8 Best Vocational Training Schools In Cameroon (2024)

 8 Best Vocational Training Schools In Cameroon

Are you willing to enter a vocational training school in Cameroon? If yes you are at the right place to get more detailed information about these schools that offers the best training process in Cameroon.

Vocational training schools have attracted a lot of students due to the efficient training systems of these schools. Cameroon engorges a good number of these schools which are spread all over the regions.

We will now go up on the various vocational training schools in Cameroon.


8 Best Vocational Training Schools In Cameroon
 8 Best Vocational Training Schools In Cameroon

1. Transform Vocational Training Centre in Nkwen, Bamenda Cameroon.

The TRANSFORM Vocational Training Center (TVTC) is considered one of the vocational training schools in Cameroon.

It has a separate identity from Taniform University. TVTC is an accredited higher vocational education institution in Cameroon by the Ministry of Employment and Vocational Training.

It has partnered with many international centres to offer qualifications in Cameroon. They are located within the Taniform University in Nkwen, Bamenda Cameroon.

The TVTC offers individuals and organizations the opportunity to obtain the right training for excellent careers in various sectors.

TVTC programs are very practical, offering 75% practical training and 25% theory. Some of their professional training programs allow students to enter the first or second year of a three-year university. The level of previous studies is not very important.  They offer the following programs to their students:

  • Computer hardware and software technology
  • Auto mechanics and repair technology
  • Electricity and electronics technology
  • Business management and secretarial functions
  • Agricultural technology
  • Hotel management
  • Embroidery and decoration
  • Styling

So applicants are advised to register in this vocational school for a better training process.

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2. Bilingual Institute of Modern Technology (BIMOT) in Bonaberi Douala Cameroon

This is another most important vocational training school in Cameroon. It offers accelerated training programs in English and French to any Cameroonian or foreigner, young or old who shows the capacity to read and write in English or French.

Here, training ranges from 6 months to 36 months in career-related areas that are in high demand in all fields. BIMOT offers quality hands-on training with a highly focused curriculum exclusively to prepare trainees for a job of their choice.

At the end of each course, trainees receive Trade Certificates from the Ministry of Vocational Training and some go on to earn International Certifications.

3. Institute of Management and Information Technology (IMIT) in Douala. 

We cannot talk of vocational training schools in Cameroon without mentioning this institution. 

IMIT offers professional training and international Anglo-Saxon certifications and delivers computer-based exams to applicants desiring to acquire various international qualifications.

class="MsoNormal" style="line-height: 200%; text-align: justify;">They offer one of the best sets of training programs in Cameroon in partnership with reputable international professional qualification and certification bodies.

Also, they have built an amazing team of qualified professionals and industry experts to help students realize their career dreams through easier and decent employment and international recognition.

4. Citis Powerbache Education in Douala

Citis Powerbache Education is one of the best vocational training schools in Cameroon.

It is a professional training institute approved by the Ministry of Employment and Vocational Training since 2006, offering fast and quality professional training to allow our trainees to arrive operational and effective on the job market.

Choose training hours adapted to your professional apron.

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5. Professional School of Applied Training in Douala Cameroon.

This is another one amongst other vocational training schools in Cameroon. Dedicated to preparing for professions in the tertiary sector.

The school is a training centre specializing in technical and commercial sectors. 

The school is labelled School of Tertiary Trades, a sign of the quality of education provided to young people and the appropriateness of this teaching with the preparation for the trades offered by companies.

Revealing your resources, making you discover your talents and supporting you to express them, is the objective of the school project.

By placing you at the centre of their approach, pedagogy aims at encouragement, motivation, listening but also the taste for effort and a job well done, liability and professional training with its requirements to be well equipped to enter the labour market.

By joining their team, you will share the same ambition, that of finding the means to become autonomous, dynamic and responsible adults, capable of giving meaning to your life and of being the collaborators that companies need.

6. Integra Vocational Training Center And Consulting in Douala Cameroon.

Lastly but not least, this is part of the best vocational training schools in Cameroon.

Integra Training and Consulting (ITC) is a training centre approved by the Ministry of Employment and Vocational Training.  Their training courses are aimed at developing their clients' skills in various fields.

