Top 10 Graphics Design Schools In Ethiopia (2024)

 Top 10 Graphics Design Schools In Ethiopia

Are you looking for the best Graphics Design schools in Ethiopia? Do you want to know what schools are best?

Are you a student who is interested in studying Art or Graphic Design and want some information about schools to study at? It is important to get your basics right.

That's why graphics design schools in Ethiopia are there to make sure that you do. With graphic design programs, students get the proper fundamental knowledge they need to succeed.  

Top 10 Graphics Design Schools In Ethiopia
Top 10 Graphics Design Schools In Ethiopia

If you want to create professional-looking graphics and build a career in this field, then this blog post is of utmost importance.

 This blog post is divided into 3 vital sections provide in-depth information as regards your quest for graphic design schools in Ethiopia, as outlined below.

Let’s Proceed

Why You Should Learn Graphic Designs

 You should learn graphic designs because it is a skill that can help you make money.

A lot of companies are constantly in need of graphic designers.

You can work for a company and get paid or do this as a freelancer.

This is one of the easiest and least time-consuming ways to make money fast.

The good thing about this is that it does not require much training or experience and you can easily get clients if you are good at it.

You should also consider graphic designs because it is one of the most lucrative businesses today.

Thousands of people are making a lot of money with graphic designs and they're getting more each day.

 If you learn how to master this art, you will never be unemployed again.

Even better, you can start making money with the graphic design even before you finish learning the trade and this is one of the best things about it because you don't need any training or experience to start working on your own business.

You should also learn graphic design because there is no limit to how much profit you can make with it.

You only have to concentrate on what your target market needs and then provide them with customized solutions that will help them improve their businesses.

How To Make A Decision On Your Graphics Design School

Deciding on your graphics design school is a decision that you should take very seriously. This is because it determines the all-important first step in your career and, therefore, determines the outcome of your future.

 The importance of this choice cannot be understated.

Before you consider what graphics design school to apply for, there are some things you need to consider.

First of all, you need to contemplate whether arts and design are what you want to study.

If it is not, then it would be wise to pursue an alternate course.

Secondly, you need to figure out if the program will be worth your time and money.

Will it help you get a job or just complicate matters?

Finally, if you do decide on taking up arts and design as a course of study, then you need to find out which school would be best suited for you.

No matter what your reasons are for taking up arts and design as a course of study, there should always be one thing that drives this decision – passion.

Without passion for the subject of study or a professional area that you want to pursue or study in, there won't be much motivation for success nor satisfaction from the end product.

What Course Should I Take?

There are many courses you can take to become a professional graphic designer.

You can specialize in logo design, product packaging, or web design.

The most commonly taken design course is the traditional one offered at most art schools. Students will learn about the importance of color, line, and form.

They'll also be able to understand typography and how these different elements function together to create a complete piece of work.

The curriculum at these schools usually involves basic design principles, art history, drawing and painting skills, and several other areas where students learn to use their creativity as they work on their various projects.

Other areas may include computer technology, photography, and business practices that have to do with running your business ventures in the future.

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Top 10 Graphic Design Schools In Ethiopia

There are many graphic design schools in Ethiopia, which provide you with the necessary knowledge to become a professional graphic designer.

 To truly get the hang of graphic designing, you must attend one of these schools.

The way you go about learning graphic designing is by studying at one of these schools.

That Said, Here Is A List Of 10 Graphics Design Schools In Ethiopia That Will Help You Start Your Career In Graphic Design

#1 TakeBiz Global

TakeBiz Global Graphic Design School
TakeBiz Global Graphic Design School 

TakeBiz Global is a graphic design school in Ethiopia that specializes in top-notch graphic design training.

You can choose the online graphic design course and learn new skills which will make you employable.

The course is suitable for people who are interested in graphic designing at any level and wish to learn the skills to create graphics for their websites, blogs, business cards, promotional material, and much more.

The course is available worldwide and suitable for students from all backgrounds, ages, and professions.

The courses are created by leading experts in their field who run highly successful businesses across the globe.

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#2 Adventure Studio

ADVENTURE STUDIO is a graphic design school in Ethiopia which specialises in providing intensive training in Graphic design and computer arts-related programs.

Applicants are not required to have any formal background in art or design.

The program has been designed to allow anyone interested to work on his/her passion while gaining knowledge and skills that can open opportunities for career advancement.

If you are passionate about Graphics Design, this is the right place to start your journey.

