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Would you like to write for the Student Career Guide (SCG)’s blog? Awesome! We would love to share your article with our readers.

We receive a lot of enquiries from potential guest contributors. We are currently accepting guest posts and any other form of publication which is relevant to our audience.

We do not accept a link to content or promoting of adult websites for guest posting, including gambling content, and anything that relates to hacking.

Guest Posting Benefit

Submitting a guest post to us gives you the following opportunities:

1). You get full credit for the post or article.

2). You can add a brief Bio of yourself at the end of the article or post.

3). You can include links to your site and your social media accounts so that readers can follow you back.

4). We can guarantee you some do-follow backlinks.

Our Traffic Sources

Our Target Audience (web traffic): USA, Canada, Australia, Cameroon, Caribbean Islands, Ethiopia, Tanzania, Philippines etc

Cost of Submitting A Guest Post To Us

The price for a guest post is $25 per article. Your Content must be unique, a minimum of 650 words, and not published elsewhere.

Topics We Are Looking For

If you want your article to feature on our website. Your content should be 100% unique and relate to the following topics.

👉Admissions: Admission openings, Admission status, Admission results etc.

👉Jobs and Career: How to find a job, best-paying jobs, Internship openings etc.

👉Online Degree: Online courses, etc.

👉Results notice GCE, JAMB, University Admission results, etc.

👉Schools: Best schools, Campus location, Tuition fee, School Courses etc.

👉Scholarships: All scholarships, Fellowship programs etc.

👉University accreditation statuses: Reviews, Eligibility etc.

👉 Agency listing: Graphic Designs, Fashion, Modeling etc 

Editing Posts After Publishing

Please ensure your article is proofread, and your links and anchor texts are pointing where you want them to point, before submitting your article to us for publishing. 

If you want an article edited after publishing, there is a small admin charge of $5.

Mode of Payment

Mobile Money, Master Card, PayPal, Visa Card, Western Union 

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