10 Best Private Schools in Geelong, Australia [2022/2023]

10 Best Private Schools in Geelong, Australia 

For the best private schools in Geelong, it doesn’t hurt to have plenty of resources at your disposal to choose from, especially if you are new to the area or just not familiar with all of the different options available to you.

What do you think are the best private schools in Geelong? Do you have kids or will you enrol your child in one of these great schools?

In order to make sure that you find the school that will be right for your child, it’s important to look into each of these great schools and decide which one seems like the perfect fit. 

The following are the top 10 best private schools in Geelong so if you’re planning to study here this year, make sure to give them a try!

10 Best Private Schools in Geelong, Australia 

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1) The Geelong College

Geelong College is one of the best private schools in Geelong known for its excellent sporting facilities.

Students are encouraged to take part in their sporting endeavours and many have been nationally recognised for their achievements.

The school has a boarding house with just 50 boys and 50 girls with the aim of making sure that they integrate into the whole school and give them the opportunity to find friendship groups in addition to boarding friends.

The enrollement fee is 500 dollars per student paid after submitting an application form to the school.

There is also plenty of opportunities for students to pursue their interests outside school hours as there is an active program that runs on a weekly basis.

Email: info@tgc.vic.edu.au

Contact: +61 3 5226 3111

2) St. John's Lutheran School

St. John's Lutheran school is one of the best private schools in Geelong, Australia. The school has a library system that gives access to all students and teachers to use books and journals for educational purposes.

Geelong Lutheran College (GLC) has a private bus service to and from both the GLC Armstrong Creek and St John’s Newtown campuses in 2022.

The admission process is very simple; you just need to fill out an application form and pay a registration fee.

The registration fee is $100 per student which covers administration costs and does not include tuition fees.

There are many sporting activities available at St. John's such as cricket, soccer, basketball and netball.

Contact: +61 3 5221 5221

Email : stjohns@glc.vic.edu.au

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3)Sacred Heart College Geelong

The sacred heart college Geelong is one of the best private schools in Geelong. It has a library system and a strong and competitive admission process.

It also offers extracurricular activities such as overseas excursions. The registration fee is $500 and it takes around 3-4 months to get admitted into the school for the first years.

The registration fee is paid after the application form has been filled in correctly.

The school has an inclusive scholarship program which provides students with personalised transition programs, pastoral support groups etc.

Sporting activities in the school are Swimming, Athletics, Basketball, Cricket, Football (Soccer), Golf, Hockey, Netball, Tennis and Volleyball.

Email: info@shcgeelong.catholic.edu.au

Contact: +61 3 5221 4211

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4) Clonard College Geelong

Clonard College Geelong
Clonard College Geelong

The Clonard College Geelong is one of the best private schools located in Geelong that nurtures young women.

The school has an amazing library system and it has a very good reputation and broad range of opportunities and extracurricular offerings.  It has won many awards for its sports and cultural programs over the years.

Its motto is Strength and Kindliness which means that they are dedicated to providing quality education to its students. They provide excellent facilities to their students like gymnasiums, swimming pools and computer labs.

Clonard College uses a number of online services like Microsoft 365, Adobe creative cloud and so on which is important to support and enhance students’ educational experience.

There is a compulsory levy fee of $100 per family per year for the college building which is not included in the tuition fee of $ 3,120.

Email: office@clonard.vic.edu.au

Contact: +61 3 5278 2155

5). Christian College

Christian college is one of the best private schools in Geelong, Australia. It was founded by a group of committed Christians who wanted to provide an alternative to secular education.

The school has a strong Christian focus and provides transportation facilities that are paid at $10 per trip or $1,079 per year.

They offer a balanced curriculum that includes English, Mathematics, Science and Technology subjects as well as Religious Education with a tuition fee of $3,900. The school also offers various extracurricular activities such as swimming lessons and music lessons.

Email: enquire@ccg.vic.edu.au

Contact: +61 3 5241 1899

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6). St. Robert's Newtown

ST. ROBERT NEWTON is also one of the best private schools in Geelong and it is located 13 Nicholas Street.

The school offers quality education to its students with a registration and non-refundable fee of $50 cash per year and it has a library system with more than 15000 books.


The admission process is based on an entrance exam and after feeling an application form. As for extracurricular activities, there are many sports such as soccer, basketball, tennis, swimming and others.

The school is proud to offer a diverse specialist program such as music, STEM, visual arts and more aimed at strengthening learning. Each student participates in this programs 40minutes per week.

Email: office@srnewtown.catholic.edu.au

Contact: +61 3 5221 1075

7). SGPS Community Carnival Fun Day

SGPS Community Carnival Fun Day
SGPS Community Carnival Fun Day

SGPS Community Carnival Fun Day is one the best private school in Geelong for primary education located in 200 Yarra Street, South Geelong, Victoria 3220. It provides a variety of extracurricular activities to keep your child busy and active.

The school has very good library system which helps students to improve their reading skills. The registration fee is $1,800 per year. The admission process is done on first come first serve basis.

Email: geelong.south.ps@education.vic.gov.au

Contact: +61 3 5221 4047

8) Nazareth Primary School

Nazareth primary school is one of the best private schools in Geelong located on Griffith Street

Grovedale, Vic 3216.

It has very well located and it provides an excellent education to its students and a parish Levy of $175 per family and a fund-raising levy of $150. 

The school offers extracurricular activities to its students with an educational environment which empowers the child to thrive with the ability to achieve multiple learning outcomes in a variety of contexts.

Sporting activities are a must at Nazareth Primary School as they help build character in children.

Email: reception@nsgrovedale.catholic.edu.au

Contact: +61 3 5243 0502

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9). Whitefriars College

Whitefriars college is one of the best private schools in Geelong for boys founded by catholic brothers. The admission process at whitefriars college is very competitive.


Students who wish to get admission in whitefriars must pass an entrance exam and a personal interview.

What make the school special is the extensive bus route service with over 30 Transdev buses for the transportation of students.

The registration fee for whitefriars is $50 per year with a non-refundable fee of $300. Library system at whitefriars consists of 5 libraries. Extracurricular activities include soccer, basketball, badminton and volleyball teams.

Email: info@whitefriars.vic.edu.au

Contact: +61 3 9872 8200

10).  Chilwell primary school

Chilwell primary school is one of the best private schools in Geelong for students located in 313a Pakington Street, Newtown, Victoria. 3220.

The school exist for 140 years now and student continue to receive a high-quality education which prepare them for secondary schooling.

Programs are done in such a way that it focuses on developing a positive and cooperative learning environment.

The curriculum at Chilwell primary focuses on both academic learning such as ICT and cyber safety, literacy, numeracy and physical education and sport.

The admission process is easy and takes less than five minutes to complete. Students need to have an interview with members of staff and fill the application form before they can be accepted into Chilwell primary school.

Email: chilwell.ps@education.vic.gov.au

Contact: +61 3 5221 2738

Conclusion on Private Schools in Geelong

Before deciding where to send your child to school, research is key. You want a school that has small class sizes so you can get more attention from teachers and it is easy for them to track your child’s progress. 

Also, look at their reputation and history of success. After all your research has been done, you can begin applying to schools! With the afore mentioned we’ve gathered the best and then named the particularities of each school.

Now that you have chosen the best private school in Geelong, it’s time to start packing your bags! Good luck with finding your child’s new home away from home!

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