ADVENTURE STUDIO offers courses in:

  • Graphic Design
  • D Animation
  • 3D Modeling
  • Video Editing
  • Photography
  • Computer Arts

Course content includes:

  1. 1. Tools of the trade:
  2. Adobe CS6 Master Collection (Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Flash, Adobe Indesign)
  3. Introduction to typography
  4. History of Graphic Design
  5. Principles of visual communications
  6. Basic design techniques including sketching, layout, and visualization techniques
  7. Colour theory
  8. Digital Photography
  9. Digital Video Production
  10. Instructional design and e-learning
  11. Introduction to web standards
  12. Adobe Dreamweaver, HTML5
  13. Illustrator CS6
  14. Photoshop CS6
  15. Flash CS615


#3 Wazema Digital Solutions

Wazema Digital Solutions is a graphic design school in Ethiopia which specialises in graphic design, brands identity, logo design, and web design.

This company provides the best teaching and learning environment for students who want to learn Graphic Design online.

This course is designed for both beginner and professional designers. This course will teach you all the fundamentals of graphic designing. You will create print graphics, logos, websites, and much more, plus you will also learn how to sell your services to clients as a professional graphic designer.

You can take this course at your own pace whenever you want 24/7 on any device with internet access.

This course has no pre-requisite and is available for anyone interested in graphic designing.

You don't need to have an artistic background or be good at drawing because they are going to teach you the fundamental principles of designing layouts and graphics that work!

 #4 Tech-Ethiopia

Tech-Ethiopia is a graphic design school in Ethiopia which specialises in teaching students the skills and knowledge needed to design attractive, well-organized solutions for print and websites.

Tech-Ethiopia provides training courses that will give you the skills you need to start a career in this industry.

The courses that Tech-Ethiopia offers are suitable for students who are starting as designers, as well as professionals who are looking to improve their skills.

Tech-Ethiopia offers a wide range of courses such as:

  • Adobe Photoshop Training
  • Dreamweaver Training
  • Flash Training
  • Website Designing Training
  • Basic Graphic Design Training

Students are taught by professional graphic designers and web developers, which ensures that they always receive up-to-date information on the latest software, techniques, and strategies.

All the teachers have years of experience in the field, which allows them to pass on their knowledge to all students.

The programs cater to both beginners and advanced learners with different levels of experience.

Whether you want to learn about Adobe Photoshop or want to take your website designing skills to a whole new level, Tech-Ethiopia can help you reach your goals.

The classes are small so that each student receives personal attention from teachers, allowing them to progress at their own pace.

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#5 Index Technologies

Index Technologies is a graphic design school in Ethiopia that specializes in graphics design, animation, and web designing.

Index Technologies offers training in Photoshop, After Effects, Illustrator, Dreamweaver, Cinema 4D, and Flash.

Classes are held throughout the week at the student's convenience.

The tutors are all working professionals in the field of multimedia and graphic design who use their real-world experience to explain the subject matter to students.

The staff at Index Technologies have years of experience providing high-quality training and mentoring in multimedia and graphic design disciplines.

The success of students is paramount here at Index Technologies.

All of the work is done with this end goal in mind – helping students achieve their career goals with a solid foundation of knowledge in all areas of graphic design.

 Index Technologies offer classes that combine both theoretical and practical aspects of computer graphics and multimedia design disciplines.

the student will learn to create professional-quality illustrations, animations, videos, and websites from scratch using industry-standard software such as Photoshop, Corel Painter, Illustrator, Flash, After Effects, and many more.

 #6 Dani Wise Graphic Design School

Dani Wise Graphic Design School is amongst the graphic design schools in Ethiopia which provide quality education and training to those who aspire to become graphic designers.

It has professionals who are employed, experienced, and qualified in all aspects of graphic design. 

The school is located in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

It offers diploma and certificate courses in different areas of graphic design such as web designing, fashion design, advertising, media designing, and many more.

The objectives of this school are to build a strong foundation for students, so they can acquire skills that they can use to apply their creativity and imagination in the world of art. 

The certification program helps them acquire the necessary expertise in graphic designing. 

The course includes general topics like drawing and illustration, typography, color theory, computer graphics, and photography among others. 

Dani Wise Graphic Design School also offers online lessons so that people from faraway places can learn from them.

#7  Ethiotibeb Graphic Design School

Ethiotibeb Graphic Design School
Ethiotibeb Graphic Design School

Ethiopian is a graphic design school in Ethiopia that specializes in Graphic Designing, and web design courses.

Ethiotibeb is a professional graphic design school that provides the best quality education in Ethiopia.

The professional teachers are highly experienced in their respective fields and are known for their excellence in providing the best training for students.

