Top 16 Music Schools In Addis Ababa [2023-2024]

 Top 16 Music Schools In Addis Ababa

If you’re thinking about going to music school in Addis Ababa then you’re on the right track.

The Music Schools In Addis Ababa are some of the best there is and if you want to get your music career started then is worth going there.

Top 16 Music Schools In Addis Ababa
Top 16 Music Schools In Addis Ababa

There are a lot of schools that offer music education, but not all of them focus on the performance side of things. 

They focus on theory and writing instead.

If you want to be successful as a musician then you should go with one of the top 16 Music Schools In Addis Ababa as outlined below

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1. Hiwot Music School🎸🎻🎧

Hiwot Music School is one of the best music schools in Addis Ababa.

It offers a special method that helps students learn how to play musical instruments without stress.

Hiwot Music School also has a wide range of musical instruments for students to use.

This is why most people prefer Hiwot Music School over other music schools in Addis Ababa.

They can buy cheap musical instruments from school and learn how to play them with no worries of having to buy them.

If you want your child or yourself to learn how to play a musical instrument, then Hiwot Music School is the best place for you because they offer several courses at an affordable price.

You will be taught how to play your favorite musical instrument by experienced tutors that can help you master it even if you have never played before.

They also have an online shop where you can buy and learn how to play any kind of musical instrument.

You can even find old or second-hand instruments at affordable prices, which allow you to save money and start learning right away.

2. Bati Music School🎤🎵

Bati Music School is worth mentioning amongst the music schools in Addis Ababa that offer musical instruments and lessons to its student. 

The school has facilities that include art rooms, music rooms, and computer rooms. All these rooms are designed in such a way that they contain instruments like pianos, guitars, drums, and other musical instruments.

The school has qualified teachers who are well-versed with the techniques needed to teach music to kids.

The teachers have been in this field for many years and are well versed with the technicalities of teaching music to their students.

The school also has a very good management team which is led by Mr. Lemma Adeyam who is the principal of the school.

 He has been instrumental in ensuring that all the provisions needed by the students are available at all times. The school's services extend beyond just teaching music students.

It also helps them learn how to play several musical instruments. It also conducts exams for its students just like any other normal school do.

Apart from learning music, it also teaches students how to write compositions which can be used in concerts or even in auditions if you want to go into show business later on in life.

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3. M.Y School Of Jazz Music🎶🎸

M.Y School Of Jazz Music
M.Y School Of Jazz Music

M.Y School Of Jazz Music is listed amongst the music schools in Addis Ababa that is perfect for those who want to learn about jazz music as it offers jazz classes regularly.

It also features piano lessons, singing lessons, and guitar lessons.

The school has an experienced teaching staff and its website states that it is aimed at those who want to learn about music professionally.

The aim of this school is not only to teach its students how to perform the best music but also to teach them how to compose their songs and write their lyrics. The students are encouraged by their teachers to be creative and try out new ideas to make the most of their musical talent.

This is why many people prefer this school over others when they are looking for a place where they can take music lessons in Addis Ababa. The tuition fee for this school is relatively affordable compared with other schools in the country, but it depends on the type of course that you are taking.

Also, it depends on the length of time that you are going to spend studying at this school. In addition, there are special discounts available if you register as a group or if you take more than one course at once.

4. Alpha Music School🎵🎧

Alpha Music School is known as one of those music schools in Addis Ababa that offers training on different musical instruments.

It is one of the oldest music schools in Addis Ababa, offering training since 1995. Alpha Music School is located in the center of Addis Ababa, close to Finote Selam St.

Alpha Music school provides residential as well as non-residential training programs to students who wish to learn music. The school was founded by its present director, Mr. Teshome Gebre Meskel who has been serving as the director of the school since its start.

In addition to his services as an educator, Mr.Gebre Meskel has been a bandleader at different times, and currently, he leads a 10-member band under the Alpha Band name. Alpha Music School offers different types of music lessons for both amateurs and professionals.

The institution does not only focus on teaching its students different musical instruments but also offers them practical skills that enable them to excel in their future careers such as saxophone, keyboard, trumpet, flute, guitar playing, etc.

Alpha Music School also offers vocal training for those who wish to explore their talents in singing and acting. For those who are interested in acting and modeling career, Alpha Music School gives them the opportunity.

5. Heaven’s Echo School Of Music🎻🎶

Heaven's Echo School Of Music is one of the music schools in Addis Ababa which offers different kinds of music lessons to all who come for the same.

The school has been serving for over 13 years. It has professional instructors who are very good in their fields of expertise.

Heaven's Echo School Of Music has provided a place for many individuals and groups to come to and have fun, relax, and have a wonderful time with the music. The school teaches singing, guitar, drums, bass, keyboard, and many other instruments.

Heaven's Echo School Of Music is a place where you can learn how to play any musical instrument you want with the help of professional instructors who know what they are doing. The school is open every day including Sundays and holidays so you can come any day at your rate of interest and schedule.

Heaven's Echo School Of Music is located on Bole Road which is right next to the Saint Mary church in Addis Ababa.

