Top 6 Hotel Management Schools In Addis Ababa [2023-2024]

 Top 6 Hotel Management Schools In Addis Ababa

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The need for skilled labour in the hospitality and tourism industries is increasing over time and to meet this demand, there are enough educational sectors in hospitality and tourism.

The progress made in the field of hospitality and tourism in recent years has had a great impact on changing the social aspect of this profession, on cultural scrapping and on meeting the need for manpower qualified work.

This hotel and tourism schools was set up as an organized training center from the beginning, which is considered more important for the selected field of hotel and tourism.

Top 6 Hotel Management Schools In Addis Ababa
Top 6 Hotel Management Schools In Addis Ababa

If there are a lot of areas in the hospitality and tourism profession, the availability of skilled manpower to carry out teaching and learning activities is seen as the main barrier, along with a shortage of demand in this area in today's market.

Below are some of the schools that offers hotel management.

1. Lion Tourism, Hotel and Business College

This is one amongst the Hotel management schools in Addis Ababa.

The Lion Tourism, Hotel, and Business College is a private higher education institution located in the capital, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, which provides quality education in the fields of hotel, tourism, hospitality and business.

Founded in 2005 as Lion Ethiopia Tourism & Hotel Institute, the college is the first private academic institution to provide education in the field of hotel, tourism and hospitality in the country.

The courses available for training encompass the field of tourism and hospitality, such as:

  • Tourism And Travel Operations And Tour Guide Services,
  • Hotel Management,
  • Reception,
  • Housekeeping And Laundry Services,
  • Food And Beverage Services And Food Preparation,

as well as the field of business, such as

  • Accounting And Finance
  • Marketing Management.

Their programs are more extended with business courses so that their students have more options for their careers.

Today the college is sufficiently organized in terms of facilities and staff. It is equipped with the necessary materials for teaching and learning processes.

Also, it has well-trained academic and administrative staff who are well versed in the required teaching areas. The college understands that tourism and hospitality (hospitality) as well as the business services sector are critical to the development of Ethiopia.

Today, the hospitality industry is known and practiced as a vital sector for economic growth and development in many countries.

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2. Damat Hotel And Business College

Damat Hotel And Business College
Damat Hotel And Business College

It is also part of the Hotel Management schools in Addis Ababa. 

Damat Hospitality and Tourism College was established in 2015.

The school provides long and short-term training/certificate courses in hotel management:

  • Food Preparation,
  • Front Desk Supervision,
  • Housekeeping,
  • Food And Beverage Service,
  • Tourist Service, Travel Agency,
  • Tourism Marketing,
  • Foreign Food Cooking.

The company strives to establish an efficient and high-quality education system in the hospitality industry.

The owner of the school has a university education in business management. Before starting the business, Mahlet and her husband gave trainings in various hotels, NGOs and professional training centers.

As they have experience and demand in this sector, they are able to operate their business by renting a room in Piassa.

They would be able to train and educate multiple students in two batches. Regarding the program, there are three types of training programs; the first is a regular program that caters to students aged 16-20 (mainly students who left school in 10th grade).

Secondly, there are the short courses which are accessible to all, regardless of age and level of the academy.

Finally, the third type of program concerns capacity building, in which people from the hotel and hospitality industry participate to acquire advanced and sophisticated skills.

The school has 16 full-time and 25 part-time employees. In total, there are 5 women and 13 young people. The management is made up of 5 people, including 2 women.

3. Catering and Tourism Training Institute

The Catering & Tourism Training Center (CTTC) consider as one of the best Hotel Management schools in Addis Ababa is the very first institute established in 1969 with the aim of training a skilled workforce in the tourism and hospitality sector.

It offers training in hotel and tourism, provides consultancy services and conducts research in areas related to tourism.

It was founded by the Ethiopian government in collaboration with the Israeli government.

The newly constructed building is located in the Hotel Guenet area.

The main objective of the institute is to train qualified members of the workforce, conduct research and consultancy work in the tourism and hotel sector.

Currently, the institute is working on a ten-year roadmap (2016-2025). It lights the way for industry.

