7 Best Petroleum Engineering Schools In Cameroon

 7 Best Petroleum Engineering Schools In Cameroon

Are you willing to glance into petroleum studies for higher studies? You can make your choice of the petroleum engineering schools we have in Cameroon.

The petroleum sector is fast developing in Cameroon and the sub-region of Central Africa, as well as other African countries. Various schools in Cameroon offer a course on this sector. 

7 Best Petroleum Engineering Schools In Cameroon
7 Best Petroleum Engineering Schools in Cameroon

 7 Best Petroleum Engineering Schools In Cameroon

1. The Gulf field National Advanced School of Petroleum

This is one of the best petroleum engineering schools in Cameroon. It was established in 2012 and was the first authorized petroleum institute in Cameroon and the CEMAC sub region.

This school has a pertinent role to train young Cameroonians in the fields of Petroleum Engineering, petrochemical engineering and a host of other oil and gas-related courses.

As a pride, they take a strategic location to provide and train qualified engineers needed in the global oil and gas companies or industries.

2. The Higher Institute of Petroleum and Logistics

Further, the Higher Institute of Petroleum and Logistics is amongst the best petroleum engineering schools in Cameroon.

The program delivery model in this school allows a good balance between theoretical skills and practical hands-on- training as there are significant practicum requirements, as part of the program.

The program itself provides a conversion from other engineering and science-based foundation into the specialities of petroleum engineering.

3. Sky-High University Centre

This school also take part in amongst the best Petroleum engineering schools in Cameroon. Created with the need and desire to balance theory with practice, SKYHIGH Higher Institute of Engineering and Business is a professional centre that recruits, trains and exhibits the potentials of its students.

Petroleum engineering involves the methodical design, expansion, and operation of process systems for the extraction, processing, and retrieval of materials.

It is a key engineering discipline that supports and enhances a range of industries, including petroleum refining and petrochemicals.

With specialized skills in two harmonizing engineering fields (Petroleum and Petrochemical), graduates from this school can enjoy a broader range of career prospects and a competitive benefit in the job market.

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4. Cameroon Petrochemical Engineering Academy

We cannot talk of petroleum schools without mentioning the CPE academy as one of the best petroleum engineering schools in Cameroon. 

This school prepares students for the petroleum engineering industry through hands-on professional training programs.

The program combines knowledge of complex technologies with ongoing hands-on training, internships, and practical work to prepare students for specific production-related challenges that enable them to solve broad technical challenges within organizations. CPE Academy serves the industrial needs of the Central, East and West African regions.

The physical campus is located in the major industrial city of Douala, Cameroon - a maritime meeting point connecting the Southern and West/North African regions.

The mission of the Academy is to provide professional training that will provide appropriately trained petroleum technology/engineering experts to the expanding industrial markets of these regions.

5. National Higher Polytechnic Institute of Bamenda

This is the principal one of the best petroleum engineering schools in Cameroon. The petroleum sector is developing rapidly in Cameroon and the Central African sub-region, as well as in other African countries.

There is therefore an absolute need to train an adequate workforce to execute technical operations at the survey and exploitation stages.

The Department of Petroleum Engineering at the University of Bamenda has been structured to provide adequate training to young Cameroonians and other nationals who, upon graduation, will be able to participate in any of the upstream and midstream operations of the petroleum industry, both onshore and offshore.

Oil and gas are found in a variety of geological conditions. Oil and gas field development and operations specialists focus on extracting this dynamic energy resource from the earth's interior.

The department will therefore provide students with solid geological training and technical skills acquired through both academic and practical instruction, with an emphasis on fieldwork and industrial connection.

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6. Institute of Mines and Petroleum Industries of the University of Maroua

Institute of Mines and Petroleum Industries of the University of Maroua
Institute of Mines and Petroleum Industries of the University of Maroua

It figures as one of the best petroleum engineering schools in Cameroon. It was founded on 13 September 2013. 

Its main mission is to train high-level executives in the field of mining and petroleum engineering exploitation. 

Admission is by competitive examination and on qualifications for holders of the General Certificate of Education (GCE Advanced Level) in specific subjects.

 According to officials of the institution, training at IMIP is mainly focused on the petroleum industry. It will eventually cover aspects related to exploration and production (plastics, transport and storage, etc.). 

At the practical level, companies and public institutions will be called upon to improve training. Faced with the enormous demands linked to the exploitation of the major mining and energy production sites currently operational in Cameroon. 

The creation of the Institute of Mines and Petroleum Industries at the University of Maroua is an adequate response from the public authorities to the need crucial and qualified vocational training. The students follow the courses without any problem in the different sites. 

