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6 Best Medical Schools in Guyana

 6 Best Medical Schools in Guyana 

In Guyana medical schools have become the most important sector in this Caribbean nation. As a result, many enrolling on the best medical schools in Guyana is very crucial to many Guyanese.

It’s very critical for students or individuals to take their time to able to choose the right medical schools in Guyana as that will affects their lives to come immediately after they are admitted.

Medical schools in Guyana offer advanced training in various branches of medicine, pharmacy or health science programs to choose from.

What makes each medical school in Guyana different from another lies in tuition fees, program offers and duration.

Best Medical Schools in Guyana

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 1). Texila American University Guyana (TAU).

Texila American University Guyana has been ranked the best medical school in Guyana. TAU is a private medical university in Guyana and has been rated as one of the fastest growing medical school in Guyana and one of the best in the Caribbeans. 

TAU is located at Lot 24-42, Plantation, Providence, East Bank Demerara, Georgetown. 

TAU has a well equipped library system along with great lectures halls and medical laboratories. 

Tuition: $18000 per year

2). Rajiv Gandhi University of Science and Technology School of Medicine (RGUST).

Rajiv Gandhi University of Science and Technology School of Medicine is the second best medical school in Guyana.  RGUST is located at capital city of Georgetown precisely at 46-47 Third Street, Cummingslodge (UG Road).

This medical school offer doctorate programs which runs for a duration of 4 years

RGUST has well trained and experience teachers who strive to provide the best medical training education to students.

The school is equipped with a modern laboratory which provides students the opportunities that they need to gain a first class experience of what they study in the classroom. 

3). American International School of Medicine

The American International School of Medicine was first opened to the general public in 1999 and has over the years grown to be among the best medical schools in the Caribbeans. 

As one of the best medical school in Guyana, the school offer various programs such as Pre-Med Course, Basic Science Program, Clinical Science Program and Community Medicine Course.

Tuition fee varies with Premedical Program ($8000 a semester), Basic Science Program ($13, 500 per semester), Clinical Sciences Program ($14,350 per semester) and Community Medicine ($145 per semester).

Address: 89 Middleton &, Sandy Babb St, Guyana

4). Greenheart Medical School

As one of the leading medical schools in Guyana, Greenheart Medical School provides a 5 years program in medicine (Doctor of Medicine). Greenheart Medical School also has a 4 years medical program called Clinical Medicine.

The medical school is continually forming new alliances and partnerships with prestigious universities all around the world. 

The involvement of these affiliated institutions in health sciences education and research contributes to Greenheart Medical School's goal of becoming an internationally renowned regional research institution.

Classroom lectures, problem-based workshops, small group seminars, and standardized patient programs are all examples of teaching methods. 

Students have access to illustrated self-study materials, video libraries equipped with cutting-edge audio-visual technology, laboratories, anatomical models, cadavers, and computer-based activities.

To enrol in the Greenheart Medical School program, applicants must pay a non-refundable admission application fee of $75. Applicants who are accepted must pay a one-time registration fee of $500, which is non-refundable.

To enrol in Greenheart Medical School, applicants must pay a registration fee of $75 which is non-refundable, when admitted, they are required to pay a one-time seat payment of $1000 and a one-time registration Fee of $ 500 which is also non-refundable.

Address: 139 Fourth St, Georgetown, Guyana

Phone: +592 227 5619

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5). Alexander American University (AAU)

The Alexander American University School of Medicine Guyana is another medical school in Guyana which was first established in 2015. 

AAU School of Medicine Guyana is an international medical university in Georgetown, Guyana, and one of the leading medical colleges in the country.

The AAU School of Medicine Guyana provides high-quality medical programs with highly qualified faculty and cutting-edge technology.

6). The University of Guyana School of Medicine 

The University of Guyana under the School of Medicine has one of the best medical programs in Guyana. Its located at Turkeyen Campus, Georgetown, Guyana. 

The School of Medicine offers programs ranging from undergraduates to postgraduate.

Programs offered include Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery, Bachelor of Science (Medical Rehabilitation), Bachelor of Science (Optometry) and Masters of Public Health.

Final Remarks

The kind of medical education you receive in Guyana will be greatly influenced by the type of medical school you attend.

The analysis above makes it abundantly evident that medical schools are not all created equal. Therefore, if making a decision, always choose Guyana's top medical school.

You won't have to put as much pressure on yourself and your sponsors this way.

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