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9 Different Types of Nurses in Guyana

 9 Different Types of Nurses in Guyana

Nurses in Guyana are known to perform many roles or duties in the areas where they work. Some of the major role played by Guyanese nurses includes keeping records of the patient's history and symptoms, regularly checking on patients’ conditions, helping patients and family members on how to manage certain illnesses, assisting medication patients and helping doctors in running a diagnostic test.

However, to be a nurse in Guyana, one must have some basic skills such as decision-making skills, assessment skills, patience, and emotional stability just to name a few.

9 Different Types of Nurses in Guyana

1). Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA)

These are entry-level state nurses that only work or perform their duties under the supervision of licensed nursing staff. They are not considered nurses but individuals who are in the early stages of their nursing career, that is individuals undergoing training to become nurses.  

In Guyana, CNAs are often seen working in nursing facilities or hospitals.

2). Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN)

Similar to Certified Nursing assistants, Licensed Practical Nurse on the other hand have lesser education and training than CNAs. LPNs' major roles and responsibilities are to manage basic patient care such as checking blood pressure and helping patients eat and get dressed.

In Guyana, LPN is often seen working in hospitals, physician offices, nursing care facilities and home health care.

3). Registered Nurse (RN)

Registered nurses are much more educated than Certified Nursing assistants and Licensed Practical Nurse. Registered Nurse often holds a bachelor's degree in sciences or an associate degree in nursing.

RNs' major role is to assess patients’ health, administered medications and treatments to patients, conduct diagnostic testing and provide emotional support and health education to patients and their families.

In Guyana, Registered nurses work in hospitals, ambulatory care services, and nursing care facilities.

4). Surgical Assistant Registered Nurse

Surgical Assistant Registered Nurse often has a bachelor's degree.

Surgical assistant registered nurses are often seen in Guyana working in hospitals. Their major role is to assist surgeons during procedures and care for patients before, during and after surgery.

5). Emergency Room Registered Nurse

An emergency room (ER) nurse is a registered nurse who specializes in providing emergency care to patients. An emergency room's often stressful and fast-paced environment necessitates a more advanced skill set than standard nursing skills.

Emergency Room Registered Nurse is often seen working in emergency rooms. The majority of emergency nurses hold a Bachelor's degree in sciences.

6). Labor and Delivery Nurse (L&D)

Labor and Delivery Nurse's major responsibility is to care for delivery mothers during labour, birth and after birth and perform cognitive tests on newborn babies.

In Guyana, Labor and Delivery Nurse are often seen working in hospitals and private health care facilities.

Most L&D nurse holds a bachelor's degree in Sciences.

7). Clinical Nurse Supervisor

Nursing supervisors serve as a vital link between hospital administration and clinical care, supervising patient-care operations, assigning and monitoring staff nurses, and identifying and implementing quality improvement initiatives.

Concerning certification, most Clinical Nurse Supervisors hold either a bachelor's degree in science or a master’s degree in science.

Clinical Nurse Supervisors are often seen working in hospitals and healthcare facilities.

8). Nurse Practitioner (NPs)

In Guyana, NPs are trained, licensed, and self-employed health care providers who focus on managing patients' health conditions by treating injuries and illnesses and promoting injury and disease prevention.

NPS is often seen working in a physician's office or a hospital.

To be an NPS, you must have a master's degree in sciences.

9). Nurse Educator

Nurse educators are in charge of instructing and teaching nurses at colleges, universities, and clinical settings such as doctors' offices and hospitals. They have advanced nursing degrees and are familiar with nursing's workload, policies, and requirements.

In Guyana, the Majority of Nurse Educators are seen working in academic institutions, Hospitals and clinics and must hold a Master’s degree in Sciences.

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