Top 8 Islamic Schools in Ottawa [2024]

 Top 8 Islamic Schools in Ottawa

Islamic schools are mostly schools of thought with Madrasa and any educational institution with an emphasis on religious instruction.

Looking to find the best Islamic school in Ottawa? This comprehensive guide will not only show you the top eight Islamic schools in Ottawa but also answer some of the most common questions about Islamic schools.

You’ll learn how each school compares to others in terms of curricula, student life, extracurricular activities, and more. Most of these schools are designed to facilitate and create opportunities that will help each student to develop creativity.

Islamic Schools in Ottawa
Top 8 Islamic Schools in Ottawa

1). École Ibn Batouta

Located in Carlsbad Springs, École Ibn Batouta is a bilingual Islamic school in Ottawa offering both English and French elementary and high school programs. Students at Ibn Batouta receive instruction based on Islamic values but don’t have to adhere to any particular religion.

Registration fees are charged according to grade level and can be paid over time by making small monthly payments. An admission process is required, including an interview with staff members, which ensures students live up to École Ibn Batouta’s expectations of respectful behaviour.

The library facilities also ensure students have access to books that reflect their interests and knowledge base; languages taught at IBB include Arabic, English, French, Spanish and Urdu.

Address: 6479 Russell Rd, Carlsbad Springs, ON K0A 1K0, Canada

Phone : +1 613-730-6396

2). Ahlul-Bayt Islamic School

Ahlul-Bayt Islamic School is a co-educational elementary and Islamic school in Ottawa, Ontario. The school's programming includes Arabic and Islamic studies, as well as sciences, mathematics and social studies.

The mission of the school is to provide academic excellence in a confident Islamic atmosphere and an excellent educational environment to shape and develop a cohesive Islamic identity.

The school consists of students, teachers and parents who promote spiritual and moral values consistent with respect and good citizenship within the Canadian society.

After filling out the application form completely you will need to pay a non-refundable enrollment fee of $150.

Address: 3025 Albion Rd N, Ottawa, ON K1V 9V9, Canada

Phone : +1 613-526-0774

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3). Ottawa Islamic School

Ottawa Islamic School is one of the best Islamic schools in Ottawa for Muslim girls, grades 7-12. The school is committed to providing a holistic education, which includes academic excellence, spirituality, and service to the community.

The Ottawa Islamic School was founded in 2003 by a group of Ontario Muslim parents who wanted their children to have a quality education. 

The school is located at Nepean. The school's academic program is accredited and its teachers are certified, with some of the courses being recognized by the Ministry of Education.

In addition to balanced academics, students take part in weekly Islamic classes on topics such as Arabic and Qur'an. Students also participate in various community service activities. Ottawa Islamic Academy is a school for Muslim girls, grades 7-11.

Address: 10 Coral Ave, Nepean, ON K2E 5Z6, Canada

Phone: +1 613-727-5066

4). Abraar Secondary School

Abraar Secondary School
Abraar Secondary School

Abraar Secondary School is one of the best Islamic schools in Ottawa. Abraar is an Islamic secondary school in Ottawa. The school offers programs to help students succeed academically and spiritually, whether they are Muslim or non-Muslim.

The school was founded to provide traditional Islamic school education to students in the Greater Ontario Area. It is an independent Islamic school that does not receive financial support from any outside organizations or governments.

The school has been accredited by the Ontario Ministry of Education for years and

Application fees are due online and a non-refundable fee of 100 dollars is required.

Address: ABRAAR Secondary SCHOOL, 1085 Grenon Ave, Ottawa, ON K2B 8L7, Canada

Phone: +1 613-820-0044

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5). Alnour School

The Alnour School in Ottawa is a private Islamic school in Ottawa. The school is affiliated with the Canadian Muslim Society, which has years of experience in teaching Islam and Arabic. 

The school provides Islamic education and covers all aspects of the Canadian curriculum, as well as Arabic language classes and Quranic studies.

The admission process is very selective and based on various criteria once you are eligible and have filled the form, you then pay a non-refundable fee to the administration.

The has a very rich library where students are permitted to borrow books in other to learn more about their everyday lessons.

Located in: Broadview Public School

Address: 535 Dovercourt Ave, Ottawa, ON K2A 0T2, Canada

Phone: +1 613-265-5060

6). Rahma School

There are many Islamic schools in Ottawa, but Rahma School is the best one. It has the best teaching methods and provides the most resources for its students. 

This Islamic school in Ottawa offer a place where students can come and learn about Islam.

It is not just a place for Islamic learning but also provides a space for students to be themselves, make new friends, and experience success.

 Rahma School is the best school and is the most convenient and has the best teaching methods. Their resources have been designed.

The Islamic Schools in Ottawa are not just a place for students to learn about Islam but also a place for them to build friendships and make memories.

Address: 1660 Prince of Wales Dr, Ottawa, ON K2C 1P4, Canada

Phone : +1 613-400-9440

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7). Al-Furqan School Ottawa

Al-Furqan School Ottawa
Al-Furqan School Ottawa

Al-Furqan School Ottawa is one of the best Islamic schools in Ottawa that has an excellent academic track record. Al-Furqan offers a range of programs for students from pre-school to high school. These include Arabic, Urdu, and more.

Al-Furqan School was founded in 1994 by a small group of Ottawa families who wanted to establish an Islamic school that would be intellectually stimulating, which would encourage and support students to develop their thinking and offer them the opportunity to explore religious thought.

The school's motto is "Towards Excellence. «Al-Furqan's programs have received high praise from the Ministry of Education for years.

Located in: BGC Ottawa

Address: 2825 Dumaurier Ave, Ottawa, ON K2B 7W3, Canada

Phone: +1 613-680-7261

8). Al Fajr School

Al-Fajr School is one of the most respected Islamic schools in Ottawa. Al-Fajr School offers a wide range of courses for students from kindergarten to Grade 12. It also has an Arabic Language and Culture program for students who are not fluent in Arabic.

The school is committed to providing an environment where students can learn about their faith, culture, and heritage while maintaining a high standard of academic excellence. 

Al-Fajr is affiliated with the Canadian Islamic Trust and has a contract with the Ministry of Education to offer its curriculum under an Ontario Ministry of Education contract.

The school offers Arabic Language, Arabic Culture and Heritage, Arabic Literature, Islamic History and Civics, and Islamic World Geography/History/Civics.

Conclusion on Islamic Schools in Ottawa

The conclusion on Islamic schools in Ottawa is that they are a great place for children to learn and grow. They have the opportunity to learn about their religion while also learning other subjects.

The Islamic schools in Ottawa offer a well-rounded education where students can explore their faith while still learning other subjects like math and science.

Hence, an Islamic school is a great solution for those who need a perfect environment for their kids to continue learning while they are exposed to different cultures and value-system.

These schools are very open and with different feelings, with relatively high standards with educational facilities with high opportunities.