Top 10 Modeling Agencies in Ethiopia [2024]

 Top 10 Modeling Agencies in Ethiopia You should know about

Top 10 Modeling Agencies in Ethiopia You should know about

If you want to be a model in Ethiopia, selecting the appropriate agency might be a key step in your career. To assist you in your search, we've produced a list of the top ten modelling agencies in the country, each with its specialities and areas of experience. 

Whether you want to work in fashion, commercial, or editorial modelling, there is bound to be an agency on our list that is a good fit for you.

1). Joram Model Management Ethiopia

Jordan Model Management is one of the popular Uganda modelling agencies that has expanded its branches into Ethiopia, the UK and France. It was initially founded in 2012 and has over the years grown to be one of the most successful modelling agencies in Africa.

Jordan Model Management has great connections with many international modelling agencies across the globe and has been one of the Ethiopian modelling agencies for both young and older women.  

Jordan Model Management Agency also provide a learning academy for women to take career courses within the field of business and modelling. 

These courses have helped lots of women to be able to boast their careers and become successful within the modelling and beauty industry.

2). Zoma Model and Talent Agency

Unlike most modelling agencies in Ethiopia that focus only on females, Zoma Model and Talent Agency is a diverse and mixed modelling agency that includes both males and females. 

Its one of the most popular modelling agency in Ethiopia and also have international recognition.

3). Ethiopian Model Management

The third on the list of top modelling agencies in Ethiopia is Ethiopian Model Management. 

It’s a very popular modelling agency in Ethiopia, well known for its great diversity. It recruits both males and females and also has strong international recognition.

4). Habesha Models

Just like other popular modelling agencies in Ethiopia, Habesha Models is a great modelling agency. It also offers great opportunities for both men and women. It employs both Ethiopian and Eritreans.

Habesha Models have successfully trained many online models that earn a lot of money from their social media pages. 

Most Habesha Models are often spotted on Tiktok, Snap chat and Ingram.

Most Habesha Models are often spotted working for top brands around the world. Some Habesha Models you can follow on social media are Liya Kebede, Gelila Bekele, Anna Geteneh, Lydia Asghedom, Tahounia Rubel and Hayat Ahmed Mohammed.

These models are very committed to educating and showcasing their talents to Ethiopians to educate upcoming models.

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5). Buzualem Kids and Talent Management

When it comes to an Ethiopian modelling agency that carter for kids, then Buzualem Kids and Talent Management is the best agency you can ever enrol your kids into. Buzualem Kids and Talent Management agency has a great reputation for putting the needs of children first. 

They have successfully trained many kids and young talents from Ethiopia who have become successful models in USA, UK and Canada.

6). Jossy Model Management

Jossy Model Management is also another well establish modelling agency in Ethiopia. The agency employs both men and women from different cultural and religious diversity. 

Jossy Model Management provide great training programs to their models which help build great career opportunities in their modelling career.

7). Mafi Models

If you're looking to break into the modelling industry in Ethiopia, Mafi Models is a top agency to consider. 

Mafia models agency is well known both inside Ethiopia and in the USA. Most Mafi Models have been known to work in popular brands across the globe. 

Mafi Models just like others modelling agencies in Ethiopia accepts both males and females. Mafi Models often specialize in areas such as TV films, Digital media, Print media etc.

Mafi Models also offer great opportunities for kids to start their modelling careers. Mafi Modeling offers training in areas such as make-up artists, photography, hairstyles etc.

8). MJW Model Management

If you're interested in a career in modelling, MJW Model Management is a name you should be familiar with. MJW Model Management is a top modelling agency with over 20 years of experience. 

Michael Wainwright founded the agency, which is known for discovering and developing some of the industry's most successful models.

This modelling agency has offices in the United States and several European nations. 

Fitness modelling, fashion modelling, influential modelling, commercial modelling, and other fields are provided and recruited by the modelling agency. 

MJW Model Management offers a skilled roster of models in each of these areas, making them a popular choice for fashion and advertising clients.