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Faculties and Departments in the University of Buea [2022-2023]

 Faculties and Departments in the University of Buea

Overview of the University of Buea

The University of Buea (UB) was established in 1996 under the leadership of Dr. John Nkengfack. UB started out as a small college offering only two courses namely; General Arts and Science and Agricultural Technology.

In 2001, the university introduced its first degree programme, Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA). Since then, the number of students enrolled at the institution has increased tremendously.

Today, the university offers over thirty-five undergraduate programmes and seven postgraduate programmes. Over the years, the university has continued to expand its academic offerings and currently offers over forty undergraduate programmes and ten postgraduate programmes.

Mission Statement of the University of Buea

The mission of the University of Buea is to provide quality education and training services to meet the educational needs of the people of Buea and surrounding communities. The University of Buea shall strive to achieve excellence in teaching, research and service provision.

Vision Statement of the University of Buea

The vision of the University of Buea is to become a leading provider of quality education and training services in the region.

Objectives of the University of Buea

The objectives of the University of Buea are to:

• Provide high quality education and training services

• Promote social justice and equity

• Develop human resource capacity

• Establish a conducive environment for learning and research

• Maintain good relations with stakeholders

• Ensure compliance with relevant statutory requirements

Faculties and Departments in the University of Buea
Faculties and Departments in the University of Buea

Faculties and Departments in the University of Buea

There are currently 12 Faculties in the University of Buea.

1). Advance School of Translators and interpreters- ASTI

  1. Various Departments Under ASTI
  2. Department of Translation (TRA)
  3. Department of Interpretation (INT)
  4. Department of General Studies and Promotion of Bilingualism (GS/PB)

2). College of Technology- COT

  1. Department of Computer Engineering(COT – CENG)
  2. Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering (COT EENG)
  3. Department of Mechanical Engineering (MET)
  4. Department of Records (REC-COT)
  5. Department of Records (Cot RCT)

3). Faculty Agriculture and Veterinary Medicine - FAVM

  1. Department of Agricultural Economics and Agribusiness (AEA)
  2. Department of Agricultural Extension and Rural Development (AER)
  3. Department of Agronomic And Applied Molecular Science (AAM)
  4. Department of Animal Science (ANS)
  5. Department of Food Science and Technology (FSC)
  6. Department of Forestry and Wildlife (FOW)
  7. Department of Veterinary Medicine (DVM)
  8. Department of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources Management (FARM)

4). Faculty of Arts - FA

  1. Department of English (ENG)
  2. Department of French (FRE)
  3. Department of History (HIS)
  4. Department of Linguistics (LIN)
  5. Department of Performing and Visual Arts (PVA)

5). Faculty of Education - FED

  1. Department of Curriculum Studies and Teaching (CST)
  2. Department of Educational Foundations and Administration (EFA)
  3. Department of Educational Psychology (EPY)
  4. Department of Records Fed (REF)

6). Faculty of Engineering and Technology - FET

  1. Department of Civil Engineering – CIV
  2. Department of Computer Engineering (FET CEN)
  3. Department of Electrical And Electronic Engineering (FET EEN)

7). Faculty of Health Sciences – FHS

  1. Department of Biomedical Sciences – BMS
  2. Department of Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology (OBG)
  3. Department of Medical Laboratory Science (MLS)
  4. Department of Medicine (MED)
  5. Department of Nursing (NUR)
  6. Department of Public Health and Hygiene (PHH)
  7. Department of Records (FHS – RECFHS)

8) Faculty of Laws and Political Science - FLPS

  1. Department of Business (Law – BUL)
  2. Department of Civil Law (FLP)
  3. Department of English Law (LAW)
  4. Department of Political Science and Comparative Politics (POS)
  5. Department of Public Law and Public Administration (PUL-PUA)
  6. Department of International Relations and Conflict Resolutions (IRC)

9). Faculty of Science - FS

  1. Department of Animal Biology (ZAP)
  2. Department of Biochemistry And Molecular Biology (BMB)
  3. Department of Chemistry (CHM)
  4. Department of Computer Science (CSC)
  5. Department of Environmental Science (ENV)
  6. Department of Geology (GLY)
  7. Department of Mathematics (MAT)
  8. Department of Microbiology and Parasitology (MCP)
  9. Department of Physics (PHY)
  10. Department of Plant Science (BPP)
  11. Department of Records Science (RCS)

10). Faculty of Social and Management Sciences - FSMS

  1. Department of Banking And Finance (BNF)
  2. Department of Economics And Management (ECN)
  3. Department of Geography (GEO)
  4. Department of Journalism And Mass Communication (JMC)
  5. Department of Management (MGT)
  6. Department of Records (SMS – RECSMS)
  7. Department of Sociology And Anthropology (SOC/ANT)
  8. Department of Women And Gender Studies (WGS)

11). Higher Technical Teachers’ Training College Kumba (HTTTC)

  1. Department of Agriculture
  2. Department of Guidance Counselling
  3. Department of Law
  4. Department of Management Science
  5. Department of Computer Science
  6. Department of Electrical and Power Engineering
  7. Department of Social Economy and Family Management
  8. Department of Topography and Real Estate Management
  9. Department of Tourism and Hospitality Management
  10. Department of Mechanical Engineering
  11. Department of Renewable Energy
  12. Department of Science of Education
  13. Department of Administrative Techniques
  14. Department of Civil Engineering and Forestry Techniques
  15. Department Of Records (HTTC-RCT)

12). Faculty of System Management - SYM

  1. Department of System Administration (SYA)