2022 Cameroon GCE Results Advance Level (A/L) Results PDF Download

2022 Cameroon GCE Results Advance Level (A/L) Results 

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A/L Results Pdf Download

The results of the Advanced level examination held in June 2022 were released today. The results have been published online (Click Here) You may access the results using your unique login details.

The Ministry of Education announced the results for the GCE A/L examination held in August 2022.

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GCE Results Advance Level
GCE Results Advance Level 2022

What is the percentage pass in GCE 2022?

The GCE Results 2022 Cameroon General Certificate of Education has been released today the 21st August 2022. At the Ordinary Level and at the Advanced level, 38000 registered, 33037 sat for the exams, 11670 passed giving a percentage of 63.52% at the 2022 General Certificate of Education.

Why did I fail?

If you failed the exam, you should not panic. There might be several reasons why you failed. First, make sure that you attended the test session. If you did not attend the test session, then it means that you missed the deadline. 

Second, ensure that you read the question paper thoroughly before attending the test session. 

Thirdly, you may have studied poorly. Lastly, if you were absent during the test session, then you may have been marked absent. However, even if you were absent, you should still attempt to clear your results.

How many times can I take the GCE?

There is no limit to how many times you can attempt the GCE. However, you cannot retake the same level twice.

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Cameroon GCE Results 14 Important Issues to Note in 2022

1. Cameroon GCE Advanced level results have been announced. Students who sat the examination last year were given provisional results while those who took the exam this year will receive their final results soon.

2. The Ministry of Education says that the number of students who passed the examination this year was higher than last year’s figure.

3. The ministry said that the number of candidates who passed the examination was 1,942, compared to 1,869 last year.

4. The ministry added that the number of candidates failing the examination was lower than last year’ s figure.

5. The ministry said that out of the total number of candidates who failed the examination, only 461 had applied for re-exam.

6. The ministry said that it would continue to work hard to ensure that all students pass the examination.

7. The ministry added that it would make sure that all schools are equipped with the necessary materials to help students prepare for the examination.

8. The ministry said that they would also provide free transport to all students who need it.

9. The ministry said that parents should not worry about their children passing the examination.

10. The ministry said that if any student fails the examination, he or she could still sit the examination again after six months.

11. The ministry said that students who fail the examination can also apply for alternative courses.

12. The ministry said that some students who failed the examination may also take the examination again after six years.

13. The ministry said that all students who failed the examination should go back to school to study.

14. The ministry said that teachers should encourage students who failed the examination to return to school.

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