Top 10 International schools in Mozambique [2024]

Top 10 International schools in Mozambique 

We have compile a list of the top international schools in Mozambique. There are many international schools in the part of Africa. Find out what makes them special than other schools.

These schools provide one of the best educational training to kids. What makes each International school in Mozambique difference from another lies with the curriculum, location, and tuition fees. 

International schools in Mozambique

1). American International School of Mozambique (AISM)

The first on the list of international schools in Mozambique is the American International School of Mozambique. It’s a private, non-profit, coeducational school for international students with all instruction delivered in the English language to students from early learning ages, nursery, primary and secondary school levels.

The American International School of Mozambique is located in Maputo, Mozambique. It was founded in 1967 and is a private school offering education from pre-kindergarten through grade 12.

AISM offers a rigorous academic program that prepares students for success at the college level.

AISM curriculum focuses on developing critical thinking skills, problem-solving abilities, communication skills, and creativity.

AISM provide our students with opportunities to learn about different cultures and languages, and we encourage them to develop leadership qualities and global citizenship.

The school offers a wide range of courses, including English language, math, science, social studies, computer technology, visual arts, physical education, and foreign language.

In addition to academics, AISM provides its students with cultural experiences. Each year, the school hosts events such as art exhibits, music concerts, and sporting events. These activities help students become familiar with local culture and traditions.

AISM offers soccer, volleyball, basketball, track and field, tennis, swimming, cross country, and golf.

Tuition fees in varies with PK (4): $17,600; K-grade 5: $24,200; grades 6–8: $27,400; grades 9–10: $31,200; grade 11: $32,300; and grade 12: $32,900. Due upon admission are a $10,200 new student fee and a $420 application fee.

Address: 266 Rua do Rio Raraga, Maputo, Mozambique

Phone: +258 21 491 994

2). Enko Riverside International School (ERIS)

Enko Riverside is an International school in Mozambique with classes ranging from Form 1 to Upper 6th. Cambridge's world-class curricula are taught through Form 5 and lead to the International Baccalaureate diploma program in Lower and Upper Sixth. The program is taught in English, and admission is determined by an entrance exam.

The school provides education for children between the ages of 2-18 years old from over 25 countries around the world.

The school offers a holistic approach to learning where students develop their physical, emotional, social and intellectual capabilities. ERIS is committed to providing a safe environment where children learn in a nurturing and caring atmosphere.

Tuition Rates: From $3419.76 to $5083.4 per year

Address: 175 R. José Macamo, Maputo, Mozambique

Phone: +258 84 540 9151

3). Willow International School

Willow International School is also listed among the top international schools in Mozambique.

Willow International School provides learning to kids from the preschool nursery, primary and up to grade 12 level.

The main language of instruction is the English Language with additional courses in Portuguese and follows the Mozambican curricula with elements of the Cambridge system.

Upon completion of studies in the 12th grade, students are awarded certificates both in Cambridge and Mozambique.

Tuition Rates: From $ 1549.46 to $ 2488.52 per year

Address: 175 Jos#e Macamo Rd, Polana Cimento A, Maputo, Mozambique

Phone: +258 84 766 5810

4). Maputo International School (MIS)

Maputo International School is equally listed among the top international schools in Mozambique.

Founded in 1976, MIS provides learning to preschool, elementary, middle school and high school.

Maputo International School has more than 60+ qualified academic staff who strives to cater for all its students, parents and surrounding communities by hosting various socio-cultural and sporting events where the school community is the key participant.

Students are prepared by MIS to take exams administered by the Cambridge International Examinations Board (CIE).


Tuition fee at MIS: PK (4): $17,600; K-grade 5: $24,200; grades 6–8: $27,400; grades 9–10: $31,200; grade 11: $32,300; and grade 12: $32,900.

Address: 389 Rua de Nachingwea, Maputo, Mozambique

Phone: +258 21 492 131

5). Grandeur International School

Grandeur International School Mozambique is an English Medium Instruction School. It provides curriculum to students in Kindergarten, primary and high school. 

English is the primary language of instruction at Grandeur International School. The Calvert Curriculum of Maryland, Baltimore, U.S.A., serves as the foundation for the curriculum used for Toddlers through Grade VI. The grades VII through XII High School Department uses the Cambridge curriculum.

Grandeur International School also has a swimming pool, playground, babies' room and a library. 

Address: 2HMV+894, Maputo, Mozambique

Phone: +258 82 655 5550

6). Hillcrest International School Mozambique

Hillcrest International School is a private school in Mozambique that strives to develop each student's potential through educating students in virtue and excellence. 

To guarantee that the children are ready for further education, we strive to provide the greatest foundations in early childhood and elementary education.

Hillcrest International School Mozambique's curriculum is based on Cambridge standards. 

Hillcrest International School Mozambique provides teaching and learning to kids at preschool and elementary levels. 

Hillcrest International School Mozambique strive to cultivate independent, empathetic citizens who will shape and influence their local communities to establish an innovative academic environment.

Address: 687 Av. Patrice Lumumba, Fomento, Matola - Mozambique

Phone: +258 84 313 7349 

7) Birlik International School

Birlik International School is also ranked among the top international schools in Mozambique. 

The school runs Cambridge curriculum programs both middle and elementary programs. 

Address: Av. Samora Machel, Nr 66, 1114 Matola

Phone: Phone: +258 86 260 9978

8). Woodrose International School

Woodrose International School in Mozambique. It was founded in 2011. 

Woodrose International School offers learning to preschool, Primary, Elementary, Middle School, Secondary, and High School students. 

Woodrose International School offers a conducive environment where learners have access to a computer laboratory, library and playgrounds. 

Woodrose International School is based on the Cambridge curriculum. 

Address: 2FX5+H6F, Matola, Mozambique

9). Stella Maris International School

Stella Maris International School is located in Nampula. 

Address: 36 Av. Eduardo Mondlane, Nampula, Mozambique

Phone: +258 26 218 727 10). 

10). O Fraldaria International School

O Fraldaria International School is another international school in Mozambique. The school is located in Maputa. 

Address: 2HXR+FFV, Rua D, Maputo, Mozambique

Final Remarks 

There are many more international schools in Mozambique, but the above listed have to be regarded as the best international schools in the region.

We suggest you go through the list again to be able to determine which would be best for you. Pay attention to the language of instruction of each school, its location, cost of living in the city and tuition fees.

Which of the above international schools in Mozambique have you been to? Share your experiences with us in the comment section below.