Top 16 Modeling Schools In Ethiopia (2024)

 Top 16 Modeling Schools In Ethiopia

Have you ever wondered why modeling schools in Ethiopia are so popular? If you have, then you’re certainly not alone.

Hundreds of students are asking this same question daily. Modeling schools in Ethiopia have become extremely popular recently as more and more people are looking for an affordable way to achieve their dreams of becoming models.

We have gone through hell and back to bring you the list of best modeling schools in Ethiopia.

Top 16 Modeling Schools In Ethiopia
Top 16 Modeling Schools In Ethiopia

However, if your main intention is to start a career as a model in Ethiopia, then consider this blog post as your map to success.

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#1 Gofigure Modeling School

Gofigure Modeling School is one of the best Modeling Schools In Ethiopia which specializes in teaching Real Life Modeling, Acting, Singing, and Dancing to its students.

It has branches in Hawassa, Bahir Dar, and Dire Dawa with a total of more than 4000 students.

Every year its students get to participate in national as well as international level competitions like Miss Ethiopia, Mr. Ethiopia, and also a lot of other competitions.

It has trained more than 100 top models who have been representing their country in different international fashion shows held all over the world including New York Fashion Week, LA Fashion Week, and Milan Fashion Week.

Additionally, it has been involved in helping many orphanages by taking them for free acting classes to help them develop their talents.

Gofigure Modeling School was established with a mission to build a platform that will help aspiring models reach their full potential by offering them professional training.

Gofigure Modeling School offers a Basic Modeling Course which is run by professional instructors whose sole purpose is to train students and equip them with everything they need when entering the world of modeling.

#2 Afro Art & modeling School

Afro Art & Modeling School is another Modeling Schools In Ethiopia which specializes in providing adequate training to its students on how they can make a career in modeling.

The school has been offering this service for many years.

It has trained many models from all over the world who have made it big in their chosen careers.

The school has also produced many other professionals who have excelled in different careers in both government and private sectors.

Afro Art & modeling Academy has as the main goal to provide students with the best education and skills that will help them make a career out of the field of arts and modeling.

The school has been able to achieve this by offering students with the best trainers and educators from all over the world.

The teachers are well trained and have lots of experience in their chosen career fields.

Afro Art & modeling Academy offer their services at affordable prices which makes it easy for students to learn and also earn at the same time.

The school offers courses on various skills that will help students excel in whatever career they choose to take up. These courses include fashion design, acting, voice-over, modeling, and many others.

All these courses are offered online so that students can access them 24/7 and learn whenever they have time during the day or night.

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#3 Afrofigure Modeling School

Afrofigure Modeling School
Afrofigure Modeling School

Afrofigure Modeling School is one of the top Modeling Schools In Ethiopia which specializes in training models, actors, and entertainers.

It was founded by a group of professionals who have been involved with the entertainment industry for over two decades.

They are experienced, dedicated, and passionate about their work and are happy to share this knowledge.

They offer courses in acting, modeling, and entertainment which are specifically tailored to fit the needs of the student.

Their main goal is to instill confidence in their students and make sure that they acquire skills that will allow them to succeed in the industry.

Truly a one-stop-shop for all your needs, Afrofigure Modeling School has an array of services available to help their students grow into successful professionals in the entertainment industry.

Among these services are grooming and appearance management, acting coaching, public speaking as well as audition preparation.

AfroFigure Modeling School has a unique approach to teaching which makes it stand out from other modeling schools in Ethiopia.

Their instructors are professional entertainers who not only help students improve their looks but also provide them with real-life experiences so that they can be successful when they graduate.

Aside from teaching students how to look good on camera, these instructors also teach acting skills so that students become more confident.

#4 Saba Culture Modeling School

Saba Culture Modeling School is worth mentioning amongst the top Modeling Schools In Ethiopia which specializes in teaching all types of modeling.

They teach their students all the latest modeling techniques that are used in the world of the modeling industry.

They combine their knowledge with practice and theory to give their students a great head start in this highly competitive industry.

The school has been around for many years and it has taught a large number of students who have gone on to become great models and top earners in the industry.

