Top 2 Law Schools in Nova Scotia [2022]

 Top 2 Law Schools in Nova Scotia

Every country around the globe is governed in line with the Law. Rules and regulations are what make the law of every institution. 

There are a lot of issues/problems that people encounter and some of these issues are taken to court for them to be resolved. At this juncture, a lawyer is needed.

Pursuing a career in the field of law is very vital as your services are highly needed. 

Do you live in Nova Scotia and have no idea which law school to apply to? Worry no more for this write up provides the Top 2 law schools in Nova Scotia.

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Law Schools in Nova Scotia
Law Schools in Nova Scotia

# 1. Schulich School of Law at Dalhousie University

Schulich School of Law is a law school at Dalhousie University located in Halifax, Nova Scotia and its address is 6061 University Avenue, Halifax, NS, Canada, Nova Scotia. 

When discussing law schools in Nova Scotia Schulich School of Law cannot be left out because it is ranked among the world’s top law schools.

Schulich School of Law is a public law school established in 1883 which started as a “daring experiment” in two rented rooms. 

The school is committed to bringing positive change to society by tackling real-world issues through interdisciplinary, collaborative research.


PROGRAMS offer at Schulich School of Law: 

Juris Doctor (JD) Program

It is an undergraduate program that gives a solid preparation to students for the practice of law. It is a three years program and first-year courses are entirely compulsory, while the second and third years offer flexible course options based on specific interests.

Tuition fee: CAD$10,373.50 (US$ 8,076) per year

Bachelor of Arts in Law, Justice and Society

Duration: Full Time (4 years)

Tuition fee: CAD$9,860.50 (US$ 7,676) per year

Combined Degree Program

This program gives students the opportunity to complete their Juris Doctor and a specialist Masters's degree at the same time. It is an advantage to the student as it would save you some of the time it would take you to complete both degrees separately. 

Juris Doctor/ Master of Business Administration

Duration: Full-time four years

Tuition Fee: CAD$32,916.50 (US$ 25,625) per year

Juris Doctor/ Master of Health Administration

Duration: Full-time four years

Tuition Fee: CAD$18,672.25 (US$ 14,536) per year

Juris Doctor/ Master of Information

Duration: Full-time four years

Tuition Fee: CAD$18,594.80 (US$ 14,476) per year

Juris Doctor/ Master of Public Administration

Duration: Full-time four years

Tuition Fee: CAD$18,496.30 (US$ 14,399) per year

Graduate programs in Law

Master of Law (LLM)

Duration: Full Time (1 year)

Tuition Fee: CAD$10,373.50 (US$ 8,076) per year

Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Law

Duration: Full Time (12 months)

Tuition fee: CAD$9,234.00 (US$ 7,189) per year

Schulich School of Law also have a great law library system. The library is very resourceful, that most students spend 20% of their study time inside studying. However, due to covid-19 restriction, students are required to visit the library using the library cards and wearing a face mask. 

Schulich School of Law offers both undergraduate and graduate programs and is home to three institutes with a public policy focus namely: Health law institute, Marine and environmental law institute and Law and technology institute.

The Schulich School of Law's Health Law Institute provides expertise in health law and policy, with an emphasis on topics that may affect our cross-disciplinary students' professional activities. Students interested in specializing in Health Law & Policy can earn a certificate of specialization while pursuing their three-year JD degree.

While there is no specialized annotation for LLM transcripts for Health Law and Policy, all of the classes are available to LLM students (with the exception of the Health Law Placement and a Health Law exchange). Furthermore, LLM candidates may conduct their supervised thesis research in the topic of health law and policy.

Conscientious refusals and health care, privacy and confidentiality of health information, food security in the Canadian north, public health emergencies, end-of-life treatment policy and practice, commercialization of biomedical research, emergency contraception neuroethics, health care in correctional systems, death determinations in intensive care units, patient safety, and research involuntary participation are just a few of the topics covered by Health Law Institute faculty members.

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# 2.  Cape Breton University (CBU)

The second law school in Nova Scotia is Cape Breton University, Address; 1250 Grand Lake Rd, Sydney, NS B1P 6L2, Canada. Cape Breton University is a public co-education located in Sydney, Nova Scotia, Canada. It is home to over 5,000 students from around the globe.

Cape Breton University offers various course options from undergraduate or graduate programs to online education and pre-professional courses. The institution issue Diplomas, Certificate, concentration, Minor, Major, and honour just to name a few.

Field of speciality includes Arts, Social Sciences and culture, Education, Engineering and Technology, Health and Well-being, Science, Nursing and Business.

Since our focus is on law, Cape Breton University offers legal studies under the field study of Business, program type concentration.

Students at Cape Breton University will learn how the legal system works, including the many levels of courts and how they interact, as well as the duties of the various actors in the Canadian judicial system. 

Students will also improve their research abilities, which will help them in their future legal studies and careers, as well as their argumentation and presenting skills.

Possible career paths for students after graduations includes; Lawyer, Manager, Tax Analyst Specialist, Banking and Government Position. 


Concluding Remark on Top 2 Law schools in Nova Scotia

The above mentioned top 2 law schools in Nova Scotia are ranked among the best law schools around the globe. Many people do not have adequate knowledge when it comes to the law. 

A career in this field is worth it. Thanks for reading and please feel free to comment on any other Law schools in Nova Scotia that you know of that are not on the list.

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