Top 4 Truck Driving Schools in Ottawa [2023]

 Top 4 Truck Driving Schools in Ottawa 

You decided to follow your passion of becoming a professional truck driver, but getting confused about which truck driving schools in Ottawa are best for you. Well, below are the top 4 available truck driving schools in Ottawa.

Top 4 Truck Driving Schools in Ottawa
Top 4 Truck Driving Schools in Ottawa

1). North American Transport Driving Academy

The first on the list of truck driving schools in Ottawa is the North American Transport Driving Academy.

It’s a private registered college located at 2473 Sheffield Rd, Ottawa, ON K1B 3V6, Canada. The main goal of the school is to produce the best commercial drivers in the region. Most successful graduates from the college often get their first career job at Westchester Staffing Group Ltd.

The school provides both practical and theoretical training courses. Speed and space management, vehicle systems, cargo documentation, emergency manoeuvres, fundamental control, visual search, vehicle inspection, danger awareness, and other issues are covered in detail during the training. Lectures, movies, computer simulations, and overhead presentations are examples of learning aids.

2). CROSSROADS Truck & Career Academy (Ottawa Campus)

The second on the list of truck driving schools in Ottawa is the CROSSROADS Truck & Career Academy. The school is located at 1392 Cyrville Rd, Gloucester, ON K1B 3L9, Canada.

CROSSROADS Truck Training Academy first opened its doors in Kingston, Ontario in 2000, and rapidly grew to service the Belleville, Ottawa, and Smith Falls areas.

It all started with the belief that quality training and personal attention are essential for generating qualified and confident commercial truck operators. That vision has been carried forth to the present day. As a consequence of this emphasis on strength training and skill acquisition, the organization has led the way in commercial truck operator training for over 14 years.

Major courses offered at CROSSROADS Truck & Career Academy are Air brake and z-endorsement, AZ tractor-trailer, DZ straight truck, DZ fast track, CZ coach bus, BZ school bus, and school bus improvement course.  

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3). Transport Training Centres of Canada

Transport Training Centres of Canada is another one of the great truck driving schools in Ottawa. The school is located at 1540 Star Top Rd, Gloucester, ON K1B 3W6, Canada. The school has over 50+ training sites and been in business for more than 26 years and had graduated more than 100,000+ students. Transport Training Centres of Canada provides training programs such as beginners drivers education, commercial truck training, heavy equipment training and SKID school, air brakes, training and simulator training.

The Transport Training Centres of Canada also has a vacancy on the regular basis in special areas such as heavy equipment trainers ($25 an hour), licensed care instructors ($23-$25 an hour), marketing assistants ($18 an hour) and admission specialist ($18 an hour).

4) Great Truck Driving School

The Great Truck Driving School is one of the top truck driving schools in Ottawa. The school is located at 18 Deakin St Unit 207, Nepean, ON K2E 8B7, Canada. The private school focus on the transportation academy, offering one of the best driving careers training to both international and local individuals living in Ottawa.

Truck driving training is flexible and convenient and encompasses both manual and automatic truck driving. The main goal of the school is to develop the driving techniques, knowledge and interpersonal skills necessary for employment in the evolving world of truck driving.

The school also has an operating branch in Ontario, which is located at 3625 Weston Road Unit #18Toronto, ON M9L 1V9. There is another branch in Niagara, which is located at 595Carlton St Unit #24.St. Catharines, Ontario L2M4Y2.

Professional training sessions are available for the BZ any school bus, CZ coach bus, DZ straight truck, E small school bus (maximum 24 passengers), F normal bus (maximum 24 passengers), and ambulance. and offers forklift training for all types of forklifts.

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Conclusion of Truck Driving Schools In Ottawa

When choosing a truck driving school in Ottawa, make sure you visit the website of the school and get all the detailed requirements of what is needed to enrol in the training programs.

Also, verify the tuition fee of the school, and the duration of the training program would last.

Also bear in mind that the above-listed schools are the only well known and recognised truck driving schools in Ottawa.