The school has a lot of work experience with the Ethiopian modeling industry and it makes sure that each student who joins its institution gets some sort of work placement during or after their course.

These types of opportunities are really helpful when it comes to getting to know about the industry and how everything works in your favor.

These schools also provide help for those who want to establish themselves as professional models but do not have enough money. 

They offer low-interest loans which can be used for different purposes like helping you get better materials, learning new techniques, etc. 

These types of loans are usually given at an interest rate of 10% compared to other loans which can go up to 30%.

#5 Abyssinia Fine Arts & Modeling School

Abyssinia Fine Arts and Modeling School are included in the list of top modeling schools in Ethiopia which specialize in training people in various disciplines like acting, singing, and modeling.

It offers a wide range of courses for children and adults to help them develop their skills and talents.

Abyssinia offers a variety of programs for children such as the talent development program, best of the best program, summer camp, etc. 

The best of the best program is an event conducted every year to discover new talents among young Ethiopians.

This event allows participants to showcase their skills to a panel of judges and win prizes.

The talent development program gives children a chance to sharpen their singing, acting, and modeling skills.

Abyssinia Fine Arts also provides courses for adults who want to enhance their talents by taking acting and modeling classes from professionals.

Abyssinia Fine Arts has branches in Addis Ababa, Arba Minch, Bahir Dar, Gondar, Mekelle, Nazareth, and Shashemene.

#6 Ethiopian Modeling School

Ethiopian Modeling School
Ethiopian Modeling School

Ethiopian Modeling School is one of the Modeling Schools In Ethiopia which specializes in fashion modeling and acting.

The mission is to provide a high-quality education that equips students with a strong understanding of the business, technical and creative aspects of the fashion industry.

Product development consists of understanding your customer's needs, identifying their expectations, and uniquely fulfilling those expectations.

Ethiopian Modeling School has combined an outstanding curriculum with the best teachers and facilities to produce a world-class training program that will enable you to build an outstanding portfolio and gain key connections which will allow you to forge ahead in your career.

Ethiopian Modeling School offers a variety of programs that are aimed at young people who are interested in starting a successful career in the fashion industry.

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#7 Jimma Modeling School

Jimma model school comes to light amongst the modeling schools in Ethiopia which specialize in teenage education and modeling.

Jimma Modeling school is a full-time and part-time school that offers both scholastic and vocational courses for teenagers.

The school is located in Jimma town which is about 400 kilometers from Addis Ababa, Ethiopia's capital city.

The school has qualified staff who are highly experienced in teenage development.

The center has been offering education to young children for over 30 years now.

Jimma Modeling School was established as a full-time and part-time center for teenagers to study with excellent educational facilities that make learning easy.

The center presently provides elementary, middle, high school diploma and certificate courses with social studies, life science, and practical training in computer skills, business accounting, and secretarial works.

Jimma Modeling School aims at allowing its students to develop their personality and character through training them on how to behave properly in the society they live in.

The center also tries to instill the need to be disciplined, respect elders, appreciate fellow human beings regardless of their race, color or religion as well as learn how not to cheat others while striving hard to achieve success as an individual.

#8 Hagere Selam Modeling School

Hagere Selam the well-known Modeling Schools In Ethiopia which specializes in Modeling School is one of teaching fashion modeling and makeovers.

This Modeling School In Ethiopia offers an extensive range of services with creative design and high-quality education.

Hagere Selam Modeling school provides the full package of training and makeovers like catwalk training, runway coaching, hair styling, make-up application, dressing style, and body language.

This prestigious modeling school provides backstage services like makeup, hair styling, and dress in addition to the training for models.

The schools also offer services like photoshoots for portfolio building, casting calls, and auditions.

Hagere Selam has a team of professional model trainers who coach students on all aspects of modeling from walking gracefully on the ramp to posing elegantly before the camera.

All these facilities are provided by Hagere Selam Modeling School at very affordable prices.

Hagere Selam Modeling School also provides personalized service which enables them to create an atmosphere that is unique to you where you can freely express your individuality and creativity so you can develop into a person with poise, confidence, self-esteem, and good manners.

#9 Legacy Modeling School

Legacy Modeling School is one of the Modeling Schools In Ethiopia which specializes in bringing together models from all over the world.