If you want to learn how to play the drums,  bass,  guitar or any other instrument then come on down to Heaven's Echo School Of Music and see what fun it is to be learning something new!

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6. Erik Music School🎧🎻

Erik Music School is worth mentioning amongst the music schools in Addis Ababa which is famous for providing quality music education. This school has been founded by a group of artists under the leadership of Mr. Gideon Bekele who have made it their mission to promote the music industry in Ethiopia.

The music school was established in 2007 and since its establishment; this school has produced many talented artists.

The school has provided training to more than 100 musicians and singers in various musical instruments such as piano, guitar, saxophone, trumpet, and drums among others.

Music is essential for everyone's life because it gives them hope, strength, and peace of mind. It also helps in relaxation and mental development because it helps people to think creatively and make their lives more colorful.

In addition, the music from this school has been used to produce several hit songs that have topped popular charts across the world such as America, Europe, and Asia.

One of the notable contributions of this school for the country's music industry is that it has helped many musicians gain international recognition by organizing different concerts involving Ethiopian musicians who were later invited to show their talent at different countries across the world including Sweden, Italy, France, and Germany among others.

7. Addis Ababa University Yared School Of Music🎣🎣

Addis Ababa University Yared School Of Music
Addis Ababa University Yared School Of Music

Addis Ababa University Yared School Of Music is amongst those music schools in Addis Ababa which have been established with the purpose of training musicians and music teachers.

The school was founded by a decree at the Ministry of Education in 1964, named after Saint Yared, the Father of Ethiopian music.

The main objective of the school is to train musicians and music teachers who can perform and teach in both traditional and modern styles.

The school has departments for both undergraduate and postgraduate students.

The degree programs are given in contemporary music (Ethiopian instrumental music, jazz/rock/fusion, and ethnomusicology), voice and theater, piano.

Moreover, some short-term diploma programs are also offered by the school such as the theory of harmony, theory of counterpoint, elementary piano, and violin.

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8. Entoto School Of Fine Arts🎸🎸

Entoto School Of Fine Arts is equally a top music school in Addis Ababa which provides training for Ethiopian children.

The school has been teaching music since 1928 and was the first Ethiopian school to teach Western music.

Music is an art that can be learned from a very young age; it’s a very useful skill that can become a profession.

The Entoto School of Fine Arts is located on Entoto Road, near Ras Gimbay Avenue.

 It was established in 1928 by Prince Tafari Makonnen (Haile Selassie) as one of Ethiopia's first modern educational institutions.

The reign of Emperor Menelik II saw an influx of European artists and musicians entering the country, who played an important role in shaping Ethiopian culture through their work with local artists.

The founders of this school brought western musical instruments from abroad including pianos, violins, flutes, and clarinets as well as musical scores composed by famous composers such as Mozart and Beethoven.

9. Addis Artist🎵🎵

Addis Artist is one of the music schools in Addis Ababa which has a great influence on the country's music industry.

The institution was established in 2016 by Ato Dereje Alemayehu, an experienced bassist who was teaching at the School of Music and Dance, part of the Addis Ababa University.

The school offers a variety of classes including instrumental, vocal, and dance classes. Instruments taught include; guitar, drum, keyboard, and bass.

In addition to that, they also offer lessons on theory and ear training.

Addis Artist has a team of music professionals who are specialized in different areas of music.

They are Mengistu Teshome for guitar, Kibrom Gebrehiwot for drums, Yared Negussie for keyboard, and Dereje Alemayehu for bass.

The school is currently located at Kirkos sub-city, Woreda:03 around Mega Building close to Sheger House.

10. Mesgun Music Entertainment🎤🎤

Mesgun Music Entertainment should not be left out as one of the top music schools in Addis Ababa which is located at Meskel Flower Road.

It was established on September 1, 2018, and has been working for about eight months now.

The school has seven teachers including a musical instrument teacher and vocal teacher as well as a sound producer, who are also its founders.

The school has three classrooms where students are taught music theory and general knowledge, audio recording, mixing, and mastering with piano lessons as well.

The school aims to train students from the basics up to the professional level by teaching them the music theory that is required for their respective instruments.

Students can choose from a variety of different genres such as Jazz, Blues, Gospel, R&B, or Pop.

In addition to teaching students the basics of how to play an instrument, Mesgun also offers courses in audio engineering so that they can learn how to record their songs and produce their music at home.

11. Eecmy Jazz School🎧🎧

Eecmy Jazz School
Eecmy Jazz School

EECMY (Ethiopian Evangelical Church Mekane Yesus) Jazz School was founded in 1985 to teach young people how to play jazz music and is the only full-time college in Ethiopia that teaches this art form.

They have been teaching young musicians for over 30 years now, and they have taught more than 3000 students during that time.

The teachers are all professional musicians who graduated from Berklee College of Music or Manhattan School of Music, which means they know what they're doing.

All their instructors have had at least 15 years of experience in teaching jazz, so you can be sure that you'll get high-quality instruction here.

The EECMY Jazz School offers two-year diploma programs for students ages 16 to 25 with a minimum of 3 years of experience playing an instrument.

They teach saxophone, trumpet, piano, bass guitar, drums, and more. 

