Top 10 Marine Schools in Canada [2023-2024]

 Top 10 Marine Schools in Canada 

This article covers details of the top marine schools in Canada. Marine engineering is one of the most notable jobs desired among many young men and women in Canada. Marine engineering it’s a 4 years program where students are required to have an in-depth of both theories and practical aspects of the marine environment.

Graduates from marine schools have a good knowledge of overseeing developments, operations and maintenance of marine vessels. They are also trained on how to use fishing boats, naval vessel careers and aircraft carriers.

Marine schools in Canada also cover key areas such as mathematics, physics, critical thinking, and technical and analytical skills. There are many marine schools in Canada, but here are the top 10 marine schools in Canada.

Marine Schools in Canada
Marine Schools in Canada 

1). Western Maritime Institute

Western Maritime Institute is one of the top marine schools in Canada. The school is located in the British Columbia region of Canada precisely at 3519 Hallberg Rd, Ladysmith, BC V9G 1K1, Canada.

The school has well trained and experienced instructors with many decades of teaching and practical experience.  

The Western Maritime Institute offer training courses both online and offline. The online course or programs offer are Electronic Positioning Systems ($2,685) and Meteorology ($1,957).

Western Maritime Institute is one of the marine schools in Canada that promotes inclusive studies among all individuals, from promoting gender equality, to respect for lesbian and gay rights within its premises.

Some of the major courses that are studied here are leadership, navigation safety, ship construction and stability, chartwork and pilotage, generalship knowledge and marine fish aid and many more.

Western Maritime Institute also provides accommodation to students by providing single rooms that contain onsite bathrooms, ample free parking and free wireless internet.

2). Canadian Coast Guard College (CCGC)

Another top marine school in Canada is the Canadian Coast Guard College. This school is located at 1190 Westmount Rd, Sydney, NS B1R 2J6, Canada in the Nova Scotia province. This school was first established in 1965.

The institution provides a 4 years maritime engineering training to Officer Cadet program that prepares navigation and engineering officers for service on Canadian Coast Guard ships.

Canadian Coast Guard College provides training and certification for a bachelor of Technology (Natural Sciences), which is granted in collaboration with the Breton Cape University.

CCGC also provides short programs that run for about 6-month in Marine Communications and Traffic Services Officers that specialize in radiotelephony procedures for marine safety and vessel traffic services to co-ordinate and monitor vessel movements in Canada's territorial waters.

Major departments at the CCGC marine school include; Marine Communications and Traffic Services, Electronics and Informatics Technical Training, Marine Engineering (Officer Training Program), Navigation (Officer Training Program, Search and Rescue, Environmental Response), Arts, Sciences and Languages (Officer Training Program) and Superintendent of Officer Cadets (Officer Training Program).

3). BCIT Marine Campus

The next on the list of marine schools in Canada is the BCIT Marine Campus. This school is located at 265 W Esplanade, North Vancouver, BC V7M 1A5, Canada of the British Columbia provinces.

BCIT is the primary provider of accredited professional training for the maritime industry in Western Canada.

BCIT offer a wide range of courses and programs in navigation, marine engineering, seamanship, and maritime safety and security.

BCIT provides certification in Diploma programs in Marine and Natural Science, an associate certificate in Bridge Watch Rating and Certificate in Watchkeeping Mate Near Coastal.

BCIT also has an amazing library on campus that provides and perfect resource study ground for all students. On-campus housing at BCIT is located on the Burnaby Campus, near the sports field and campus leisure amenities.

4). Quadrant Marine Institute Inc

Quadrant Marine Institute Inc
Quadrant Marine Institute Inc

Quadrant Marine Institute Inc is one of the marine schools in Canada. This school is located at 2300 Canoe Cove Rd, North Saanich, BC V8L 3X9, Canada, in the British Columbia Province.

Quadrant Marine Institute Inc provides training in Marine Service Technician Apprenticeship and Certification and Marine Service Manager Training and Certification.

5). Marine Training Centre

Another top marine school in Canada is the Marine Training Centre. This marine school is located at 110 Water St, Summerside, PE C1N 5Y8, Canada, in the Prince Edward Island Province.

Marine Training Centre works in collaboration with the Holland College of Prince Edward Island.

Marine Training Centre has been providing Transport Canada-approved training for more than four decades. Marine Training Centre has earned an international reputation for our exceptional quality of instruction, excellent facilities and convenient location. 

Marine Training Centre also provides a full range of certifications from Bridge Watch Rating to Master Mariner, and Engine Rating to Chief Engineer, we offer many specialized courses.

6). Toronto Marine Safety School

Toronto Marine Safety School is another marine school in Canada. This marine school is located at 5 Queens Quay W, Toronto, ON M5J 2H1, Canada, in the Province of Ontario. The main course offered is Small Vessel Operator Proficiency, (SVOP). 

This Transport Canada certification is the standard requirement for anyone who wishes to run a boat for commercial purposes.

The major Course Requirement at the Toronto Marine Safety School is that participants are required to take a pre-requisite course called MED-A3, a Basic Marine Safety course before taking the SVOP course.

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7). Quebec Maritime Institute

Quebec Maritime Institute was founded in 1944. Its located at 53 Rue St Germain O, Rimouski, QC G5L 4B4, Canada of Quebec Province.

Quebec Maritime Institute offers training in naval architecture, navigation, marine mechanical engineering, professional diving and transport logistics.

The Navigation and Marine Mechanical Engineering Techniques programs run for four years and alternate between study and internship at sea. The studies in Naval Architecture Technology and Transport Logistics Techniques run for three years. The Professional Diving program lasts one year.

8). NSCC - Nautical Institute

NSCC - Nautical Institute
NSCC - Nautical Institute

Another top-notch marine school in Canada is the NSCC - Nautical Institute, located in Nova Scotia Province region precisely at 226 Reeves St, Port Hawkesbury, NS B9A 2A2, Canada.

The Nautical Institute at NSCC is part of the Strait Area Campus and provides Transport Canada-approved maritime training for students interested in beginning or continuing their careers at sea.

Students learn in specifically constructed maritime facilities, which include a wave tank, free-fall lifeboat, and fire training centre, as well as cutting-edge navigation and engine room simulation technology.

NSCC - Nautical Institute offers marine training, Nautical Training, Fisheries Training, and Marine Industry Training.

Scholarships and funding programs are also available to eligible students.

9). Maritime Business College (MBC)

Maritime Business College is also listed among the marine schools in Canada. This school is located in Nova Scotia, precisely at 800 Sackville Dr, Lower Sackville, NS B4E 1R8, Canada.

The instructors at Maritime Business College are industry specialists with extensive training and experience.

Practical training is supplemented by insightful classroom education. Graduates of MBC are also well-prepared for the work market. 

Students are taught the key skills of how to sell themselves and how to thrive in the job, in addition to the basic skills that are relevant to their curriculum.

10). Maritime Environmental Training Institute (METI)

The last on the list of marine schools in Canada is the Maritime Environmental Training Institute.

This school is located at 301 Alexandra St, Sydney, NS B1S 3B8, Canada of Nova Scotia Province.

Major programmes provided at METI includes; the Occupational Health Safety and Environment Diploma, Class 1 Driver – Tractor Trailer, Class 3 Driver, Earthmoving Operator, Safety Certified Labourers, Pre-Employment Scaffold Erector and Young Drivers of Canada.

In addition, Energy Safety Canada Courses, Traffic Control Person, Skid Steer Operator Safety Training, H2S Alive (Energy Safety Canada), Basic Frame Scaffolding (Staging) User & Erector etc are also provided at METI.