The lecture halls of Government High School Kaele made available to UMa with the collaboration of the Senior Divisional Officer and the Council Office of Kaele have been refurbished. IMIP's activities run smoothly there.

7. Catholic University of Cameroon

As a student, when you study in a petroleum engineering school in Cameroon, you can develop your academic groundwork for growing opportunities in related industries by following a selection of courses with an emphasis on petroleum.

Energy is a key component of people's daily lives, and a secure energy future requires a balance between environmental impact and affordable supply.

Petroleum and geo-systems engineers can address and solve important problems that will lead to energy security and are therefore in high demand.

Economical and environmentally responsible production of petroleum resources requires the creative application of a wide range of knowledge including, but not limited to:

  • Mathematics
  • Physics
  • Geology
  • Chemistry

Petroleum engineering straddles many engineering disciplines, such as: mechanical, chemical and civil.

The main objectives of the program are to train highly qualified students each year, place them in entry-level positions in industry or graduate programs, and maintain an accredited petroleum engineering program.

To achieve these goals, we believe that we must give our students the best possible preparation to enter this industry.

Our degree program gives each student a solid foundation in the fundamentals of petroleum engineering, but we also emphasize industry experience.

As a result, their graduates will enter the industry ready to make a productive contribution, but they will also understand the need to continue to learn and improve their skills throughout their careers.

After looking at the various petroleum engineering schools in Cameroon, we are going to give the reasons you have to study petroleum engineering in these schools.

4 Reasons to petroleum engineering schools in Cameroon

i. You can study a wide range of subjects while continuing your education.

The field is considered to be an interdisciplinary subject in the petroleum engineering school in Cameroon. You begin to study the procedure for producing and storing hydrocarbons in the basement. From there, you continue to study subjects like math, geology, thermodynamics, chemistry, fluid dynamics, and many more. Studying all of these materials allows you to fully understand how oil and gas are produced.

ii. Most petroleum engineers are hired before graduation

The most surprising part of the field study is that students in petroleum engineering schools in Cameroon are absorbed by different oil companies even before they finish their studies.

This proves the growing demand for engineers specialized in the field. In all other cases, the engineers get a job after completing their studies, which is quite easy to find in the demanding world of petroleum engineers.

iii. Technology is changing very quickly in this field, which is a good way to learn things.

Whenever a new technology is developed to locate and extract petroleum products from underground, it can be inferred that most of the world-class oil companies are now involved in extracting oil from the sea and the oceans.

iv. You like the environment

Many people do not associate concern for the environment with petroleum engineering schools in Cameroon. As an engineer, you can inspire change by being that change.

Petroleum engineers supply energy to the world while preserving the environment for future generations.

Following the above reasons, we will now explain the top careers you can make after graduating from these petroleum engineering schools in Cameroon.

Top Careers After Study In Petroleum Engineering Schools In Cameroon

Careers in Petroleum Engineering
Careers in Petroleum Engineering 

a) Production Engineers

 After graduating from one of the petroleum engineering schools in Cameroon, you can be a production engineer.

They are the ones who manage the day-to-day management of oil and gas production operations and help maximize profitability by increasing revenues and reducing operating expenses of the petroleum industry.

b) Production Operations

Production Operation is another job career after having your degree in a petroleum engineering school in Cameroon. They implement safe and environmentally responsible practices in field operations and maintenance.

c) Reservoir Engineering

Notwithstanding, petroleum engineers schools in Cameroon train reservoir engineering students.

They use computer modelling techniques and specialized calculations to assess underground oil and gas reserves, the three-dimensional distribution of recoverable oil and gas before and after production, and how best to extract it.

Reservoir engineers work closely with petroleum geologists, geophysicists, and other types of engineers (e.g., drilling engineers and production engineers) to develop short- and long-term plans to maximize the value of exploration and production properties.

d) Drilling Engineering

Drilling engineers mostly graduate from petroleum engineering schools in Cameroon. They work on oil and gas platforms and their duties range from well design and selection of drilling mud, to operating the drilling process and well completion.

Drilling engineers are part of a multidisciplinary team and are responsible for ensuring that drilling operations are safe, environmentally friendly and profitable.

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Final Remarks on Best Petroleum Engineering Schools In Cameroon

As a matter of conclusion following the petroleum engineering schools in Cameroon, we can say that students who are considering enrolling in a petroleum engineering course should seize this unique chance.

Petroleum engineering is a promising career that has experienced strong growth in recent years and will continue to advance in the years to come.

To fulfil their dream of becoming a petroleum engineers, students can find several of the best engineering schools in the world that match their expectations. If you are satisfied with this article, drop a comment below.