10 Best International Schools in Libya [2023-2024]

 10 Best International Schools in Libya

There are many international schools in Libya, but which one is best for you? We have compiled a list of the 10 best schools in Libya. 

Find out what makes them special, check out tuition fees, registration, address etc.

Many of these international schools are run based on either the British, American, Canadian and Turkish academic curricula.

Best International Schools in Libya

1). Canadian International School Libya (CISL)

One of the best international schools in Libya is the Canadian International School Libya.

CISL is located in Tripoli, Libya's capital city. It is conveniently situated just minutes away from the airport and close to many local businesses.

CISL is an English-speaking day school that is based on the Canadian Alberta Education curriculum. French and Arabic language is also being used.

 For kids between the ages of 2.5 and 5 years, CISL offers Early Childhood Services (ECS), Junior Kindergarten (JK), Senior Kindergarten (SK), and programs for grades 1 through 6 (for kids between the ages of 6 and 11 years), from the first year through grade 12.

CISL provides its students with a safe and secure learning environment. Students are taught in a modern facility equipped with state-of-the-art technology. All classrooms are air-conditioned and well-lit.

CISL offers a variety of extracurricular activities to enrich our students' educational experiences. These include sports, clubs, community service projects, cultural events, field trips, and much more!

To enrol on CISL, the applicant is required to pay a one-time application fee of $2,500, while the average yearly tuition fee is $25,450.

Address: Elsurag, After the Thalagat Bridge and Beside the American School, Al serraj, Tripoli, Libya

Contact: 00218-94-411-7101 (from Libya); 001-613-857-0798 (international).

2). ISM International School (ISMIL)

ISM International School is also ranked as one of the best international schools in Libya.

The school provides students with a safe environment where they can develop their skills and achieve academic excellence while enjoying a rich cultural experience.

From Kindergarten to Grade 12, the school offers an English-language curriculum that leads to an Irish Leaving Certificate. Arabic, French, Art, and Music are also available.

Students at ISMIL have access to a wide range of extracurricular activities including sports, music, drama, art, dance, computer science, robotics, engineering, and much more!

Address: Hai Andulus Tripoli, Libya

Contact: 218-91-668-7834

3). Ladybird International School

Ladybird International School has also been listed here as one of the international schools in Libya. This care centre provides an English language curriculum to preschool students.

There is also a computer lab equipped with modern computers, printers, scanners, and internet access.

Ladybird International School has three playgrounds where children play football, volleyball, basketball, tennis, table tennis, and badminton. There is also a swimming pool and a gymnasium.

The school has a management committee consisting of parents, teachers and administrators who make decisions regarding the operation of the school.

Address: Hai Dimashiq- Alhadba

Contact: 0917772779 - 0926653294

E-mail: adybirdkidzclub@yahoo.com

4). Tripoli International School (TIS)

Tripoli International School is one of the best international schools in Libya. The school became functional in 2005.

TIS offers a thorough English program for students in grades kindergarten through 11 using the British Curriculum.

The IGCSE program is offered in the senior program. It is a subsidiary of LINE, the Libyan Institute for National and International Education.

TIS Campus is divided into three sections: Elementary, Middle, and High School. Each section contains its administration building, gymnasium, library, science labs, computer lab, art rooms, music room, cafeteria, and classrooms.

5). International School Benghazi

As one of the best international schools in Libya International School Benghazi offers an educational program with an advanced English language curriculum that is recognized around the world. from Year 7 to Year 13, the British National Curriculum is used. Students take the Edexcel Board of International GCSE exams at the end of Year 11, and the GCE AS and A2 exams at the ends of Years 12 and 13. 

After their 13th year, students leave our school ready to enrol in universities.

In addition to being a school, the International School Benghazi is a cultural centre where students have access to art galleries, libraries, sports facilities, and a swimming pool.

There are three campuses at the International School Benghazi: the primary campus, the middle school campus, and the high school campus. 

The primary campus is located in the city of Benghazi, while the middle school and high school campuses are located in the suburb of Qasr bin Ghashir.

At the International School Benghazi, students learn about Arabic culture and history. They study English, mathematics, science, social studies, fine arts, physical education, computer technology, music, and dance.

Address: 24P7+MRW, Benghazi, Libya

Contact: +218 61-4700005

6). International School of Martyrs (ISM)

International School of Martyrs is equally among the best international schools in Libya.

ISM International School began in 1954 as the Oil Companies School, a school for the children of oil company executives and diplomats stationed in Libya.

ISM is the oldest international school in North Africa, having graduated every class since 1960.

ISM originally followed an American high school curriculum because it was modelled after one. 

Depending on the needs of our students, ISM has taught the national curriculum of the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom over the years.

Address: V49G+9G8, Libya

Phone: +218 91-6687834

7). Tripoli British School (TBS)

British School Tripoli (BST) is a British international school in Tripoli, Libya.

This international school follows the UK curriculum.

The school's sports teams are named after famous people associated with Libya. These include the Lions (football), Panthers (basketball), Golden Eagles (swimming), Tigers (volleyball), and Falcons (baseball).

Address: Shara Ahmed Jezi (off Gurgi and Gargaresh Roads) P.O.Box 6122

Tel: 218 (0) 21 477 2452

8). Tripoli American School (TAS)

Tripoli American School (TAS) is a private school located in Tripoli, Libya. TAS was founded in 2003 by Dr Ahmed El-Hajj and his wife, Dr Mona El-Hajj. 

The school's mission is to provide quality education to Libyan children who have been deprived of their right to an education due to the conflict in Libya. TAS currently serves over 1,000 students from pre-school to grade 12.

TAS offers a comprehensive curriculum that includes English language instruction, math, science, social studies, Arabic, art, music, physical education, computer technology, library skills, and religious studies. 

Students receive a high level of individual attention from teachers who work closely with parents to ensure that each child receives the best possible educational experience.

9). Future Fingerprint International School

Future Fingerprint International School Libya (FFIL) was founded in 2003 by Dr Abdul-Rahman Al-Hussein, who is now its Director General. FFIL is located in Tripoli, Libya, and offers education programs for students aged between 2 and 18 years old. 

The school provides a holistic approach to learning, focusing on character building and academic excellence.

The school’s curriculum includes the English language, Arabic language, mathematics, science, social studies, art, music, physical education, computer skills, and religious studies. 

The school also offers extracurricular activities including sports, drama, dance, and creative arts.

10). International Libyan Turkish School

The international school offers students the opportunity to learn about different cultures and languages. 

Students have the chance to interact with people from many countries and experience what it means to live in a diverse world.

It is the best school for students to obtain the highest level of education possible for each student and Libyan society as a whole.

Modern teaching methods are used to keep students up to date with modern teaching methods.

Furthermore, the school allows Libyan students to return to their home country.

Address: R3C9+2RJ، turn left from the local school at Al Mawashi Street، Tripoli, Libya

Phone: +218 91-6129115

Concluding Remarks 

There are many other international schools in Libya, but the above is ranked as the best international school in the area. We advise you to go through the above list again and make the right choice about the school you want to enrol in.

Which of the above schools do you consider enrolling in, please share in the comment section below?