7 Best Private Medical Schools In Cameroon (2023-2024)

 7 Best Private Medical Schools In Cameroon

There are more than 4000 doctors and pharmacists in Cameroon, of which 700 are only pharmacists.

If you are determined to study medicine, pharmacy, nursing or medical laboratory sciences in Cameroon, or simply curious about the best options for studying the above disciplines, this article aims to clarify this issue.

7 Best Private Medical Schools In Cameroon
Best Private Medical Schools In Cameroon

Medical schools in Cameroon offer advanced training in various branches of medicine, pharmacy or health science programs to choose from.

Below are some of the best private medical schools in Cameroon.

1. Université des Montagne Baganté

It is one of the best private medical schools in Cameroon with training in human medicine, dental surgery, pharmacy and medical sciences.

It is also one of the medical schools in Cameroon at the University of the Mountains which has three campuses, a library, and teaching hospitals.

This teaching hospital will accommodate 60 pharmacy students, 80 medical students and 50 dental students.

This medical school graduated more than 176 doctors as of the year 2011.

The medical schools have programs in:

  • Human Medicine
  • Pharmacy
  • Dental Surgery
  • Health Sciences
  • Medical Biology
  • Physiotherapy
  • Medical Imaging
  • Reproductive health
  • Nursing, etc.

2. The School of Medical and Health Sciences (SHMS) (Catholic University of Cameroon)

It is one of the private medical schools in Cameroon. The Catholic University of Cameroon is a private university located in Bamenda, in the North West region of the country.

The School of Health and Medical Sciences provides quality research-based education and service delivery in various key healthcare sectors in the country.

The MD program offers students the best and ensures that only motivated medical students graduate. It offers an innovative curriculum delivered by renowned clinical and academic staff.

The Department of Pharmacy also has a reputable learning environment that allows students to have extensive hands-on experience and learn comprehensive skills that will help them practice in the pharmaceutical industry.

It works with established institutions such as hospitals and pharmaceutical companies in Cameroon.

3. Saint Jerome School Of Health Sciences

Saint Jerome School Of Health Sciences
Saint Jerome School Of Health Sciences

Also, this amongst the best private medical schools in Cameroon.

Indeed, in a global context where health today occupies a central place in the problems of international development marked by the dynamics of a reform in the making, the Church must train health personnel by endowing them with exceptional skills and of integrity that promotes their employability and professional mobility.

Training at the Saint-Jérôme School of Health Sciences lasts 10 semesters (i.e. 05 years) and is divided into two cycles: License and Master.

The Biomedical Sciences program provides training for professionals who are operational in the biomedical field and who have sufficient knowledge to pursue conventional higher education in medicine.

It also contributes to the training of health professionals in operational and clinical research.

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4. Saint Joseph Foundation Training Center

We can also mention this school as one of the private medical schools in Cameroon.

The Saint Joseph Foundation, with its 24 years of experience in professional training, is the first private school created for paramedical training in Cameroon.

Due to the wide range of its training courses, the quality of its qualified leaders.

Its teachers, teaching methods, programs and courses are periodically updated to remain at the forefront of the latest techniques.

5. Higher Institute of Applied Health Science and Technology

This is also one of the best private medical schools in Cameroon.

Created in 2014, it is an established institution, which, by combining the concern for academic excellence with that of ethical responsibility, aims at the integral training of a new generation of men and women capable of working for the health and well-being of the population.

A multidisciplinary health institution, it offers several training courses and has 3 research laboratories.

The training of laboratory technician prepares for the State diploma in Medical Analysis.

The preparatory in Medical Analysis being a scientist, has knowledge in biology, biochemistry and in medical analysis. The work of the laboratory technician consists in:

To carry out medical analyses on several samples

Check and maintain the working instruments

 The work of a medical analysis technician in the manufacture of a product requires numerous manipulations.

He or she performs physical and chemical analyses to ensure that the product meets the standards, controls acidity and texture, etc.

This is the mission of the laboratory technician.