They also offer summer workshops for students who want to get involved with jazz but don't want to commit themselves to two extra years of study.

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12. John Tamiru🎻🎻

John Tamiru should not be left out amongst the top music schools in Addis Ababa that have been in existence for more than a century.

The school was established in the year 1886 by an Italian Catholic priest named Joseph Marello and is one of the oldest in Ethiopia.

 It was named after a French missionary who died in 1883.

It is located at Lideta Sub-city, Woreda 1, Kebele 6, House Number 009.

The school’s main objective is to teach its students how to play musical instruments and read music.

Students are also taught voice culture.

Several renowned singers and musicians have passed through this institution over the years including Tewodros Kassahun (Teddy Afro) who is arguably one of the most famous Ethiopian musicians ever.

He studied at John Tamiru for three years starting from 1993 when he was 16 years old before moving on to study Ethio-jazz at Yared School of Music from 1996 to 1999.

John Tamiru is an all-boys school with a student population of 700, between 8 and 20 years old.

The classes are scheduled between 7 am and 5 pm on weekdays while they go on until 2 pm on Saturdays.

13. Alem Gena Music🎶🎶

If you have always dreamt of learning musical instruments but never got around to it, or if you are a music lover who would like to enroll in specialized courses, Alem Gena Music is the place for you.

The school is located in Addis Ababa and offers courses on the keyboard, violin, saxophone, guitar, and choir.

Specialized courses for students as well as for professionals are also available at the school.

Whenever you visit the school, do not forget to pay a visit to the practice room that has been designed with special acoustics in mind. The room has a capacity of 16 people, which makes it an ideal space for music lessons.

Alem Gena Music offers private and group lessons at affordable prices.

The school charges around 20 Br per hour for the private student while paying 10 Br per hour for group classes.

14. Yosef Music Instruments🎧🎧

Yosef Music Instruments without a doubt is amongst the top music schools in Addis Ababa that has been teaching piano, guitar, and violin for many years.

The school has a broad range of instruments to choose from and offers different music lessons for both children and adults.

The piano is the main instrument taught at Yosef Music Instruments, but there are also guitar and violin classes available.

The school teaches both Ethiopian and foreign songs and it has a good number of students enrolled in its classes.

Yosef Music Instruments was established in 1995 by its owner, Yosef Negash.

He is an accomplished pianist who has performed with many famous musicians such as Mulatu Astake, Mahmoud Ahmed, Tilahun Gessesse, Tsehaytu Beraki, and others.

The school has three branches in Addis Ababa: two in Bole Medhanialem and one in Kotebe.

The Kotebe branch has closed down and the other two branches are still open.

15. Abyssinia Fine Arts & Modeling School🎸🎸

Abyssinia Fine Arts & Modeling School
Abyssinia Fine Arts & Modeling School

Abyssinia Fine Arts & Modeling School is little known as well but it is amongst the top music schools in Addis Ababa that was established in 2005.

Abyssinia has been able to offer a high standard of teaching for beginners, intermediate and advanced students.

What makes Abyssinia different from other institutions is that Abyssinia offers highly professional, personalized teaching (especially for beginner students), conducted by professional music teachers with years of experience.

The school is open on weekdays and weekends.

Abyssinia provides the following courses:

  • Music Technology
  • Music Recording & Mixing
  • Beat Making
  • Sound Engineering And So Forth

As regards Music Business Management, Students are taught how to start up a music business and market their music products to the right audience.

As regards Songwriting, Students learn how to write songs that can be used as promotional tools or be sent to record labels.

This course also covers all aspects of songwriting such as; vocal arrangements, instrumental arrangements, song structure, and melody writing.

The course is particularly useful for those who want to learn how to write songs on their own and develop an ear for music.

16. Armenian School🎵🎵

 Armenian School wraps up the top music schools in Addis Ababa which was first established in 1974.

It was then called the Armenian Music Institute (AMI).

Over the years, it has undergone many changes and currently, it is known as the Armenian School of Music.

The Armenian School of Music is located on Entoto Street in Addis Ababa.

It started with only one building but now has two buildings, a library and a music store which sells musical instruments.

The school offers different specialties such as piano, violin, flute, composing, conducting, etc.

The school's facilities are great.

They have a large hall for concerts and an auditorium for recitals.

All classrooms are equipped with computers as well as other basic facilities such as air conditioners, projectors and internet connection too.

This music school is perfect for those who love music and want to learn more about it 16 Armenian School.

Concluding Remarks on Top 16 Music Schools In Addis Ababa

The music industry is a highly competitive one, and producing quality musicians and artists can be difficult, especially in a city as large as Addis Ababa.

As such, music schools need to meet and exceed student expectations. Music schools in Addis Ababa aren’t just about the lessons.

They provide students with a versatile environment in which to widen their horizons and learn from other students as well.

If you’re interested in pursuing private music lessons in Addis Ababa, take some time to read through this list of the top 16 music schools in Addis Ababa.

And we truly hope that this list helps high-school students looking to pursue a career in the music industry find the best learning environment for them.

That said, if you found this post informative and quite helpful, please kindly drop a word of appreciation at the comment section below.💪