Ethiotibeb offers both theoretical and practical classes and with their experienced teachers, Ethiotibeb ensures that you get the best possible training without having to go through books or any other means of self-learning.

Most Ethiotibeb students are from different parts of the world that come to study in this institution because Ethiotibeb has high standards when it comes to providing quality education, teaching materials, and practical training which is something that most schools lack.

Ethiotibeb has different programs for individuals at different levels and with different needs.

The main program for beginners is the Graphic DESIGN course;

This is a three-year course that helps you develop your skills as a designer, as well as your creative abilities so that you can work on any type of project, be it an advertising campaign, newsletter, or any form of printing application, you can handle it.

Along with designing skills, this course also helps you develop your technical knowledge so that you can easily use any software or internet-based tool.

#8 Allé School of Fine Arts & Design

The Allé School of Fine Arts and Design is a graphic design school in Ethiopia that has a specialization in the field of graphic design.

Allé School of Fine Arts offers a degree in Graphic design and it is the first college in Ethiopia to be licensed for this program by the ministry of education.

It has been running successfully since 1996 with more than 200 students from all over Ethiopia, Kenya, Sudan, and other African countries.

The Allé School of Fine Art's graphic design program offers specializations in areas like; Graphic design, photography, web design, multimedia, and animation.

This comprehensive program also gives students exposure to related courses like art history, theory of design, and marketing.

Students are also trained in skills like typography, layout and colour, visual communication techniques, and professional practice.

After completing the course you will have acquired an understanding of how to create effective graphics for diverse media including print, packaging, film, or TV as well as interactive applications like the web and CD-ROMs.

You'll know how to express your ideas visually – whether you're designing an ad campaign for television or a poster for your local bus service.

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#9 Delta Digital Print & Graphics Design

Delta Digital Print & Graphics Design
Delta Digital Print & Graphics Design

Delta Digital Print & Graphics Design is a graphic design school in Ethiopia that specializes in logo designing and website design, branding and visual identity, corporate stationery, and advertising materials.

The diverse portfolio of creative solutions encompasses print media, packaging design, signage, website development, environmental graphics, and more.

If you are looking for graphic design schools in Ethiopia that can help you achieve your career goals then Delta Digital Print & Graphics Design is the right choice for you.

Delta Digital Print & Graphics Design was established with a vision to excellence by a team of highly trained designers who have been involved in various global projects as well as locally.

The institute has an array of talented designers who have been involved in corporate identities, websites, advertisements, and other print media for local companies.

Delta Digital Print & Graphics Design has gained a reputation for working with cutting-edge technology and developing innovative solutions to clients' requirements that are uniquely suited to the business objectives of each client.

Delta Digital Print & Graphics Design strives to develop long-lasting relationships with clients by providing them with the highest quality products at competitive prices and delivering these services on time every time.

#10 Open Interior Design School

Open Interior Design School is a graphic design school in Ethiopia which specialises in providing high-quality online graphic design training for students.

The online graphic design courses are designed to provide real-world knowledge and hands-on skills that will put you on the fast track to a successful career in the graphic design industry.

Open interior design school provides a variety of graphic design courses comprising:

  • Web Design,
  • Mobile App Development,
  • Ui & Ux Design,
  • Game Development And Much More.

Open interior design school understands that graphics have great value in advertising and branding for any business or company.

This makes graphic designers very valuable employees for any company.

If you are looking for graphic design jobs after graduation, an open interior design school can help connect you to employers that are hiring.

The courses are not just about the theory but also about the practical application of the theory into real-life situations.

Open interior design school also guides you through the process of completing your projects using industry-standard software such as Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign.

You will learn how to manage real-life projects and solve problems set by employers or clients effectively on time.



So you have come to the end of this article. If you are thinking of joining any of the above-mentioned design schools, these Top 10 Graphic Design Schools In Ethiopia will be more than happy to help you achieve your dreams.

As it is with everything else, practice makes perfect. Iteration after iteration and practice until you have reached perfection is what it takes to excel in the field of graphics design.

It's not easy but if you keep trying, never give up you can succeed in becoming a graphic designer as good or even better than those who are already established in the field.

More so, one has to be very patient and flexible when dealing with clients; sometimes you may need to sacrifice your creative ideas for the sake of pleasing them and vice versa.

Furthermore, make sure that the skills that you gain while attending these schools are self-sustainable.

For example, a designer must make sure that his portfolio is strong enough to land him a job without having to attend job fairs and networking events because attending such events daily can get tiring after all.

All that being said, feel free to let us know if you have any questions regarding this blog post via the comments section below; we’ll do our best to get back to you As Soon As Possible