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6. St. Louis Higher Institute of Health Bio Medical Sciences

St. Louis Higher Institute of Health Bio Medical Sciences
St. Louis Higher Institute of Health Bio Medical Sciences

This school is a specialized school of medical sciences consider as one of the best private medical schools in Cameroon.

Today, the St Louis Higher Institute, which becomes the St Louis University Institute of Health and Biomedical Sciences, has approximately 880 students divided into six departments, namely: Nursing, Physiotherapy, Dental Therapy, Radiology, Medical Laboratory Sciences and Pharmaceutical Technology.

Students are admitted with an "A" level or a first degree in other fields. They study for three years and obtain a Higher Professional Diploma (HPD).

7. Higher Institute of Applied Technology and Management

This private medical schools in Cameroon is a renounced school.

To meet the health needs of the population in the field of medical biology analyses within health structures, whatever the level;

To participate in public health programs, in particular in the system of surveillance and response to diseases with epidemic potential and in programs to improve community health.

To make the student capable of:- Responding to the health needs of the population in the field of medical biology analyses within health structures, whatever the level;-

 Participating in public health programs, particularly in the system of surveillance and response to diseases with epidemic potential and in programs to improve community health.

Following the above, we are going to look now upon the reasons to study in a private medical school in Cameroon. 

Reasons to study in private medical school in a Cameroon

a) You will have a variety of medical career opportunities

This is the first reason why people study in a private medical school in Cameroon.

Often overlooked, this reason is actually one of the most compelling.

After graduation, you have a wide range of opportunities for future employment in the medical field. With over 60 specialties to choose from, you'll be spoiled for choice.

You may choose to work in hospitals or other health care facilities, research laboratories or be part of the medical department in other professional fields.

There are medical graduates who manage health care costs in economic sectors or contribute to legal work to check medical errors and defend patients' rights.

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b) Relieve people's pain and suffering

Also, this is part of the reasons to attend a private medical school in Cameroon.

If you've ever been hospitalized or visited people who have been, you know these are some of the most difficult times in a person's life.

It is very easy for patients to feel hopeless and suffer even though the disease can be cured or they only need to undergo a minor medical intervention.

This is where a great doctor or nurse can use their empathy and people skills to make a difference.

It is very important to be honest with patients, but it is equally important to encourage them and give them hope.

Many doctors and medical staff say that interactions with patients and family members touch them deeply and often change the way they view their profession or even their life priorities.

In these moments, we remember why we decided to work in medicine and we feel fulfilled. There is nothing better than seeing people happy and healthy.

Knowing that you play an important role in restoring their health and relieving their pain is perhaps the strongest and most important reason why so many people choose to study and work in medicine.

c) Health careers offer high salaries and job security

Further, people go to private medical schools in Cameroon due to this reason.

Another relevant reason to choose a career in medicine is the job stability you will enjoy after graduation.

This reason is even more important in countries where the recession is still a problem and young people are struggling to find a job.

Another reason to mention is the high salaries of care professionals. While this should not be the only reason you choose to study medicine, it is impossible to ignore.

The reason why medical personnel enjoy high, or at least above average, salaries is because of the importance of their work and the high demand for qualified professionals.

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d) Finding new cures and medicines through medical research

Not to mention, this is another important reason why people attend private medical in Cameroon.

Many students enter medical school because the human body is fascinating.

Whether its information traveling at about 400 km/h along the nerves or our bodies emitting a small amount of light that our eyes can't see, we do a lot of amazing things without even realizing it.

It's easy to understand why someone would fall in love and want to find out everything there is to know about our organs, tissues and function.

That's why medical school doesn't just focus on developing practical skills and working in a healthcare facility.

You can choose a research-based medical degree and spend your time in laboratories, where you can examine cells, conduct experiments and find new ways to improve our well-being and health.

Conclusion On Private Medical Schools In Cameroon

Conclusively, we say that studying in a private medical school in Cameroon is very important because of the varied reasons explain above.

These private medical schools In Cameroon offers a renounced and better training to their student making them to have more people applying to these schools due to the quality of studies given there.

You can give your review on the comment section below after going through the article.