingdom.

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6). Berlitz Algeria

Without been left out, Berlitz Algeria is a top-notch English School in Algeria. Th school is located at 38 lot de la petite province, Hydra 16035, Algeria.

Berlitz Algeria is one of the most experience and oldest language school in Algeria. They deliver both online language training, group private training and one-on-one language training.

Berlitz Algeria also provide language training for government and military personnel.

They also have English courses for kids, adults, English for business world, English for international students and Proficiency Level Test.

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7). American Institute Algeria

located at 18 Rue du BOIS, Hydra, Algeria, American Institute is an English language school and cultural exchange center based in Algiers that offers online and in-person classes.

American Institute Algeria employs the confident base teaching approaches, conversational based learning approaches, cultural base approaches and prioritizing funs and encouragement among its learners.

American Institute Algeria provides language courses such as Conversation Classes, Kids English, Business English, Student Coaching, Private Classes and IELTS Prep.

8). American International School of Algiers (AISA)

American International School of Algiers (AISA)
American International School of Algiers (AISA)

Next on the top English Schools in Algeria is the American International School of Algiers. Also known as AISA, its located at 05 bis 16306، Chem. Mackley, Ben Aknoun, Algeria.

AISA is an international, private, coeducational school situated in Algiers, Algeria. It offers an academic curriculum taught by American educators for English-speaking pupils in kindergarten through seventh grade.

AISA also has a complex facility which habours a resourceful library, named The Bea Cameron Library. Tuition Fees at AISA is $30, 000

9). American English Plus Language Center

American English Plus is an adult and kid language school that specializes on American English and TOEFL iBT and IELTS exam preparation. We have teachers that are native or near-native speakers, small class sizes, and a friendly atmosphere.


American English Plus Language Center is located at Cité 384 Logements, Bat: B 20 RC/N3, Birmouradraise, Alger، Said Hamdine, Birmouradraise 16012, Algeria.

American English Plus Language Center offers beginning to advanced English courses for adults and children.

10). IRACADEMY | International Research Academy

IRACADEMY | International Research Academy located at 114 Bordj Elbahri road, Bordj El Kiffan 16031, Algeria, is another English school in Algeria.

IRACADEMY is pleased to provide a wide selection of Certificates and Diplomas in conjunction with #NottingHillCollegeUK, including the Level 5 TEFL Of equal Certificate, Level 6 TESOL Equal Diploma, and Diploma in Educational Leadership & Management.

Conclusion on English Language Schools in Algeria

To sum up, English schools in Algeria have trained a large number of students across the country, resulting in increased school efficiency and applications to the finest English language schools mentioned above.

As a result, English is a skilled language for those who know what to do with it.

Which of these top ten English schools in Algeria are you thinking about enrolling in or will you recommend to a friend? Please leave a remark below with your views and experiences.

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