The school offers a wide range of services to aspiring models who wish to build a successful career in modeling.

Legacy Modeling School in Ethiopia has been set up to provide high standards of education and training for aspiring models who wish to make it big in the glamorous world of modeling.

Legacy Modeling School is one of the most sought-after Modeling Schools In Ethiopia because it provides aspiring models with the opportunity to meet with some of the biggest names in the modeling industry.

Students at Legacy Modeling School are carefully selected by a panel and are handpicked based on their physical appearance, height, physique, and personality.

Models are given comprehensive training and provided with advanced ideas on how to present themselves during their shoots and when they're working in front of a camera.

Modeling schools in Ethiopia offer a variety of courses ranging from basic to advanced level courses depending on the requirements of the students.

These courses are designed to give aspiring models an insight into various aspects of modeling such as runway walking, posing techniques, body language, catwalk techniques, and more.

#10 MJW Modeling School

MJW Modeling School
MJW Modeling School

MJW Modeling School is worth counting amongst the Modeling Schools In Ethiopia which specializes in all kinds of modeling.

It offers various courses to interested individuals such as runway modeling, commercial modeling, and photoshoots.

Moreover, MJW Modeling School also provides training to those who are required to be certified by organizations or companies that require certified personnel for their fashion shows and photoshoots.

The course includes public relations skills, language skills, hand and voice gestures, catwalk instructions, and many more.

For professional photographers, the school offers courses on unique photography skills such as lighting and clothing styling.

All these courses offered by MJW Modeling School are taught by experienced instructors who have been working in the field for many years.

The school has some of the best models in Ethiopia who have won numerous awards in various international modeling events.

Moreover, the school holds regular fashion shows to help students showcase their talent and get a head start in the modeling industry. 

The institution also assists in providing employment opportunities to its students once they complete a course successfully.

#11 Amen Fashion Modeling College

Amen Fashion Modeling College is one of the best modeling schools in Ethiopia, which provide a platform for young Ethiopian boys and girls to launch their modeling career.

AMEN is located in Addis Ababa and is ready to accept your enrollment.

Amen Fashion Modeling College is registered under the Ministry of Education and Culture of Ethiopia.

Amen Fashion Modeling College has been given the right to conduct and award diplomas after completing a course at Amen Fashion Modeling College.

Amen Fashion Modeling college offers courses in Fine Art, Fashion Design, and Modelling and will award diplomas to successful students. The  courses are:

  • Fine art: 2 years
  • Fashion design: 1 year
  • Modeling: 6 months

The fine art program is designed to teach students all the basic principles of fine arts and the fashion design program specializes in the study of fashion designing in all its forms.

The modeling program focuses on how to express oneself through fashion.

Amen Fashion Modeling school also provides training for models who intend to work as professional models.

Amen Fashion Modeling College also offers services for people who don't have time to attend a regular class but still want to learn.

#12 Higa Modeling School

In the fashion industry, modeling schools in Ethiopia have been set up to provide students with the skills they need to succeed.

These schools are a great way to get into the industry and change your future for the better.

Higa Modeling School is one of these schools.

It focuses on preparing students for opportunities in modeling and other aspects of the fashion industry.

The school has a very strict admissions policy, so only the most talented students are accepted.

 Higa Modeling School is also known for being highly selective about who it hires as employees.

The school's student body changes from year to year, but it typically has at least 100 students.

Several different classes are offered at this school, including ones on runway techniques and hairstyling.

 Students can also learn how to create their portfolios, which is a crucial skill in this line of work.

The students at this school have gone on to have great success in their careers.

Some have been hired by major fashion houses and magazines; while others have gone on to start their businesses after graduation.

This school provides a great opportunity for students who love fashion and want to pursue a career in it.

#13 Haramaya Modeling School

Haramaya Modeling School is also a top Modeling School In Ethiopia which specializes in teaching students for fashion and modeling.

The school offers different courses to teach students about fashion styling, modeling, makeup, and fashion design.

Haramaya Modeling School is one of the well-known schools in Ethiopia because of its huge success rate.

