5 Best Nursing Schools In Guyana [2022-2023]

 5 Best Nursing Schools In Guyana 

Nurses are very important in every country and so is Guyana. Nursing has become one of the most prestigious and fasters growing professionals in Southern America and Guyana is no exception.

The profession has become highly dominated by students from different academic backgrounds who have a great desire to pursue a career in health.

Nurses in Guyana earn on average an estimate of 109,000 GYD to 326,000 GYD ($522-$1561.39) with the majority hitting an average of 169,000 GYD per month ($809.43).

Best Nursing Schools In Guyana

What subjects are needed to become a nurse in Guyana?

Individuals or students who are seeking great desire to become a nurse must have at least a pass in 5 subjects at the Ordinary level in subjects such as English Language and a pass in at least one of the following science subjects (Biology, Mathematics, Social Biology, Integrated Sciences)

How long does it take to become a nurse in Guyana?

It takes on average 2-3 years to become a nurse in Guyana.

There are many nursing schools in Guyana, but these are the 5 best schools in the region. Find out what makes them special.

1). Georgetown School of Nursing

Georgetown School of Nursing is a small private nursing school in Guyana that is operated under the Georgetown School of Nursing Annex.

The school has a library, a staff room and a clinical laboratory for practical exercise for its students and internships.

Nursing programs offer at the Georgetown School of Nursing include Nursing Assistant, State Registered Nurse etc.

Georgetown School of Nursing graduates on average 90 students each year.

Address: 320 East St, Georgetown, Guyana

Phone: +592 223 0700

2). Charles Roza School of Nursing

Another major nursing school in Guyana is the Charles Roza School of Nursing. It's one of the oldest nursing schools in Guyana.

The school is named after Charles Roza a pioneer nurse educator in Guyana, who was the first person to bring about nursing school in Guyana.

Charles Roza School of Nursing has an average enrollment of 300 students a year with more than 70% of the students being Guyanese and the other 30% being students from another part of the world.

The school is accredited by the Caribbean Accreditation Authority for Education in Medicine & Healthcare (CAEAMH).

Charles Roza School of Nursing provides training in various fields of nursing including medical/surgical, psychiatric, pediatric, obstetric, gerontological, and community health.

Charles Roza School of Nursing has a well-equipped library, lectures hall, practical labs etc.

3). New Amsterdam School of Nursing

New Amsterdam School of Nursing is also regarded among the various nursing schools in Guyana. It's located in the Capital city of Georgetown.

The school offers bachelor's degrees in both practical and theoretical nursing. Students can choose between two tracks: clinical and academic.

Students who choose the clinical track are ready to work as registered nurses in hospitals and clinics. The academic route equips students to take advantage of opportunities for advanced study and research.

Anatomy, physiology, microbiology, pharmacology, nutrition, mental health, and many other topics are covered in depth in both tracks' course offerings.

Address: 6FWP+3M6, New Amsterdam, Guyana

Contact Number: 333 6436

4). Greenheart Medical School

The Guyanan government chartered GreenHeart Medical University (GMU), an independent institution of higher learning offering programs in pharmacy, nursing, and medicine.

The university is continually forming new alliances and partnerships with prestigious universities all around the world. 

Greenheart Medical School's goal of becoming an internationally renowned regional research institution is furthered by the involvement of these affiliated institutions in health sciences education and research.

 A bachelor of science in Nursing at Greenheart Medical School runs for 4 years. 

For deserving and qualified students who have earned a GPA of 4.0 in high school and/or who have received more than 95% of the possible points from a recognized secondary school program, the institution will give and arrange (from sponsors) scholarships.

To enrol in Greenheart Medical School for a nursing program, an interested person must pay an admission application fee which of $75 which is non-refundable. Once admitted applicants are required to pay a one-time registration fee of $500 which is non-refundable. 

Address: 139 Fourth St, Georgetown, Guyana

Phone: +592 227 5619

5). Texila American University Guyana

The College of Nursing of Texila American University Guyana also provides one of the best nursing education in Guyana. 

College of Nursing of Texila American University Guyana offers Bachelor of Science in Nursing (RN-BSN), Bachelor of Science in Nursing and Masters of Science in Nursing (MSN). 

Diploma Nursing programs run for 2 years, Bachelor of Science programs run for 4 years and 2 years for Masters of Science in Nursing. 

Texila American University Guyana has a great library system, well-equipped lecture halls and medical laboratories which help facilitates an effective learning ground for students. 

The school also has a dormitory where students can pay a whooping sum of $3000 a year. 

Tuition fees at Texila American University Guyana vary with undergraduate students paying an average of $2500 while masters students $3500. 

Address: Lot 24-42, Plantation, Providence, East Bank Demerara, Georgetown, Guyana

Phone: +592 265 7653

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