The strategies included in the roadmap show the increase of the existing skilled workforce from 23% to 80% in the next ten years.

The training center planned to conduct research and provide consulting services in cooperation with other universities.

Capacity building and technology transfer to produce skilled professionals in the industry are also part of the centre's work.

4. St. Mary’s University

Furthermore, this is St. Mary University is one of the best Hotel Management schools in Addis Ababa. 

The Department of Tourism and Hotel Management undergraduate program was established in 2013 and located in Addis Ababa.

The program focuses on producing qualified youth and adults who meet the nation’s skilled labour needs and those who aspire to be involved in self-sustaining activities.

To be admitted to the department, students must meet the minimum admission requirements set by the Ministry of Science and Higher Education.

The BA in Tourism and Hotel Management is a four-year program for regular students and a five-year program for extension students.

The department integrates conceptual knowledge and skills through exposure visits to various tourism and historical sites, project work, and annual events to help them translate the theory they learn in class into practice.

The annual marketplace and exhibition is one such opportunity where students showcase the skills they have learned in class.

Students enrolled in this program are required to undertake research as part of the partial fulfilment of the requirements for the Bachelor of Science in Tourism and Hospitality Management offered by the department.

Hotel management degrees offer students an attractive and interesting career in today's workspace.

Hotel management courses prepare students for high-level management and executive positions.

It also allow students to obtain entry-level positions and can even open doors to jobs in international hotel markets.

Therefore, this course is definitely a promising and attractive career option because of the benefits it offers to students.

5. LM International Hotel & Tourism Institute

LM International Hotel & Tourism Institute
LM International Hotel & Tourism Institute

We cannot talk of best Hotel Management schools in Addis Ababa without mentioning this school.

It is a reputable institute that provides quality professional education and practical training for the hospitality industry to those who want to fill the labour gap in a growing economic sector.

The LM Institute was established in 1999 and over the past 20 years the institute has trained thousands of hospitality professionals in all areas of the profession and fostered its commitment to hotels and establishments restoration of the country.

Currently, the school is delivering the training with local recognition from Addis Ababa Vocational Skills Education and Training Quality Assurance Authority.

Located in the heart of Addis Ababa, home to major international hotels and restaurants, LM Institute provides highly skilled chefs, front desk managers, hotel managers, housekeepers and other professionals in all areas demanded by the market.

The opportunities within hotel management are endless and to make the most of them, you'll need to be flexible.

You could work for an independent hotel or a hotel chain, become a general manager or manage specific departments, and work in a variety of locations such as major cities or coastal areas. You'll meet and network with people from all over the world.

If you're looking for a standard Monday through Friday 9-to-5pm job, hotel management is probably not for you.

They train their students according to an international standard and maintain a contemporary methods of hotel management by understanding the behaviours of the international tourist structure.

6. Capital Hotel and Management College

The Capital Hotel and management college is also one of the best Hotel Management schools in Addis Ababa.

This is a pioneer in opening a hotel education center under an independent hotel brand in Ethiopia.

Committed to exceeding its guests' standards of excellence through highly skilled and motivated employees, the hotel has opened a separate education and training college.

The college provides training and development in the specialty areas of hospitality and business. The corresponding respective courses are:

  • Levels 1 and 2
  • Level 3
  • Level 4
  • Short-term training in business and finance
  • Special on-the-job vocational training program

To thrive and grow, the hospitality and tourism industries need creative people.

To be successful as a hotel manager, you will need to be able to come up with and regularly implement new ideas, such as themed teas or guided tours, to improve the service you provide.

 It often takes hard work for new initiatives to see the light of day, but since guest experience is a major component of a hotel's success, employers are generally open to creative suggestions, especially if they help strengthen or improve the reputation of the organization.

Conclusion on Hotel Management Schools in Addis Ababa

To conclude, hotel management schools in Addis Ababa is fast thriving. 

Hotel management is much more than managing the day-to-day operations of a hotel or resort.

In addition to ensuring the profitability of the business, a hotel management studies gives you the latitude to work and create a pleasant, welcoming environment and a winning identity of a given premises. 

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