A Sample Letter Of Quit Notice (2023)

A Sample Letter Of Quit Notice 

Introduction to Sample Letter Of Quit Notice

Is one of your renters breaking a lease clause? You have alternatives if there is excessive noise, past-due rent, an unlawful pet, or the presence of someone whose name isn't on the lease agreement. In this situation, there are numerous options for redress.

Serving your tenant with a notice to vacate letter is an excellent technique for dealing with a lease breach. It is important to note that this is a legal document. It lays the groundwork for future eviction actions if the renter refuses to correct the problem.

A Sample Letter Of Quit Notice
A Sample Letter Of Quit Notice

What is a sample letter of quit notice?

A Notice to Quit is a letter sent to a tenant demanding that they quit the landlord's property. The tenant is notified in this letter that the landlord intends to evict them from the rented property. The landlord is the individual who owns the rental property and leases it to the tenant in exchange for rent.

The tenant may be evicted from the premises for a variety of reasons, including but not limited to late or nonpayment of rent, unlawful activities conducted on the property, causing a nuisance on the premises, or breach of one or more lease stipulations.

The notice specifies the time frame in which a renter must vacate the property. It also specifies the parties' personal information, the rental property's location, the notice's expiration date, and the nature of the tenancy (weekly, monthly, yearly, etc.) because this will affect the amount of notice required.

This notice to vacate is necessary by law for a landlord wishing to reclaim possession of his property in a periodic tenancy or before the end of a fixed-term rental. The notice time shall be determined by the terms of the Residential Lease or Commercial Lease Agreement.

Components Of A Letter Of Quit Notice

A valid Letter of Quit Notice must contain the following:

a). A demand that the tenant vacate the premises, pay any rent arrears, and hand over control of the property by a certain date.

b). The tenancy's characteristics (weekly, monthly or monthly). This will determine how much time the renter will have to relinquish possession.

c). The Notice to Quit's expiration date. This will begin counting from the date of delivery, which is the day the renter received the notification letter.

d). The landlord's or his agent's name. If an agent drafts the letter, he must state his authority in the Notice.

e). The tenant's name as well as the property's address.

Sample Template Notice to Quit for Non-Payment of Rent

[Landlord/Landlady Name],





[Tenant Name], 

[Property Unit number/name],

[Property Location]

Dear Sir/Madam


Re: Notice to Quit for Non-Payment of Rent

I hereby issue you this_______ Notice to quit and deliver up possession of the rental property that you occupy.

You are hereby require to quit and give up possession of the property which you currently occupy from ________to __________ at the following address on or before_______________

If you fail to vacate the premises, I shall explore other means of peaceful ejection and a law suit will be instituted against you at the high court for the recovery of the premises.

Yours Faithfully,





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Sample letter of Quit Notice by a Solicitor (Legal Agent)

Ebong Doris,

Molyko, Buea,

Tel: +237 674532867.


2nd of June, 2022.

Grace Eyang, 

Grace Hostel, Room 7

Tar Malingo, Buea


Dear Sir/Madam

Re: Notice to Quit for Non-Payment of Rent

I have the instructions of Mme Grace Eyang the Landlady of Grace Hostel which you are occupying presently as a tenant in Room No.7, Tar Malingo, Buea Municipality to give you notice to quit and deliver possession of the said Room on or before the 31st day of September, 2022.

The landlady needs the room for personal use and it has even been reported that so much damage has been done to the premises due to the indecent and illegal activities which have been perpetrated therein ranging from loud parties to drinking and smoking excessively and even prostitution. In fact, most of your fellow tenants have complained at different times of nuisance from you.

Furthermore, you are requested to settle all your outstanding rent, electricity bills, rates and levies, and keep the apartment in a tenantable condition before your departure.

Take Notice that in the event of your refusal to comply with the above demand, I have the instructions of Mme Grace Enyang to institute a suit in a competent court of law, to eject you forthwith.

Yours Faithfully,