University of Buea Admission List 2023-2024 (First List)

 University of Buea Admission List 2022-2023 (First List)

How to check Admission List?

The Vice Chancellor of the University of Buea Wishes to announce to the general public that Admission List for 2023-2024 has been released. The list consists of many GCE holders and a few BAC candidates who completed the admission process.

Check if Your been Admitted on the link below

UB Undergraduate Admission List 

UB Postgraduates Admission List

What documents do I need to Certified If Admitted?

When admitted, you will need to visit your department and submit your admission letter then collect your Undertaken Form from the department secretarial office.

  • 2 copies of Birth Certificate (Certified at Governor office or SDO office)
  • 2 copies of Ordinary Level (O/L) Certificate (Certified at Governor office or SDO office)
  • 2 copies of Advance Level (A/L) Certificate or Slip (Certified at Governor office or SDO office)
  • 1 Copy of Undertaken Form (Certified at Police Station)
  • 2 passport size photos (Red or white background only)

So you've been admitted, what next?

Simply login to your student account using your new matriculation number and click on 'course registration' for your admission letter.

After certifying the above listed documents, you will need to submit your file at the Department.

NB: You are officially a student of UB only after when your file has been submitted to the department.

What if I was not Admitted, what should I do?

If your name did not appear on the first and second list, do not worry, you can still be admitted. But this can only have happened if you visit the admission office (Room 103 Opposite ASTI Block ), along with your applications documents. You will need to submit them in person for personal review.

If Admitted, when do I start Attending Classes?

Congratulations if you were selected into the University of Buea. Now you know your Faculty, Department, Program admitted, and Matriculation number. The next big step to take is to visit your department for your class time table.

Also, try to attend the orientation program organized by your department and seek help or orientation from older students studying in your program.

UB is a big campus, so classrooms are not like the case in secondary, most of the classrooms or learning halls are found in different location. So try asking someone who have a good mastery of the campus to show you around the university. This will help you save you time in relocating your study venue when lectures begin fully.

University of Buea Undergraduates Admission List 2023-2024 (First List)

University of Buea Undergraduates Admission List 2022-2023
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