Why Are Caribbean Medical Schools Bad?

 Why Are Caribbean Medical Schools Bad?

Why Are Caribbean Medical Schools Bad?

Many Caribbean medical schools have a bad reputation for admitting many students who are not well-minded to undergo the medical programs.

They turn to admit students even without passing the MCAT (Medical College Admission Test).

This often results in many students having high attrition rates, poor USMLE (the United States Medical Licensing Examination) pass rates, and poor residency match rates in the United States.

Most Caribbean medical schools are out for profit making and as a result, turn to admit incompetent students, this often results in much higher attrition rates compared to U.S. medical schools.

Another main reason why Caribbean medical schools are so bad is because of the huge school fees they charge ($50,000) and also due to large class sizes. Since they admit almost anyone unfit for the medical programs, classrooms are often crowded which results in low concentration and attention rates among individuals.  

How many medical schools are in the Caribbean?

There are an estimated 60+ medical schools in the Caribbean’s islands. However, note that a vast majority of these schools are not up to standards as compared to medical schools in the USA. The majority of these incompetent medical schools have dismal USMLE pass rates and residency match rates.

How long is a Medical program in Caribbean schools?

Similar to the USA, most medical programs in the Caribbean run for 4 years.

The first 2 years of the programs focus on classroom theories while the last 2 years are more on hospital-based training programs.

So which are the best medical schools in the Caribbean?

Even though Many Caribbean medical schools are known for fraud and scams, some are well known and recognised internationally for quality education. These includes:

  1. American University of the Caribbean School of Medicine
  2. Ross University School of Medicine
  3. St. George’s University School of Medicine
  4. Saba University School of Medicine

So Are Caribbean Medical Schools Right for You?

Many students who cannot afford to attend medical school in the USA often turn to enrol in medical schools in the Caribbean with the hope that after graduation, they would pick high-paying jobs in the USA, Canada, Ireland and many other countries.

Students who fall prey to low-standard medical schools in the Caribbean often turn to regret enrolling in these profit-making institutions.

Also, the majority of the learning does not take place in the English language which poses many difficulties for international students.

Many Caribbean medical schools suffer from challenges to match into a U.S. residency, cut-throat and less supportive culture, limited options in terms of speciality and inconsistent quality.

If after beating all odds and you still want to attend a medical school in the Caribbean, it's best you enrol only among the 4 listed medical schools we mentioned above.

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