Cameroon GCE Citizenship O/L Past Questions Papers (2023)

Cameroon GCE Citizenship O/L Past Questions Papers (2023)

Q1). (a) Distinguish between am incorporated and an Unincorporated business using suitable examples (8 marks)

(b) Explain FOUR advantages of a sole trader as a form of business (6 marks)

(c) Outline any SIX features of co-operative societies (6 marks).

Q2. (a) Define the following terms; (6marks)

i). Enterprise,

ii). Entrepreneur,

iii). Entrepreneurship.

(b) Outline any two functions of the following departments of an enterprises; (6 marks)

i). Production,

ii). Marketing,

iii). Stores.

(c) Explain any FOUR services of a warehousing to commerce and industry (8 marks)

Q3. (a) Briefly explain the following types of business documents; (6 marks)

i). Catalogue

ii). Invoice

iii). Credit note

(b) State and explained any FOUR services of a wholesaler to the retailer (8 marks)

(c) Explain FOUR advantages of shopping in a department store. (6 marks)

Q4. (a) The information below are extracts from the trading, profits and loss accounts of a business at the end of a trading period.


Amount (CFA)

Opening inventory


Closing inventory






Working expenses


You are required to calculate;

i). Gross profit (2marks)

ii). Net profit (2marks)

iii). Rate of turnover (2marks)

iv). Net profits as a percentage of sales (2marks)

(b) Name and briefly explain any FOUR methods of advertising goods (8 marks)

(c) Outline any FOUR reasons why consumers need to be protected (4 marks)

Q5. (a) Explain any FOUR functions of the central bank in an economy (6 marks)

(b) What is the difference between a current account and a deposit account? (8 marks)

(c) Explain the role of insurance in an economy (6 marks)

Q6. (a) State and briefly explain FOUR factors that have led to the growth of foreign trade (8 marks)

(b) State the advantages of sea transport over air transport (8 marks)

(c).Outline the importance of containerization as a mode of transport. (4 marks)