The school has produced some of the best models in the fashion industry.

The school has a great training program that allows students to get trained properly on how to survive in the world of fashion.

The school also encourages students to take part in various competitions so they can get more experience and exposure to the world of modeling.

The school partners with a lot of agencies like Fashion Models Management Agency, Factor Woman Agency, Smart Kids Agency, etc.

Students also get to enjoy free education and accommodation at Haramaya Modeling School.

They also get their food for free and pocket money for transportation when they attend classes.

This model school does not charge any tuition fees from the students but takes a commission from their earnings once they land a job in an agency or company.

#14 New Generation Modeling School

New Generation Modeling School
New Generation Modeling School

New Generation Modeling School is one of those Modeling Schools In Ethiopia which specializes in providing high-level fashion training and experience in the fashion industry.

New Generation Modeling School was established in 2012 by a group of experienced professionals including models, designers, photographers, MUA artists, and make-up artists.

This School has been producing models and assisting students to enter into the world of modeling at all levels nationally and internationally. Their students have participated in some major fashion shows.

They also assist students in entering into acting, television production, and film industry as well as other fields related to entertainment.

New Generation Modeling School always focuses on improving its standards by updating facilities to accommodate the upcoming generation of models with the latest technology, equipment, and software required for the modeling industry.

The instructors are well trained, professional, and experienced with extensive knowledge about their fields of expertise.

They are constantly guiding their students to excel in the field by imparting their practical knowledge and skills to enable them to compete locally, nationally, or internationally.

#15 Midda Modeling School

Midda Modeling School happens to be amongst the top Modeling Schools In Ethiopia which specializes in training models, actors and actresses, TV presenters, and voice talents.

 Midda Modeling School was established in 2002 by Mr. Alemayehu Girma who is also the CEO of Midda Group.

Midda Group includes Midda Modeling School and Midda Media House.

Midda Modeling School has branches in Addis Ababa and Hawassa.

It provides high-quality training for its students from basic to advanced level with very competitive fees.

The school has an excellent faculty team that comprises many experts including renowned acting coaches and trainers in the country.

Alemayehu Girma is the CEO of Midda Group which includes Midda Modeling School and Midda Media House (which specializes in TV programs production).

The schools are located in the Kality area near Sheraton Hotel in the Piazza area and at the Adadi Mogus area near Meskal Square along Entoto road near Hawassa city.

#16 Adama Modeling School

Adama Modeling School finalizes the top Modeling Schools In Ethiopia which specializes in preparing and grooming young boys & girls for a modeling career.

The school has been in operation since 2002 and has produced a lot of talents who are now working all around the world.

For the last ten years, the school has been providing training for students in the field of acting, modeling, dancing, music & language, and media skills.

The school always puts its best efforts to provide quality education to students and conducting training from internationally recognized experts in their respective fields.

So far, Adama Modeling School has trained hundreds of boys & girls and has received applications from over 30 countries around the world including the United States, Canada, Australia, England, Italy, Holland, and many more countries.

Adama Modeling School also has one of the most modern facilities with a team of experienced trainers & lecturers who are well equipped with the latest knowledge and can provide the best training on acting, modeling, dance & music.

In addition to the regular courses, the school offers tailor-made courses which can be customized as per requirement.

The course duration is a minimum of 12 weeks but can be extended as per requirement.

Adama Modeling School also offers different kinds of scholarship/grants for students who come from a financially weaker background.

Concluding Remarks on Top 16 Modeling Schools In Ethiopia

The need for modeling schools for young women in Ethiopia is understandable and the benefits of such a school are undeniable.

In addition to educating young women, these top 16 modeling schools in Ethiopia are a great opportunity for young women to gain leadership experience and make lasting connections with other young people from around the world.

We hope that you have found this compilation of the top 16 modeling schools in Ethiopia to be not only useful but also interesting.

We would like to remind our readers that this list intends to provide a brief overview of each of the schools and their unique features, rather than to compose a definitive ranking.

However, we believe that we have captured each school’s most significant aspects, leaving you in a position to quickly determine which school will work best for them.

That said, if you found this post informative and quite helpful, please kindly drop a word of appreciation at the comment section below.