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The 11 Best Music Schools in New York [2022-2023]

 The 11 Best Music Schools in New York 

There are a lot of great music schools in New York City, but which ones are the best? To answer that question, we've compiled a list of 11 music schools in New York which are amongst the best in town.

While there are many great options for learning music in New York City, we've narrowed down the list to 11 schools that offer degrees in music or related fields, whether you want to learn classical piano or become a music producer for hip hop artists, there's a school here for you.

Best Music Schools in New York
The 11 Best Music Schools in New York

#1 The Juilliard School

The Juilliard School is one of the Music Schools in New York located in Manhattan, with a campus in Lincoln Center.

The school was founded in 1905 by the pianist and philanthropist Franz Schulze, who named it after his teacher, the French pianist Pierre Marie Marmontel.

The school's curriculum includes classes for pre-college students, college-bound high school students, and adult learners.

Students can study music theory and history, piano performance, chamber music performance, and orchestral instruments in addition to composition.

It is worth mentioning that The Juilliard School is part of the Lincoln Center complex on Manhattan's Upper West Side.

It has two campuses: one on West 65th Street between Broadway and Amsterdam Avenue, which houses Juilliard's Pre-College Division; and another at 165 W. 65th St., which houses The Peter Jay Sharp Building (named after Peter Jay Sharp) that contains classrooms for its Undergraduate Division as well as offices for faculty members who teach there.

In addition to its main campus at Lincoln Center, Juilliard also has several satellite locations throughout New York City including the William Schuman Library at Lincoln Center, which houses the world's largest collection of music literature; Juilliard's Institute of Jazz Studies.

Total tuition at The Juilliard School is $49,200 per year

Contact: +1 212-799-5000

#2 Manhattan School of Music

Manhattan School of Music is one of the well-known Music Schools in New York which was founded in 1917 and has over 3,000 students from all over the world.

The Manhattan School of Music is located on 132nd Street in upper Manhattan and offers degrees in composition, performance, music education, music therapy, and the music industry.

The school also offers master's degrees in jazz performance and jazz composition and this music school has a close relationship with other institutions such as Juilliard School, Harlem School of the Arts (HSA), and City University of New York (CUNY).

The curriculum at Manhattan School of Music includes courses, in theory, ear training, history, performance, and improvisation.

Students are required to participate in ensembles and bands under the guidance of professional musicians who teach at the school.

Tuition fees for new applicants are roughly $49,200

Contact: +1 212-749-2802

#3 Columbia University

Columbia University is known among the music schools in New York which offer good music tutorials, it is a private Ivy League research university located in the Morningside Heights neighborhood of Upper Manhattan.

It was founded in 1754 and is one of the oldest music institutions of higher learning in the United States. Columbia University has a total undergraduate enrollment of 23,904, its setting is urban, and the campus size is 1,344 acres.

It utilizes a semester-based academic calendar and it is worth saying that Columbia University offers a variety of music programs for undergraduate students including:

Bachelor of Arts; This cuts across Music History, Music Theory while Music Composition involves Ethnomusicology

Columbia University equally offers a Master of Music program which involves a Master of Music Conducting, Master of Music Performance, and Master of Arts Ethnomusicology. The tuition fee at Columbia University is $61,600 per student.

Contact: +1 212-854-1754


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#4 The City College of New York

Many top Music Schools in New York offer a great education and a solid foundation for the future and The City College of New York is worth mentioning among them.

The institution has a long history going back to 1847 when it was founded as a preparatory school for other colleges around New York City area.

In 1951 it became part of the City University system where it remains today offering undergraduate programs for students who want to study music at the university level or those who want to improve their musical skills further through graduate-level education at The City College of New York.

The City College of New York offers a wide range of music degrees that you can choose from.

The degree programs are offered by some of the best faculty members who have years of experience in the field.

The school offers courses to develop skills in vocal performance and instrumental performance, as well as courses to develop skills in music theory, musicology, composition, and other forms of art such as dance and theater.

There are also classes on conducting and arranging, as well as on music therapy and research methods in musicology.

Concerning tuition fees, you are expected to pay $15,200 per year

Contact: +1 212-650-7000

#5 Baruch College

Baruch College is among the Music Schools in New York that offer students a great education in music.

This school has been around since 1916, and it is located just outside of New York City in the borough of The Bronx.

Baruch College offers a Bachelor's degree program in music and a Master's degree program in music performance.

They also offer an undergraduate minor in music, as well as graduate degrees in both vocal performance and orchestral conducting.

The school also has several other programs that are available to those who have completed their undergraduate studies, including a doctorate in musicology and ethno-musicology.

Baruch College has an excellent reputation for having one of the top orchestras on campus, which allows students to learn how to perform under pressure at concerts and recitals.

They also have a large number of choir groups for both instrumentalists and singers alike to participate in, so students can continue their musical education after graduation from Baruch College.

Baruch College is proud to be one of only three private institutions within New York City that offers a Bachelor's degree program in music; this means that there are fewer expenses associated with attending classes at Baruch College than if you were going to attend an institution outside of New York City like Columbia.

Tuition fees per student at Baruch College are $15,400

Contact: +1 646-312-1000

#6 The New School New York, NY

The New School New York, NY is one of the most prestigious Music Schools in New York and has been ranked as the top school for music education by Princeton Review.

If you are interested in studying music at the undergraduate or graduate level and want to be close to the city, this is a great choice.

The New School offers programs in music education at both the undergraduate and graduate levels and the bachelor's degree program is offered through their division of Liberal Arts & Sciences while the master's degree program is offered through their division of Performing & Media Arts.

The New School also offers an accelerated BA/MA program that allows students to earn both degrees in five years instead of six years.