The approach of Integra Training and Consulting - ITC is resolutely concrete, nourished by the numerous cases of solved companies. It is a coaching approach based on relevant tools and techniques made available to you to progress towards your objectives quickly.

The diversity of experience and professions of its team of certified experts, acquired in renowned groups or firms, enables Integra Training and Consulting to respond to issues concerning:

  • Corporate governance;
  • Risk Management (risk mapping, decision support, implementation of risk management systems, etc.)
  • Audit and Internal Control;
  • Fraud prevention, detection and investigation
  • Anti-money laundering;
  • Engineering and consulting on corporate insurance management.

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7. The Higher Institute of Training for Real Estate Professions in Yaounde Cameroon.

This is another vocational training school in Cameroon. This is a pioneer school in its sector of activity in Cameroon.

It was set up to enable the State through its citizens to alleviate the problems raised by the housing crisis in Cameroon. It offers alternating training courses which are spread over short, medium and long periods.

Vocational training that goes from apprenticeship to qualification in a short period. It corresponds to people who have the status of a student and are engaged in a training program to learn the basics of a profession.

8. Professional Insurance Training Center of Cameroon in Yaounde Cameroon.

Professional Insurance Training Center of Cameroon
Professional Insurance Training Center of Cameroon

This is also part of the vocational training schools in Cameroon. They have a mission to:

To ensure the initial professional training of agents and middle managers called to work in insurance companies, brokerage firms, agencies, control administrations, public, para-public and private enterprises.

To perfect and retrain these agents and executives in technical fields.

To ensure the punctual training of the agents and executives of the insurance organizations, the administrations and the companies on the topics determined according to the needs.

To act as a relay between the IIA headquarters and the national professional associations

Gathering necessary information and training or retraining needs

Identify national competencies that can provide expertise, auditing, consulting or teaching missions on behalf of the IIA.

After looking at the top vocational training school in Cameroon we will look at the reasons to attend these schools.

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Reasons Why You Have To Attend Vocational Training Schools In Cameroon

Reasons Why You Have To Attend Vocational Training Schools In Cameroon
Reasons Why You Have To Attend Vocational Training Schools In Cameroon

a) Specialized programs for high-demand careers

Most vocational training schools in Cameroon have established strong relationships with top professionals and employers in many fields. 

This means that the programs they offer, as well as the curricula within those programs, are fine-tuned to ensure that they meet the needs of today's market. 

Many vocational schools offer training for in-demand careers in fields such as healthcare, technology, business, education, entertainment, and for specific trades such as carpentry, auto mechanics. 

Chances are, a vocational school near you has a program for a career that's right for you - and has a future.

b) Flexibility

In vocational training schools in Cameroon, there is flexibility.

With their multiple campuses and program start times, many vocational schools offer you the flexibility to start your studies when you want, where you want.

They often allow you to take part-time or evening classes. 

Some vocational schools even offer online training programs, allowing you to maintain your current lifestyle and commitments while getting the training you need from the comfort of your own home.

 c) Practical training

Many vocational training schools in Cameroon combine classroom learning with real-world experience through supervised internships at off-campus facilities or with employers.

This allows you to apply what you learn in the classroom to real-life situations you might encounter early in your career.

Additionally, vocational schools typically employ instructors with extensive experience in the fields they teach. So you learn by doing, from people who know what they are talking about.

d) Speed

Vocational training schools in Cameroon education is designed to prepare you for entry-level employment in your chosen career as quickly as possible.

Most career education programs take less time than regular colleges or universities.

Some programs may only take six months, and many others only take one or two years to complete an associate degree.

e) You already have a career in mind

You know what you want to do when you are in one of the vocational training schools in Cameroon. You just need to acquire the necessary training.

With most vocational schools offering a wide range of programs, chances are a school near you will offer you the opportunity to earn a degree that will allow you to start the career of your dreams without having to worry about admission formalities in traditional colleges or universities.

Final Remarks on Best Vocational Training Schools In Cameroon

Following the above explanation, we can therefore conclude that vocational training schools in Cameroon are very important as it plays a greater role in the development of the country and also reduces unemployment. If you are satisfied with this article, drop a comment below.