7 Best English Language Schools In Addis Ababa Ethiopia [2023-2024]

 7 Best English Language Schools In Addis Ababa Ethiopia

Choosing the best English Language Schools in Addis Ababa Ethiopia has never been an easy task for many learners. English has often been named the "language of opportunity".

Many schools offer specially planned language programs for their students for Academic Purposes in order to help them get into foreign schools.

7 Best English Language Schools In Addis Ababa Ethiopia
7 Best English Language Schools In Addis Ababa Ethiopia

English Language Schools In Addis Ababa Ethiopia offer English classes aimed at developing the students’ ability to understand, speak, read and write in English.

English Language Schools In Addis Ababa Ethiopia provide top-quality teachers, small class sizes, special focus on spoken language, great value-for-money courses, flexibility, and a very personal service.


Let's dive into the various schools that offers this program.

1. Andinet International School (AIS)

This is the first English language schools in Addis Ababa Ethiopia were students and teachers work together to build a culture that raises creative problem-solving, critical thinking, and academic excellence and that embraces unity, integrity and inclusion.

The AIS family supports and encourages children to excel academically and creatively in a supportive environment all this because they believe in their students.

When you learn English as a second language, you also learn new ways of thinking and expressing yourself, both orally and in writing.

Learning multiple languages ​​can help you communicate more clearly in any language, as you will learn more about how the language itself works and how to use it to communicate with others in all kinds’ social, educational and professional contexts.

2. Ethio-Parents School

Also this school is amongst the best English language schools in Addis Ababa Ethiopia.

In seeking to attract applications from students with excellent academic prospective, Ethio-Parents School is committed to broadening participation and promoting wider access to higher education.

The school admission process sets out for student recruitment and goals is also responsible for student admissions, selection and criteria, and also how they assess the requests.

It also details how they handle requests from students with disabilities or additional support needs, including early admission.

There are no admissions quotas that benefit or detriment any group of applicants and the University of Aberdeen is committed to treating all applicants fairly within the admissions cycle.

To provide a quality education by attracting, retaining and developing highly qualified and motivated staff; establishing modern services and systems; involving parents and key shareholders; and by cooperating with other local and foreign institutions.

To be a center of academic excellence and a respected leader and respected leader in quality education.

3. Gibson School Systems

English language schools in Addis Ababa Ethiopia like the Gibson School Systems, trained the rising generation through quality education to become productive, socially experienced, problem solvers, to improve balanced characters with human letterings, thereby producing mature and full-fledged Ethiopian citizens who can live and work successfully in peace and harmony both at home and abroad.

Based on the country's curriculum and policy, provision of adequate knowledge, skills, information, talents, attitudes, vision and values ​​to enrolled students in all grades and at all levels, which will help them build the nation.

Patriotism, decisiveness, honesty, patience, freedom of expression, commitment and fairness are their great values.

4. Texas International Study Center

Texas International Study Center
Texas International Study Center

This part of English language schools in Addis Ababa Ethiopia Strives to provide modern and quality education through cutting-edge technologies, to enable trainees to acquire excellent computer and language skills.

Texas International Study Center is a language school located in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

All teachers at Texas International center are experienced in their field and have been selected for their strong classroom management skills and knowledge of teaching and training techniques.

They only employ teachers who have proven themselves.

 You will find the teachers friendly, efficient and able to meet student’s particular learning needs.

Throughout their courses, teachers will be an understanding guide who will support students in the learning process, monitor their progress and create opportunities for practice in a comfortable and relaxed atmosphere.

The Texas International method is a practical and focused method used in the school to increase efficiency and improve upon the results to learn and communicate effectively in English.

This center has a modular and very flexible system, where learners are closely supported and encouraged.

The adaptive blend of learning modes and approaches in the Texas International schools allows everyone to succeed, regardless of their preferred learning style or previous learning experienced in English language training and special purpose courses.

At Texas International English School, we offer a variety of courses to improve your English, business skills, and office skills. They include:

General English Courses- For people who want to communicate more effectively in English by improving their grammatical knowledge, language skills and confidence.

Exam Preparation Courses - To help people pass their exams and help them achieve the best possible results.

Courses for specific purposes - For academics, specialists, technicians and professionals who want to improve their specific language skills.

5. Zagol Academy

 This can also be consider as one of the best English Language schools in Addis Ababa Ethiopia. The school is located in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

They are committed to provide with students the highest standard of education. Zagol Academy was founded in 2009 by a group of Ethiopians and Americans with a desire to expand educational opportunities for young students in Ethiopia.

Since then, Zagol Academy has been one of the fastest growing schools in Addis Ababa.

Their main aim is to provide students with the opportunity to achieve their best to become responsible and productive citizens, and to learn throughout their lives in a safe and supportive environment.

They achieve this in a private school setting, with quality and highly qualified teachers, innovative learning techniques and by working closely with parents and the Addis Ababa community.

Zagol Academy is a premier private school that offers instruction in English and Amharic.

 They believe that every child should have access to quality education and they are committed to provide affordable, top-notch education to the children of Addis Ababa.

The school campus has eight classrooms, a playroom, nap room, play area, and dining room. This campus is perfect for small children to learn and play.

Across the street, the primary and secondary school campus has ten classrooms, a state-of-the-art computer room, a science lab, a soil center, a library with English books, and a large playground.

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6. English Language Center.

The last but not the least, this school is consider as one of the best English Language schools in Addis Ababa Ethiopia.

In an effort to increase the number of English speaking Ethiopians, the school have designed educational tools to get you fluent in English in three to six months, depending on your current skills.

People who can speak a little English, but cannot express themselves effectively, people who write in English with lots of spelling and grammar mistakes are always advised to join the elementary group and build the skills.

You are probably a lecturer at a university, or you regularly speak at public events, or you work at a radio station where you interview native English speakers. Applying in this school will be of great help to you.

Your English should be simple and clear, your accent undetectable and your language skills would be advanced.

You can recite a few quotes, describe history or politics, music or movies, drama or poetry - with your impeccable English, everything is clear to listener and reader alike.

To reach this level, you must join an advanced English group and sharpen your skills in this school.

Learning a second language has proven to be one of the best ways to keep your brain stimulated and active.

Studies have shown that the brain undergoes changes in electrical activity and even structure and size when learning another language; changes that do not occur when learning any other type of task or skill.

No matter what age you start, there are benefits to learning a new language in addition to your native language.

It is now known that people who are fluent in multiple languages have better memory and are more cognitively creative than those who are not, and studies suggest that the onset of dementia and Alzheimer's disease is diagnosed later in bilinguals than in monolinguals.

This means that knowing a second language can help us stay mentally healthy longer.

7. English Alive Academy

English Alive Academy
English Alive Academy

This also the best English language schools in Addis Ababa Ethiopia.

The English Alive School provide high quality education to people in need.

They currently operate two schools in the region, which provide education to over 200 students.

Anyone can come and learn at EAA for a fixed fee, but all students are subsidized by the charity on a sliding scale depending on their current family situation.

Their aim is to become a leading educational institution in Ethiopia. 

They provide affordable, quality education to disadvantaged students.

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Conclusion on English language schools in Addis Ababa Ethiopia

To conclude, it can be said that English language schools in Addis Ababa has train lots of students all over the country thereby increasing the school efficiency and applicants in the above mention best English language schools.

So, English is a proficient language for others who knows what to do with the language itself. 

Which of these tops 7 English language schools in Addis Ababa Ethiopia are you considering or will recommend to someone out there? Please share your thoughts and experiences on the comment section below.