This option allows students to save time and money while also getting access to resources such as student services, academic advisors, personal counseling, career services, and more.

The tuition fee at The New School in New York, NY is $51,000

Contact: +1 212-998-6100

#7 Barnard College

Barnard College is equally a good   Music School in New York; it is also a liberal arts college and was founded in 1889 by Anna M. Barnard.

The campus is situated on the Upper West Side of Manhattan, which is an area where many other music schools are located.

This school offers a wide range of degrees, including bachelor's degrees, master's degrees, and doctorate degrees.

The school has over 2,200 students enrolled from more than 60 countries around the world.

It offers many different majors, including music composition and performance, musicology, and ethno-musicology.

Students can also choose to major in music education or music therapy if they want to teach or work with people who have disabilities or physical problems.

These programs include:

Art History: This program focuses on art history from ancient times through the present day.

Students will learn how to identify works of art from different cultures and how they were created by different artists throughout history. Students will also study how these works have influenced society through their history as well as today's culture and society.

Biology: This program focuses on biology at both an undergraduate level as well as a graduate level if students choose to pursue it further after graduating from college with their bachelor's degree in biology.

The tuition fee at Barnard College is $40,000 per student

Contact: +1 212-854-5262

#8 Hunter College

Hunter College is worth mentioning among the Music Schools in New York located in the heart of New York City, it has a long and rich history, having been established in 1870.

Today, the school has over 22,000 students enrolled and offers over 180 undergraduate degrees and certificate programs, as well as over 100 graduate programs.

Hunter College offers a BA in music with concentrations available in music performance and music education. This degree program is designed for students who want to pursue careers as professional musicians or educators in the field of music education.


Students can also opt to take courses in music theory and composition while earning their degree at Hunter College.

The first two years of this program are completed at Hunter College itself while the last two are spent studying at the graduate level at Juilliard School or Manhattan School of Music (MSM).

During these final two years, students will have access to resources such as practice rooms and rehearsal rooms.

Tuition fees at Hunter College are $50,500 per student

Contact: +1 212-772-4000

#9 Purchase College

Let’s look at a completely different type of Music School in New York known as Purchase College.

The school was founded in 1967 and it has been offering quality education to students ever since then, the campus is located in Westchester County and it has over 2,500 students enrolled every semester.

Purchase College is an excellent school for people who want to perfect their skills in music, it is also a good place for students who want to study music, but do not have enough money or time to enroll in a traditional university.

Before you enroll in this music school, you should know that it offers more than 100 programs of study that include degrees like Bachelor of Arts (BA), Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA), and an Associate degree (AAS), and students can choose from these programs depending on their interests and preferences.

The tuition fees are affordable at this school because they are based on your financial situation instead of how good your grades were throughout high school or college.

You can also get some financial aid if necessary so that you can afford your education without having to worry about paying for it yourself.

Be reminded that you can choose between several majors when it comes to studying music at Purchase College such as Jazz Studies, Music Theory, and Composition.

If you are looking forward to good Music Schools in New York, then Purchase College is worth considering at a fee of $40,200 per student

Contact: +1 914-251-6000

#10 Five Towns College

If you are looking for good Music Schools in New York, then you should consider Five Towns College.

Five Towns College is located in Dix Hills, New York, and provides its students with an impressive music program.

The college offers a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Music with a concentration in music education, performance, or composition.

The curriculum provided by Five Towns College focuses on general education requirements, liberal arts courses, and core music courses.

The general education courses cover areas such as communication skills, math and science, and humanities courses.

The liberal arts courses help students develop intellectual skills such as critical thinking and analysis while the core music courses provide the student with an opportunity to learn more about their specific concentration area.

In addition to these classes, Five Towns College also offers its students opportunities for employment while they are still enrolled at the college by providing internships within various organizations including symphony orchestras, opera companies, and chamber ensembles.

Students have had the opportunity to perform with these groups as well as gain valuable experience working side-by-side with professionals in the industry which has helped them become even better musicians when they graduate from this school.

Tuition fees at the Five Towns College are $10,400 a year.

Contact: +1 631-656-2110

#11 Hofstra University

Hofstra University concludes this list of Music Schools in New York located offering degrees in music performance, music education, music theory, and composition, as well as a minor in music.

The Department of Music at Hofstra University is located on the campus in Hempstead Village, NY.

The campus is a short distance from Manhattan and easily accessible by public transportation or car and the university currently has around 8,000 students enrolled.

The music program is also home to the Hofstra Wind Ensemble, Symphonic Band, and Symphony Orchestra.

There are several reasons why you should consider attending this school if you are interested in pursuing a career within the music industry.

First, they have an excellent faculty that can help prepare you for graduate school or work after graduation.

Second, they offer an extensive curriculum that will help prepare you for any position within the industry including performance, teaching, or composing/arranging instrumental music for film, television, radio, concerts, and orchestras.

Thirdly, they offer plenty of opportunities for student involvement with groups like their Jazz Ensemble and Percussion Ensembles which perform throughout the year at venues such as Carnegie Hall in New.

Tuition fees at Hofstra University are $46,400 a year.

Contact: +1 516-463-6600

Final Remarks on Music Schools in New York

The music schools in New York which are known as the best do offer a variety of different degrees and specializations, including performance, composition, and music therapy.

They also offer undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral programs for aspiring musicians, so if you're an aspiring musician, you might want to consider these 11 music schools which have been carefully outlined in this blog post.

Be rest assured that you will get to enjoy a wide range of courses on different instruments, singing styles, and other forms of vocal music.

Do well to study this blog post and get the much-needed knowledge before choosing a particular music school in New York.