Top 7 Banks in Guyana [2022-2023]

 Top 7 Banks in Guyana

Over the past 20 years, banks in Guyana have experienced tremendous expansion and financial innovation, interspersed with periods of consolidation.

No matter what stage of life, be a student, businessperson, or public servant, you need a bank that offers you more than just credit services like money deposits, withdrawals, and loan issuance.

You need a bank that goes above and beyond to educate its customers about financial literacy and to offer exchange services so that your businesses can accept payments in local currencies.

In light of this, we are now introducing the top 7 banks in Guyana.

Top 7 Banks in Guyana

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1). Bank of Baroda (Guyana) Inc.

Bank of Baroda (Guyana) Inc. is one of the top banking institutions in Guyana. It’s one of the best commercial banks in the Caribbean islands.

It provides banking services to individuals, small businesses, and larger corporations. It offers savings accounts, current accounts, fixed deposits, term deposits, credit cards, loans, and insurance products.

In 1908, the Bank of Baroda was established in the city of Baroda (now Vadodara), Gujarat, Western India. Since then, it has expanded to a global presence with offices in 24 countries.

The Bank of Baroda (Guyana) Inc. was one of the bank's first overseas branches. It was founded on March 31, 1966, in Georgetown, Guyana, less than a year after the formation of the Bank of Guyana and before Guyana's independence.

The Bank of Baroda's overseas branch in Guyana was converted to a wholly owned subsidiary in 1999. The bank opened a branch in Mon Repos on Demerara's East Coast in 2012. Guyana now has two branches.

Major services include Foreign Exchange Services, Lockers & Safe Custody, Worldwide Remittance and Utility & GRA Payments (such as GTT Bill Payments, Guyana Power and Light Bills and GRA Vehicle License Fee).

Bank of Baroda (Guyana) Inc provides exchanges in EUR, INR, GBP and USD.

Address: RR6M+HQ4, Regent St, Georgetown, Guyana

Phone: +592 226 4005

2). Republic Bank (Guyana) Limited

Republic Bank (Guyam) Ltd. is a fully owned subsidiary of Republic Bank Group (Guyana), which operates a network of banks in Guyana and internationally.

Republic Bank (Guyana) Ltd. is a bank licensed by the Central Banks of Guyana and Barbados for the provision of financial services in Guyana.

Republic Bank Limited, an international bank headquartered in Trinidad and Tobago, is a leading Caribbean financial institution.

It has operations in Anguilla, Barbados, the British Virgin Islands, the Cayman Islands, Dominica, Ghana, Grenada, Guyana, St. Vincent and the Grenadines.

Major services include saving and loans, saving and checking, e-banking, online banking, mortgages and investments etc.

Main Office Address: 155-156 New Market Street, North Cummingsburg, Georgetown

Contact: (592) 223-7938-49

3). Bank of Nova Scotia Guyana Branch

Bank of Nova Scotia Guyana Branch is our next top bank in Guyana. This is a Canadian bank that operates internationally across the globe and has a branch in Guyana precisely at Georgetown.

Bank of Nova Scotia offers a wide range of products and services including personal and commercial banking, wealth management, and corporate and investment banking.

Branch code: XXX


Address: 65 Robb Street, Georgetown, Guyana.

Telephone: 592 225-9222 · Fax: 592 225-9309


4). Guyana Bank for Trade & Industry Limited (GBTI)

Guyana Bank for Trade and Industry Limited has a rich and successful history spanning over 180 years, beginning with the establishment of British Guiana's first commercial bank, the Colonial Bank, in May 1836 and continuing with the operations of Barclays PLC.

Today, GBTI offers its Corporate and Individual customers a wide variety of services. Our Corporate Office and twelve (12) Branches dispersed throughout Guyana provide personal savings, business, and investment accounts; personal, housing, and business financing; credit cards; and Visa international debit and credit cards.

With Mobile and Direct Banking, simple access to more than 25 ATM locations, and Point of Sale Service at more than 235 merchant locations throughout Guyana, GBTI greatly simplifies life.

In addition to electronic payments, foreign currency drafts, Cambio facilities, foreign currency accounts, letters of credit, and bills of collection, GBTI also supports dependable and effective international commercial transactions.


Address: High & Young Streets, Kingston Georgetown, Guyana, South America

Office Contact: +592 231 4400

5). Citizens Bank Guyana Inc.

Citizens Bank Guyana Inc. is one of the oldest banks in Guyana. It became operational in 1994.

This commercial bank's major services render include savings, loans, online banking, foreign exchange, credit card management, payroll services and online banking services etc.

Address: 231-233 Camp Street & South Road, Lacytown, Georgetown, Guyana

Phone: +592 226 1705

6). Demerara Bank Limited

Demerara Bank Limited is another top banking institution in Guyana.

According to the terms of the Companies Act, Chapter 89:01, Demerara Bank Limited was established as a private limited liability company on January 20, 1992. On October 31, 1994, the company received a license to conduct banking operations.

Major services render include residential mortgages, utility bill payments, e-banking, loans, passbook savings, wire transfers, ATM services and international visa cards.

Address: 214 Camp St, Georgetown, Guyana

Phone: +592 226 0601

7). Guyana Americas Merchant Bank Inc

Guyana Americas Merchant Bank Inc offer a high-quality suite of investment banking, investment management, and brokerage solutions for our clients in Guyana and abroad.

Major services are Brokerage Services, Investment Management Services, and Investment Banking Services.

Additionally, Guyana Americas Merchant Bank serves as the mutual fund portfolio of GBTI's investment advisor. You must open an account by filling out the relevant Mutual Fund account form below and sending it to Guyana Americas Merchant Bank (along with any necessary supporting documentation) if you're interested in investing in GBTI's suite of mutual funds.

Address: RRFQ+H44, Young St, Georgetown, Guyana

Phone: +592 223 5193


Final Remarks

As we near the end of this blog post, we hope that these top 7 banks highlighted in this list of banks in Guyana will serve as a yardstick in your future monetary and banking transactions.

Note that the above-listed banks provide one of the best secure and friendly services to the Guyanese people and all foreigners.

Which other bank in Guyana do you know that provides quality customer services to its customers? Kindly share your thoughts and experiences in the comment section below.

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